NDC Sending Coup Makers And “Kung Fu” Fighters To The Next Parliament?

Thu, 1 Dec 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

It gives a cause to worry if supporters of aspiring parliamentary candidates of NDC a political party in power begin to engage themselves in a Kung Fu fighting.

Really, it was so shocking to read such a story that followers of a political party which it leader has declared that violence and bloodshed does not have a place in the country.

More shocking too is that the nasty incident occurred at Koforidua, the constituency which is described as peaceful political area so far as conducting parliamentary and presidential elections are concern.

Since the 1992 presidential and parliamentary elections, the area has not witnessed such a disgraceful act before. Even in 1992 parliamentary elections where Professor Adu Boahene, pull the entire NPP MPs out from representing their constituencies, such scene was never witnessed in Koforidua so why?

Going to polls to elect a parliamentary candidate to contest elections on the ticket of a political party is a healthy thing to do that all must encourage.

Such exercise does not need followers of aspirants or candidates to involve themselves in fisticuffs at all. Campaigning for a slot means outlining your adopted vision as well as how to implement those visions to the benefit of the people to represent or serve.

Definitely, ones vision or programmes will be different from another contestant but does that mean one should physically attack an opponent in anyway as contestants campaign side by side?

It has been my prayer that God bless the country so that the good people will constantly protect the good democracy being enjoyed now and not let indifferences destroy our young democracy.

In other countries such as China, members of parliament often engage in free for all fight at the floor of the law making house which is very disturbing.

On campaign platforms of some political parties in certain countries, television cameras captures opposition members clashing with other party members beating politicians with sticks, metals and occasionally shooting in a crowd of party faithful which must be condemned.

We must understand that in every competition, there must be a winner and a loser. No matter what it takes, there will be a winner as well as a loser therefore when going for a competition you should prepare for win or lose.

There is nothing like I must win at all cost and if am not declared a victor people should fight on the streets.

Sometimes it is the followers who do the unthinkable like what Kofi Asamoah Afoakwa and Janet Dede, supporters of Dr. Owusu Acheampong and Ransford Owusu Boakye in New Juaben South constituency exchanged blows at the party’s office.

Ghana’s parliament is respected by the international community therefore all effort must be made to guide it from allowing KUNG FU fighters to go there since it will not help the country in any way.

The parliamentary candidates are not fighting, same as the presidential candidates so why should followers of these politicians engage in armless combat fighting? It does not make sense as Ghana does not need Kung Fu fighters in its parliament.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.