NDC Seeking to justify their Electoral Fraud

Sat, 2 Mar 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

through “Ashantiphobia” Nonsense

I find most NDC faithful unethical and their arguments devoid of common sense. When rational and discerning Ghanaians are talking issues and facts, they wade in only to talk trash in attempts to justify their thieveries and lawlessness.

Many NDC faithful are going round capitalising on the ignorance and naivety of some Ghanaians to propagate their usual lies in the hope of courting their sympathy for the roguish, mediocre and completely incompetent NDC government we have in place in Ghana.

What really annoys and baffles me is their shameless boldness to tell Ghanaians that the Ashantis do not want a Northerner to rule Ghana hence, the NPP’s controversial contestation of John Mahama’s election to the presidency.

Their preposterous action is synonymous with the proverbial saying of, “giving a dog a bad name to hang it”. NPP is never the Ashantis’ party as some questionable characters and proven thieves in the NDC party and government are purporting in order to falsely win the sympathy of unsuspecting, but financially disadvantaged Ghanaians. The NPP again is not uniquely the Akan’s party.

We have members of every tribe in Ghana in the NPP. I have so far not established that the NPP have erected a tall impregnable wall ably barring members of the other tribes who treat themselves as the minority tribes from joining the party. Even though the Akans predominantly subscribe to the NPP, for reasons best known to them, there are Ewes, Gas, northerners, and you name it, in the party. We have a Ga as the party Chairman, a northerner as the party’s Vice Presidential candidate etc.

What do we call the NDC, a party of the minority because it is principally voted for by the Ewes and the northerners? Do we not have Ashantis or the greater Akan tribe members voting in their numbers for the NDC? For the sake of educating those Ghanaians who do not understand the demographical composition of Ghana, the Akans are found in Ashanti, Eastern, Brong-Ahafo, Central and Western regions of Ghana and even a small part of the Volta region. What are the NDC talking about by saying the NPP is principally an Ashanti party, trash as usual?

Are the NDC people by stealth trying to control the majority tribe in Ghana by nonsensically availing themselves of undue sympathetic claims to falsehoods?

There is an abundant evidence out there to show that they have rigged election 2012 in favour of John Dramani Mahama. This is all that we are talking about but not the silly attempts to equate or factor in non existing claims of tribalism as being put forward by the less intelligent NDC folks. All that we are saying is, allow justice to prevail. I am not going to sit on the fence doing nothing, but probably lost in memory counting the innumerable stars in the Sky when the NDC bigots proceed on falsehood-propagating spree, throwing dust into our eyes.

I cannot cease laughing at the pretentions by the NDC to suffering tribal animosity under the hands of the NPP when they are themselves actually guilty of stealing election victory. I hope they will come out with a much better argument to support their claims other than their current disgusting flimsy excuses.

The NDC and President John Dramani Mahama were aided by Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyana, that septuagenarian midget, to steal election 2012. God knows that they stole the presidential election victory from Nana Akuffo-Addo hence, His numerous revelations through prophesies and dreams to people across the nation to this effect.

As usual, I invite all discerning Ghanaians and the entire NPP faithful to stay RESOLUTE behind the leadership of the NPP in pursuing JUSTICE in the Supreme Court over election 2012.

One thing I know is God does not lie as we human beings do. If His purpose of having Nana Akuffo-Addo elected the President of Ghana in election 2012 was not true, He would not have revealed it to KOFI BASOAH in the first place. All the ongoing thievery and wrangling are to prove that God is faithful to stick to His promises provided we shall obey His directives. What has HE asked of us in this particular case? He has asked NPP faithful to stay RESOLUTE until the battle is won. And if we do as directed, VICTORY shall be ours.

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Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson