NDC: The Way Forward After The Sunyani Congress – Part 3

Wed, 5 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Party we sacrificed extremely and suffered to organize since 1992 to have a FIRM FOUNDATION ON THE GROUND NATION WIDE cannot be allowed to be destroyed by few self seeking politicians with a mis conceived agenda. Is the NDC serious to actually win election 2012?

These selfish so-called politicians who put their STOMACHS FIRST before the NDC party will go to every length of falsehood to achieve their diabolic agenda. They flirt from constituency to constituency, Region to Region and the National level mis-informing unsuspecting NDC Supporters that former President Rawlings is irrelevant and that his time has passed.

I am using this medium to caution all die-hard members of the NDC to monitor their movements at the branch level, the constituency level and Regional levels as well as the National Level and counter whatever negative propaganda they spew to party supporters, if not, we are all dead, since the Devil you know is Better than the Angel you don’t know. How on earth can such characters WICKEDLY SIDELINE the NDC founder as if he is simply a common party supporter, Fellow cadres and all TRUE PARTY Supporters we must all become Legmen and women to campaign for Prez. Mills and his parliamentary Candidates as well as campaign vigorously to RESTOR THE NDC BACK to its ORIGINAL POSITION.

The President was elected on the ticket of the NDC and it took him three times to win, so FORGIVE HIM for whatever he might have done to you and vote massively for him to hand over in Jan. 2017 to another NDC Presidential Candidate and NOT, repeat NOT the CPP, this is because all the TEN (10) Regional Chairman and those around him have been mis-informing the President.

These elements in the Constituencies and at Regional level will tell lies, blackmail innocent party supporters and all those who are prepared to instill party discipline, expose the rot and say it as it is in the party for its forward match.

Now that the PANDORA BOX has been opened by “WikiLeads” all the remaining surviving cadres and true NDC members MUST LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED in the Party and start right now and they will fall on the ground like mangoes because there is NO WHERE in the NDC party Constitution that mandate the President to turn the NDC into CPP before handing over to another candidate. What a great shock! If their main aim is to do away with Rawlings and his wife, they will also HIT THE WALL with a greater shock. We thank Madam Hanna Tetteh for spilling the beans. If they like, let them use billions of Ghana Cedis to invest in their “Destroy Rawlings and Turn the NDC into the CPP Project”, we shall inform the already disillusioned members of the grassroot that such monies belong to the NDC Party which these officials DID NOT WANT to release, so they should collect the monies and remain in the NDC Party which will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2012. Let them try it and see. We shall die for Rawlings because Enough is Enough “This shocking revelation from the mouth of Hon. Hannah Tetteh must not be taken lightly even if the spin doctors of the government decide to DENY or RUBBISH IT, the revelation was hidden from the Founder and his Cadres during the 2008 general elections, and that was the main reasons why we have the “Rawlings Boys” from an imaginary white house and the Mills Boys from the Castle, and that Rawlings boys including this writer WILL GET NOTHING, and TRUE TO THEIR WORDS. It is my family who feeds me since 2009 to date. How sad! Is it now a crime to be a Cadre in the NDC?. We beg for an answer.

Will these appointees EXPECT the “Rawlings Boys” to vote for them? Will they accept their votes and when the President wins the 2012 general elections which is a done deal only for them to be SIDELINED once again? These are serious questions begging for answers because gone are the days when monkeys work for Baboons to chop. President Mills needs over 4 million votes to beat the NPP candidate Nana Akuffo Addo, ONE TOUCH, since we have been sidelined and victmised should Cadres stay away from the polls in 2012? If you were to be in our shoes, how will you react?

Jerry Rawlings did NOT TRAIN Cadres with money, we can sacrifice once more to restore the NDC to its original position and damn the consequences because majority of the constituency Executives are stomach politicians and they are no match to the Cadres at all, when it comes to leg work and organization. Why did the government leave the NPP machinery intact and they have a field day in their hostile print and electronic media always blasting and condemning the President and the NDC government, while the party and some government appointees attentions are FOCUSED on Former Prez. Rawlings and his Cadres. To be frank, they will all fail woefully because once we are now aware, Nobody can make Rawlings unpopular in the party he founded. Go to NDC National Headquarters and you will not meet any leading member there so what are they really up to? Coming events cast their shadows. What is coming, is coming and what will happen will happen. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement