NDC’S Hypocrite President Insults Ashanti’s III

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The majority of Ghanaians are now wondering where all this information is coming from. l don’t write articles without credible sources. As l said before, the information comes from Whistle- blowing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange .He has leaked confidential information to the public from the U.S Embassy profiles. These leaks that involve Foreign Ministers, Ambassador’s and secret conversations with the president. This hypocrite, this impudent wolf in sheep’s clothing John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills can be heard insulting the Ashanti’s for unjustifiable reasons saying, “He hit the Ashanti’s domination in the country and he can’t stand them”.

Since this Knucklehead John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills National Democratic Congress (NDC) came to office, there have been a lot of loose and bullying utterances against the Ashanti’s, a lot of underserved insults. However, like our ancestors generation has in its time to rededicate itself to the values of liberty and freedom. Our generation will continue to protect our rich tradition and our national interest within the country. We will not allow any motherfuckers in Ghana to treat us, the indigenous people, as second- class citizens. In essence since this idiotic Attah Mills and his do-nothing murderous NDC administration came to power, this feebleminded, ignorance president has chosen to emphasize what divides us rather than what unites us. For example, since these NDC motherfuckers first came to office, they have been deliberately and falsely accusing the Ashanti’s of having many children in order to swell their electoral numbers.

However, my fellow countrymen and woman, during the 2008 general election it was these very Ashanti’s who are now being insulted by this impudent motherfucker NDC president are the once who helped this idiot to be come president in Ghana. According to the general elections result from the electrical commission for the first time in the history of the country an NDC presidential candidate achieved these huge numbers in the Ashanti region. In 2008 then NDC presidential candidate, this impudent John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, had 25.61% of the total votes cast in the NPPs stronghold in the Ashanti region, which was 479,633 votes. However, these numbers alone surpasses the entire voting numbers this arrogant and ungrateful Attah Mills received in the Northern Region in both Upper west and Upper East. In the Upper West Region the NDC had 134,926 votes, while in the Upper East the numbers was 223,506 votes. These numbers are not near to the numbers he received in the Ashanti Region. This faceless coward and fool Attah Mills had the audacity to go to the American embassy and secretly insult the Ashanti’s. “He hit the Ashanti’s domination in the country and can’t stand them.” For anyone who possesses the least common sense, comparing and contrasting these numbers with those he received from the Northern Region and the Ashanti Region, it is clear that it was the Ashanti’s who put him in office to become president. How then do they deserve this insult from this fool. This impudent NDC president went ahead and appoints eight members from the northern Region for his cabinet positions in his do-nothing administration, while he continues to think he can treat the Ashanti’s as outcasts. Those uneducated fools who think a president is above every tribe should realize that the” word president” is just a title. It does not give one the right to insult the largest indigenous tribe in Ghana. Come the 2012 general election I urge all the Ashanti’s descendants not only in the Ashanti Region but across the entire nation not vote for the NDC party. This devil, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who proclaims himself to be a Christian but lies and posses an occultist spirit to rule the nation does not deserve their vote. By the power of Jehovah God almighty, this occultist spirit will never have the power to turn people’s minds to vote for NDC again in the Ashanti region and Ghana as a whole. All those motherfuckers out there who are supporting this useless and idiotic John Evans Attah Fiifi Mills are the ones encouraging tribalism in the Republic of Ghana. Stay tuned for the next article.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi