NDC To The Promise Land

Sun, 25 May 2008 Source: Mensah, Humphrey Tettey

There are two fundamentally different approaches people can use for making decisions. They can seek to be objective as possible, using analysis and logic, together with total criterion whenever possible, to find the right solution. The other way to make decisions is to be as subjective as possible, taking into account one’s own values and perspective as well as the positions and feelings of every other person involved. It is believed that a Team that uses analysis and logic may come out with excellent, well-reasoned solutions, but if their lease preferred function is buy-in and relationship, the products may end up being totally deplorable. Professor Atta-Mills made an excellent choice by selecting Hon. John Dramani Mahama, a man with integrity, a level headed man, an astute, shrewd, and trustworthy person which I believe are some of the actual attributes of a transformational leader. It is vital for a team leader to know how to faucet your team’s energy source.

Leaders are not born, they can be made. As a leader leading a political party, you have to be very professional, articulate, assertive, effective communicator, team player, honest, transparent, perform service intelligently, perform service selflessly, be competent, committed to the vision of the Party. Professor Mills has integrity and courage, and perpetually think outside the box which is the key to an effective leader. A leader has to know his/her knowledge, character, strengths, weaknesses, and skills, knowledge of human nature, organization, and climate and culture of the organization. The leader should be able to provide directions, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and planning. The leader should also have the ability to implement whatever goal or vision of the project, communicate effectively, supervise, evaluate, motivate, train, coach, counsel, and coordinate. NDC as a party is privileged to have leaders like Professor Mills and John Dramani Mahama. Professor Mill as a former Vice-President helped the then President JJ Rawlings to affect significant change in the lives of the people.

The NPP as a political party has failed Ghana miserably. Crime rate is high, drug peddling is rampant, the Country is polarized, and most of all the masses are suffering just to name a few. NPP is practicing nepotism, cronyisms; they are the most corrupt party in the history of Ghana. Ghana has become a gateway to drug peddling. Prices of basic goods and services are very high, average Ghanaian can not afford three square meals a day, tuition is very high, and electricity bill astronomical, armed robbery is part of the status quo for the NPP. They are the worse government ever. The ministers live sumptuously and chopping our money like is free money. GOD HELPS US ALL. The NPP government imposes colossal taxes on the ordinary Ghanaians including mobile phone tax and has categorically refused to listen to the cries of the people. NO good drinking water… shedding of electricity and many unscrupulous things. They are callous and have no sympathy. VOTE NPP OUT FOR A BETTER GHANA.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can go on and on……… The NPP propaganda has perpetually been deceiving Ghanaians about the national debts:

KWAME NKRUMAH (1957) - NDC REGIME DEBT FORTY-ONE TRILLION CEDIS, NPP has added thirty trillion cedis in just seven years. NPP officials are selfish individuals, they are looters, cheaters, and arrogant. VOTERS LET US COMPARE THE NPP AND THE NDC AND VOTE WISELY….

VOTE MILLS-MAHAMA FOR A BETTER GHANA. The NDC has what it takes to move the country to the next level. Atta-Mills government will put Ghana back on the map; He will run a government of honesty, transparency, and truth. Vote Atta-Mills for less taxes, good educational system, good economy, less tuition, creating of more jobs and most of all deliver Ghana from HIPC. Good drinking water to eradicate guinea worm and other diseases, good hospital, good social amenities, realistic healthcare policy, good salary for teachers and doctors, security and safety, and deliver from drug peddling.

There would definitely be a significant change in people’s life under Mills- Mahama government. Professor Mills has the emotional intelligence to govern. Emotional intelligence involves the ability to feel, understand, articulate, manage and apply the power of emotions to interactions across lines of difference. As a leader, it is imperative that you inspire trust and influence people in a positive way. Be able to create informal, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere in order to achieve the set goals. Professor Mills has all these essential qualities.

I believe that the more you invest in the vision of a country, the more it becomes yours. If people disagree with the vision, it is often because they have a problem with the people who cast it. Professor Mills‘s vision is accepted by the Ghanaian electorate because the trust that he can deliver and live up to expectation. Vision leaks, but it needs to be communicated clearly, creatively, and continually. Professor Mills (NDC) is a visionary and has invested into the affairs of the country, He is willing, capable, able, and ready to lead the country into the promise land. In effect, Atta-Mills and the affable running mate John Mahama are selling themselves as well as the vision. Some Transformational leaders know the way, and simply want others to follow them. Others do not have a ready strategy, but will happily lead the exploration of possible routes to the Promised Land. A Transformational leader will accept that there will be failures and blind canyons along the way. As long as they feel progress is being made, they will be happy. They accept criticisms and always believe in themselves that they can affect change despite the failures since we are all human.

The Professor has the ability to connect with people and understand their emotions. In leading a political party, a leader has to be selfless and be able to make difficult decision and that is what distinguishes the NDC from the NPP. NDC understands the cry of the people. Professor Mills understands the cultural rules, norms, and values, and is able to empathize and metaphorically walk in their shoes.

Atta-Mills will walk the talk because I know he is a man of his word.



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Columnist: Mensah, Humphrey Tettey