NDC: The Way Forward After the Sunyani Congress

Mon, 3 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

NDC: The Way Forward After the Sunyani Congress – Part One

Recent events in the NDC since the party won the 2008 general elections and formed a government evoke so many emotions, and for outsiders, this is a cause for concern. In many healthy competitions, there are always WINNERS and LOSERS, and there is always a level playing field for all those interested to put them up for ANY POSITION.

The NDC is not a forest where every tree occupies a certain radius, it is always very healthy to AGREE to DISAGREE. Dissenting views should NOT be interpreted to mean that two or six people cannot put their differences together to work for the common good of the party and the nation.

A political party is a MOVEMENT comprising people with different shades of opinion coming together to put IDEAS and OPINIONS TOGETHER, but this is completely absent in the NDC since it formed a government to rule Ghanaians simply because the NDC leadership and some government officials shockingly feel very uncomfortable with the Presence of Jerry Rawlings who is incidentally the Founder of the NDC.

The party leadership and those government officials had a very mischievous diabolical agenda as for back as 2008 when the party was then in opposition fighting to wrestle political power from members of the destructive Blue Elephant party. Their secret target was Rawlings. We will never sit down for you people to gamble with our lives by destroying the NDC.

From the National level through the Regions down to all the 230 constituencies which are now awash with suspicions, bickering, hate, enmity, holier than thou attitudes, unprovoked power struggles character assassinations, nepotism, confusion, dis-unity, outright insults, intimidations, sheer arrogance, deception, lies and they topped all these negative unproductive behaviour by openly targeting all Cadres including this writer as the Rawlings Boys who will get nothing from the very party we scarified to establish in 1992 to have a firm foundation in Ghana. Jesus Christ! How on earth can you eject your land lord from the house he built and you came to rent? Some people are serious jokers in the NDC.

Where were these green eyed selfish characters now parading as Executive members of the NDC when Jerry Rawlings wanted brave and courageous MEN and WOMEN to stick their necks out to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s during the 31st December revolution in January 1982. ANSWER. Most of them were not born or were then kids. Hundreds of P.D.C Cadres died in the course of the 31st December Revolution in order to make the country what it is today 2011. I saw several P.D.C Cadres dying with my naked eyes, you never saw it at all, so if you are a gov’t. Appointee, don’t underrate the intelligence of Cadres at all.

Those who were adults in 1982, refused flatly to have anything to do with these patriots in the P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s, so they sat on the fence while the remaining cowards hid under the beds of their parents while Cadres walked up and down with armed soldiers and policemen during curfew hours from 6pm to 6am daily amidst weekly coup attempts against the PNDC. Government. Yes, I am very very proud to be a senior Cadre and a Rawlings Boy from June 4 to date 2011, so will you turn yourself into a Lion and devour me alive because of your extreme hatred for Rawlings or what? Internal democracy is what strengthens political parties as they tolerate all shades of opinion. Rules are Rules and they should not, and must NOT be circumvented to favour one group against the other. In this case, Madam Hannah Tetteh, Johnson Asiedu Nketia and those who hatched that diabolic plot to manage the political force of Rawlings will not and can never succeed in implementing such a highly explosive and divisive plan in the NDC party at all. Mark by words. Those who matter in the party should have called all the FEUDING FACTIONS together to find a lasting solution to this ENTRENCHED tension that has reared its ugly head in the party since 2009 and it has worsened during the National Delegates Conference in Sunyani and it is currently burning like wild fire. Unfortunately, those who matter in the party are the very people causing the problems and creating instability in the NDC- so where do we go? Answer- they are preparing the party to go back to opposition because the kitchen is too hot for them or they want to tear the party apart and lose the 2012 general election and then re-organise to form their CPP in 2013.

Therefore, those MMDCE’s and some leading members of the NDC who know how to hoot must rather hoot at themselves now. One can easily say that what is happening in the NDC now is an internal problem, but this could only be so, if the party was in opposition, but No, the party is in power and has a mandate to fulfill its numerous promises to deliver. How on earth can the government deliver it numerous promises with such bickering within the NDC nationwide? Politics is about policies, programmes, and a project a government puts in place to IMPROVE the living standards of the people as well as eliminate social in-equality in terms of economic, culture, health and education. These are what the people of Ghana are looking from their respective political parties and NOT for some leading members to use their personal agenda to Manage The Political Force Of Jerry Rawlings which is impossible anyway, once the cadres have heard it all, we are already working day and night through the various branches in the NDC to counter such diabolic, mischievous and ungrateful agenda of the party leadership and I bet you, these secret plotters would fail woefully. The full length of a frog is known only when it dies. Let them relegate the Rawlingses to the background and see the end results come 2012.

The NDC is behaving as if it has never been in power before. How sad? The President is busy delivering and fulfilling some of his promises and THE PARTY LEADERS ARE PULLING HIS LEGS FROM BEHIND, and they turn round to blame the Rawlings Boys. We shall fight back and expose them all. Mark my words.

Frankly speaking, General Mosquito have shocked several cadres and most Party supporters including this writer. The NDC must rather thank Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings for her great foresight in contesting the sitting president other wise, the NDC was going to die at once in December 2012.

The POWERFUL CAMP OF Prez. Mills and the WEAKER CAMP of former President Rawlings must know that they all seek the interest of the party and the nation and as such, any act that will jeopardize the chances of the NDC party in 2012 would not be warmly received by well meaning Ghanaians and members of the NDC party. As for the rejection or sideling of the Rawlingses, “Tikunsagi”- We won’t agree at all with the NDC leadership because it is pure Hatred and Nothing else. Away, Away, Away with your Political Treachery in the NDC government. Is Any Body Listening? I Shall Return When the need Arise. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement