NDC: We Must Not Forget Where We Are Coming From

Tue, 7 Jun 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

NDC: We Must Not Forget Where We Are Coming From

When the Progress Party Government led by Dr. K.A.Busia was overthrown on 13th January, 1972 by the late General I.K.Acheampong who formed the National Redemption Council, thousands of Ghanaians jubilated Busia’s overthrow and threw their unflinching support for Col Acheampong at that time.

That military junta took off very well by encouraging Ghanaian farmers to produce more food with its Operation Feed Yourself Programme and the late Col. Bernasko of blessed memory comes to mind because of the active and positive role he played. Dawhwenya Dam was built, the Kaneshie Market Complex in Accra was also built, and from 1972 to 1975 it was Action in all sectors of Ghana’s economy to the envy of our West African neighbours.

However, between 1976 and 1977, things started Falling Apart in Ghana as basic items like milk, soap, milo, matches, sugar, cutlass, clothes, tinapa, sardine, candles, needles, safety pins started vanishing from the shelves of the Ghanaian market.

Between 1977 and 1979, all the above named items vanished with too MANY PEOPLE chasing FEW AMENITIES which were in the hands of some fat bottomed Makola Women in Accra, and their counterparts in Kumasi since one needed a chik to even acquire newsprint for the publication of newspapers and the acquisition of everything under the sun. This was the time that Col. Acheampong promoted himself to a 4 Star General and also appointed himself as the Commissioner (Minister) of Finance and Economic Planning with Anane Binfo as his National Kalabule chief. That was the Emergence of Kalabule (corruption) in Ghana where Postage Stamps were bought at the open market instead of the post office. Engine oil, petrol and diesel were also sold in gallons at the open market with impurity instead of the Petrol Filling Stations Nation Wide. Hoarding was in full swing nationwide.

The most vulnerable group of people were Teachers who regretted taking that profession as parents whose kids were punished could drive to the various schools and beat up those teachers mercilessly and no one could cough.

The next group of professionals were the Police, Prison Officers, and even the Junior Soldiers themselves who were wearing worn – out boots and torn uniforms with their meager pay while the TOP MILITARY OFFICERS SWAM IN RAW CASH.

Woe unto you if you report any sunuggler or hoarder to the Police, you will rather be arrested and detained and also intimidated to provide evidence in the absence of which you were sent to court and jailed straight away.

Mokola women openly poured URINE on junior soldiers who pleaded for the reduction of goods they buy from those devilish traders. Whom could they report such cases to? Of course, their Senior Officers who were the Boy Friends of those fat – bottomed wicked traders at the Mokola market and so such nasty cases ended there. Thousands of Business men including foreigners flatty refused to pay their taxes to the State and Ghana became a Complete Failed State as one became a Millionaire after six months service after his enlistment into the Border Guard institution in Ghana between 1977 and 1978. Major Utuka, the former Border Guard commander paid with his life ater the June 4 Uprising in 1979 because the NRC military Junta Redeemed Nobody but brought corruption and injustice to Ghana.


Thousands of Tax Dodgers Rushed to pay their taxes in full. In short, June 4 fought against the following wrong doings which retards National Development in the Ghanaian society. (1) Tribalism (2) Secret Societies (3) Nepotism (4) Sycophancy (5) Indiscipline, (6) Mis – use of government vehicles and Decreed the (GV) registration for all Government vehicles. (7) Political Greed (8) Corruption (9) Favouritism (10) Backbiting (11) Rumour-mongering (12) Social Injustice (13) Laziness (14) Bribery (15) Social in – Equalityand Armed Robbery to mention just a few. It is NOT TRUE that the June 4 Uprising was launched to make ALL POOR PEOPLE AND RICH PEOPLE TO BECOME EQUAL as the opposition NPP wants innocent and unsuspecting Ghanaians to believe. June 4 was NOT AGAINST the WEALTHY or the PRIVILEGED in society because there were thousands of wealthy and privileged who honestly paid their taxes and were NEVER TOUCHED in 1979 some 32 years ago in this country. June 4 was not About Them and Us or the Poor verse the RICH Men and Women because there were thousands of genuine rich men and women going about their legitimate in Ghana. The June 4 was not about speaking out against WRONG THINGS DONE by our opponents and be quiet when the same WRONG THINGS have been done by our friends and party members because wrong is wrong regardless who commits it, and this is what most Ghanaians and even some NDC Appointees love to hate and did not want to hear at all.

They have soon forgotten that the NDC is their to June 4 1979 which is enshrined in the NDC Party Constitution.

The late Colonel Enningful was the Chairman of the Military Tribunal that tried Jerry Rawlings, where he boldly stated that “LEAVE MY MEN ALONE, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING” That famous speech inspired majority of the junior officers in the military to release the Jesus Jesus, as “J.J” was affectionately called by Ghanaians from the Military Guard room to lead the June 4 Uprising which succeeded and he became Ghana’s youngest Radical Military Head of State that year at the age of 31years.


Air vice Marshall Boakye, Major Utuka, Col. Enningful, Col. Roger Felli, Major General Odartey, Wellington, Commander Amedune both Senior Military Officers and three former Heads of State namely General Afrifa Acheampong and General F.W.K Akuffo were tried to the Stakes by a Special Military Tribunal which found them guilty of siphoning the National Coffers to enrich themselves and they were all shoot by the Firing Squad at the Teshie Military Range in 1979. The Republic of Nigeria pleaded with The AFRC Military Jinta to spare the life of General Akuffo but the Council refused to accept that plea.

In retaliation, the Nigerian Government stopped supplying OIL to Ghana. However, Ghanaians snubbed and condemned Nigeria and called the bluff of that country and started walking to and from work 32years ago today 2011.

Apart from the Bereaved Families and close relatives of the slain military officers, every Ghanaian supported the executions in this country including the Clergy led by the Catholic Church with the “Catholic Standard “coming out with a very positive Editorial in support of those exertions, so what are some people now talking about in this Country?

The late Flag bearer of the NPP, Professor Adu Boahen also threw his support for the June 4 Uprising because it did not overthrow a civilian regime, but he later turned round to condemn it and Ghanaians snubbed him in the 1992 general elections and voted massively for Jerry Rawlings in 1992 because they saw Adu Boahen as a man with a Double Face and a Double Tongue.

On 26th June 1979, the June 4 Movement was formed and I became a card bearing member by joining the Ashanti Regional Branch of the June 4 Movement with Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings as the Live Patron of June 4.


Dr. Hilla Limann was a dyed in the wool member of the United Party which the NPP represent today 2011 and NOT, repeat NOT an Nkrumahist at all.

He only became the Flagbearer of the Peoples National Party (PNP) after his uncle, the late Imoro Egala was disqualified by NLC decree 345 which banned the CPP for 10years. I was fully involved in all these events since June 4 1979 so I will never, never write false stories, God forbid.

Dr. Limann won the general elections in 1979, and within 2 months, he once invited Jerry Rawlings to the castle for a discussion on National issues only for Radio Ghana to announce the premature retirement of Rawlings without his knowledge and even BANNED him from visiting all military barracks on the advice of Great Britian in 1979. Ex – Prez. Kuffour’s NPP government also banned Rawlings the same way and even made several attempts to eliminate him and jail his wife but failed in disgrace.

As if that was not enough, Dr. Limann later set the then SPECIAL BRANCH (NOW BNI) to put a 24hour surveillance on Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata (rtd) until the matter was taken to the Supreme Court which stopped the dreaded SPEACIAL BRANCH security operatives and the Military intelligence (MI) from harassing them culminating in the 31st December Revolution in 1981 which ended all coups as promised by Rawlings on that fateful which brought REAL DEMOCRACY to Ghana forever,

Therefore anybody who is against the June 4 Uprising CAN NOT Claim to be a TRUE NDC member because NOBODY forgets HIS OR HER ROOTS. Finally, those Anti – Rawlings elements in the NDC government whose stock in trade is to insult Rawlings and his wife in the print and electronic media must be fully prepared to face the wrath of the cadres if they don’t stop calling us Rawlings Boys who they cannot work with. Our Senior Rawlings Boy is his Excelling President J.E.A. Mills and all NDC members are junior Rawlings Boys whether you like it or not. If you don’t like to be associated with Rawlings, then I am afraid, you better leave the NDC and go your own way or form your own political party because NO REASONABLE PERSON WILL DARE CUT OFF THE FINGER THAT FED HIM AND CONTINUE TO FEED HIM. This is only a short history of the NDC, so you keep your fingers crossed I shall return only when the need arise. Is anybody listening? I am done. Long Live the Rawlings Boys, including you. “Jaan bie Iwaii.









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement