NDC’S Second Term In Office, The Rawlings Factor

Wed, 20 Oct 2010 Source: Anteh, Nii Ayi

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: Who Fits The Bill?

Recent development within our party, the National Democratic Congress and the government gives me enough reasons to revisit my earlier held opinion as to who will represent our best foot forward as a flag-bearer going into the 2012 elections. Hitherto, I have held the view that the incumbent President, His Excellency President John E. A. Mills should be given the opportunity to bid for another four year term as a President of our dear nation.

The current performance of the Mills administration gives me so much confidence that all things being equal, the good people of Ghana will renew the mandate of the Mills led government to continue with the current good work of the government. However, a closer look into the immediate future will reveal that the battle of 2012 will be more than the performance of President Mills and his men within the four year period. The dynamics of the impending elections will include so many other factors that I fear will not favour a Prof Mills candidature. Certainly, all things are not equal here!

Believe it or not, with the current very evident banter between the Rawlingses and the government, I can’t for-see the former first couple and their supporters campaigning for a Mills second term Presidential ticket. What will they be saying to the electorate? That all they said about President Mills’ administration were not true? Or that they, the Rawlingses and their supporters were not serious? Sorry, I don’t see that happening! If it is pushed, the former Preisdent with all his charisma can manage to climb the podium to say a word or two in favour of a President Mills’ second term bid. But how serious will the now relatively enlighten Ghanaian electorate take that act? I dare say, a second term bid for President Mills is better off without the Rawlingses. And that will spell doom for President Mills should he be given the nod by the party delegates as our flag bearer for the 2012 elections. Take it or leave it, as long as Ex-President Rawlings lives, no NDC candidate can win the Presidency without his support. President Mills and Veep John Mahama and all the ministers and aides, cannot guarantee the success of a Mills ticket without Jerry Rawlings. This is a fact all objective followers of Ghana politics appreciate very well. President Mills and his team should continue with the good work they are currently pursuing. They should even work harder to exceed the expectations of majority of the electorates; that will not guarantee a second term for this government. President Mills and indeed any other NDC flag-bearer will find it next to impossible weaning himself from the support and backing of the Rawlingses. So if the President is out of the picture, who then goes? Not John Mahama. He is part and parcel of the Mills package. Indeed, His Excellency the Vice President has made it very clear that there is no way he will contest President Mills in the 2011 NDC Presidential primaries. That effectively rules him out of the picture going into 2012. Mr. Ato Ahwoi and Hon. Alban Bagbin all fall into the same cubicle with the Vice President. Our party will commit the biggest goof if the mandate is given to Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, the former first lady to lead us into 2012. Make no mistake, she is more than qualify. Her contributions to the development of our nation over the years make her one of the most qualified persons to vie for the Presidency. Her charm and rhetoric can do wonders, but will not be enough to win us power again in 2012. Not even the support of her husband, the ex President can provide the needed antidote to the vile propaganda a Nana Addo led NPP will be heaping on her and our party. She provides so many missiles to the NPP that winning 2012 will be extremely difficult with her. Some say there is nothing new to be said about Mrs. Rawlings that has not been said already. I hasten to add however, not when she will be the first ex-former first lady to be vying for the Presidency. Dr. Ekwo Spio-Garbrah doesn’t represent the best of a compromised candidate but he represents our best foot nonetheless. The communication expert has been very consistent with his views about the President Mills government over the months. Where necessary, he had given the thumbs up to the government. He had never minced words where he thought the government was falling short of the expectations of the people. At the party level, he has given his contributions to the good of the Mills government. Truly, when all is said and done, the hardest core of Mills’ supporters will be at home with Dr. Spio than with Mrs. Rawlings. I am even aware that most of the current governmental appointees have a good working relationship with Dr. Spio. The wounds will heal quickly, and all will come on board a Spio ticket. The Rawlingses identify with Spio. They have not agreed on all issues but they have excellent working relationship. Mr. Rawlings is better off with his party in government than with an opposition government. He will definitely go into the woods to campaign for a Spio ticket. With that support and the current work rate of the government, God willing Victory 2012 shouldn’t be difficult in coming. But the difficult question is, can Spio get the nod from congress? Please I don’t have the answer! These represent my candid views. What do you think? Let’s ignite a lively discourse. Share your comments with me. Ghana deserves another four year term of the NDC. Don’t you agree?

By: Nii Ayi Anteh Ledzokuku Constituency, Accra. (gentlepope@yahoo.co.uk)

Columnist: Anteh, Nii Ayi