NDC are Criminally-minded nation wreckers

Sat, 30 Jun 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

with similarly-minded Lawyers as Advisors

I am gobsmacked by the current NDC administration’s infatuation with judgment debt payments. Everything indicates that the best unprecedented achievement of President Mills is his search for, and payment of, the entire nation’s outstanding debts through his most infatuated policy of Judgment Debt Payments. Did Ghanaians vote him and the NDC party to power only to implement the sole policy of judgment debt payments where they clearly have chalked unprecedented successes never matched in the history of Ghana? I cannot get my head around this.

The payment of the judgment debts by President Mills and the NDC is not done in good faith but criminally-minded, I can assure all my readers. It is their perfect means to enrich their party and certain well placed personalities within the government and the party. It is pure corruption, embezzlement and breach of public trust invested in President Mills and the NDC.

On Friday, 29th June 2012, I was relaxing in a couch in my living room, listening to Ghana Asempa Fm radio via Sources radio UK after returning from a demonstration to the Ghana High Commission in London. As an old concerned Ghanaian citizen, I had joined the Young Ghanaian patriots’ demonstration directed at notifying President Mills and the NDC government about our disgust at how they are mismanaging the country through daylight robbery, that is, judgment debt payments. By their method of running the affairs of the country, they have unfortunately driven the nation into economic, social and political ditch only waiting to be salvaged by a more competent person or party.

Anyway, I was shocked beyond description to hear the submissions by an NDC panellist on a programme on Asempa FM radio. The panellists among other topics were discussing the” 86 Hyundai Galloper cross-country vehicles imported into the country by the Rawlings-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, which was supposedly left to rot by the Kufuor-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government” As usual, the Kufuor-led NPP government refused the usage of, and payment for, the vehicles for not only being substandard but also without contract for their importation. They asked the African Automobile Company Limited to provide the government with a copy of the contract they entered into with the Rawlings-led NDC government for their importation which they had none and could produce none.

The point worth noting is, with all the intelligent detailed and excellently analysed counter submissions made by the NPP panellist, the NDC panellist at the studio with his confused explanations was insisting judgment debt payment which now totals US$1.5 Billon be paid to the African Automobile Company Ltd. Another point worthy of attention is the information by Mr Okudzeto-Ablakwa, the Deputy Information Minister, on President Mills NDC entry into arbitration with the Company to pay them an agreed lesser amount that however runs into hundreds of millions of US dollars.

What annoys me most that sparked off this write-up is the senseless “mo nko nnkoaa” (a term borrowed from Sarkodie of Azonto’s fame lyrics on Ghanaian prostitutes) criminally-minded cum nation wrecking attitude phone-in call made by Lawyer David Annan. David Annan is a member of the NDC legal team who doubles as a defence counsel for the infamous swindler of the Century, Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Mr Woyome has connived with some members of President Mills NDC government to dupe the nation of GHC51 Million through fictitiously processed judgment debt payment. Mr Woyome has confessed on radio to have not personally signed any contract with any government of Ghana to merit that payment yet David Annan insists Woyome was due that money. What nonsense his defence sounds in my ears.

Mr David Annan phoned into the programme to do two obnoxious things. Firstly, he shared a view or submitted a view meant to counteract an intelligent legal presentation made by a volunteer (lawyer) enlightening us on how best we can avoid payment of most of the unnecessarily ongoing judgment debts especially, that of the Rotten Gallopers – African Automobile Company Limited. The other lawyer said since the cars were delivered in 2001 and the Kufour-led NPP government refused the usage of, and payment for, the cars, for reasons specified earlier, Ghana is not obliged to pay the company. He advised the NDC government to rather avail herself of certain Constitutional provisions or statutory date limitation laws to refuse payment of some of the judgment debts. In the case of the Rotten Gallopers, six years has elapsed since the NPP government refused the company any payment. Why has the company waited until now to claim payment for the vehicles from the NDC government? David Annan as usual a nation wrecker who is probably concerned about what accrues to him as an individual, phoned in to insist the company is entitled to judgment debt payment since they took the case to court in 2004. He also warned the host of the programme of an infraction of the contempt of court suit pending in the courts against his boss, Mr Kwesi Twum, the Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Limited. He asked why should he permit the NPP panellist to make reference to “mo nkye nndi” by mentioning Woyome since Woyome’s case is still in court and a suit also pending against the host’s boss as stated above.

The NDC government and their lawyers are never willing to seek to defend the nation against fraudsters but rather they facilitate their efforts and plans to dupe Ghana. Do you know why? It is all because they stand to profit personally and as a party from such payments. The case of Alfred Agbesi Woyome is a vivid example of their most deplorable nation wrecking motives.

I call on all Ghanaians who have the love and the welfare of Ghana at heart, irrespective of their political affiliations, to vote out the NDC on 7th December 2012. They are completely selfish, criminals who have come to enrich themselves at the ruin and expense of Ghana and Ghanaians.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson