NDC are Living in the Past

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The majority of the NDC are living in the past. Most of them say without cringing that they treasure and adore living in their past. What did the past of the NDC, the transmutation of the PNDC look like, my readers may want to know? The PNDC as headed by Chairman Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings was brutal, dictatorial, and had no respect for the rule of law. It practiced what was a divide and rule tactics. When it metamorphosed into NDC after international pressure had come to bear upon Rawlings to let the country go democratic, most of the evils of the PNDC were carried along into the NDC. Chairman Rawlings having imbibed such a love for power, simply threw away his military uniform, single-handedly formed a political party called the NDC, ordered a Constitution to be drawn with a special clause of "Indemnity and no Accountability" entrenched to safeguard him from any possible future prosecution; contested election, and won as a civilian. Wow!

Why are the NDC living in their past? Considering all the ongoing abuse of the rule of law as under the current President Mills' administration, one can convincingly say without fear of arrest for "spreading fear and causing harm" in public that the NDC are actually not only living in, but are proudly protective of their past. Just at the announcement or the declaration of the NDC emerging as the winner of the 2008 elections by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, they started as lunatics going about what they know and do best. They commenced from seizing any posh car found in the streets of Ghana, especially Accra. To them, the cars belong to the supposed thieving NPP Ministers and their cronies or the cars had been stolen from the Ghana@50. The lead orchestrator was one Ato Smith, a one time Spokesperson to Former President J.J. Rawlings. Ato was disgracefully relieved of his post for acting stupid. For all his erroneousness and silly seizures of cars, he was handsomely rewarded with ambassadorial post by President Fiifi Evans Atta Mills, alias "Slow but Sure".

The current NDCs are self-seekers same as they were under the PNDC. Did P.V. Obeng not amass wealth both under the PNDC and NDC of Chairman/President Rawlings? Did not almost all the gurus in NDC enrich themselves at the expense of the suffering masses? Are they not doing same under President Mills? Did Alex Segbefia, the Deputy Chief of Staff not employ a conniver, Carl Wilson, to help the NDC fleece many Ghanaian car importers? Come on bruv! (slang for brother)! How on earth could Carl Wilson, a slum dweller in Canada, Toronto to be more precise, come by personalized computer software able to detect stolen cars by Ghanaians abroad? This theft, purposefully carried out to satisfy the insatiable quest for posh cars by NDC cronies, was allowed to go on until the lawless NDC foot-soldiers that felt short-changed (they were not made partakers of the newfound booty), reacted angrily by bolting up their NDC Headquarters. They demanded that Carl Wilson was sacked immediately. The fast sleeping President was only to wake up by the ensuing pandemonium to do exactly as ordered by the foot-soldiers.

Dishonourable Central Regional Minister Ama Benyiwa Doe, claims that Former President J.A. Kufuor planted the tree of corruption in Ghana. Consequently, she has the right to feed from that tree. This conclusion is a derivation and deduction from her counter statement to that of Kufuor alleging that corruption is too conspicuous in Ghana now. Ama, barely in government, has put up two storey buildings - one in East Legon, Accra, and the other in her home town. Is this holier than thou also "eating Ghana money fuka fuka or waa waa?" Shame on her! She will surely be investigated, mark my words. Little did I know that loquacious Ama Benyiwa Doe who bad-mouths, lambastes NPP would ever embroil herself in corruption of any sort. But she has. Did she not use her position as the Regional Minister to force out the tenants from her Dad's house?

I prefer that anyone who has embezzled public funds irrespective of their political party affiliation must be prosecuted and punished. I am sick and tired of our corrupt politicians taking us for a rough ride at any least opportunity. I shall soon come up with a suggestion or plan on how best to catch them and prosecute them. Their philosophy seems to be, "Make hay while the sun shines" or "Opportunity comes but once" With this insane idea in mind, they are fond of always stealing money from left, right and about turn.

The shameless NDC activists, foot-soldiers or whatever you want to call them, delight themselves in intimidating and or wounding people they consider as their enemies. Those that they see as enemies are actually their political rivals who are equally Ghanaians. Has one forgotten how they hacked NPP guys to death at Abgogloshie, a suburb of Accra, when they were in frenzy taking over either the proprietorship or the supervision of public toilets? Their reason was the toilets do generate more money to enrich their proprietors so they wouldn't any longer want to see the NPP guys continue to avail themselves of that official but seemingly "sakawa" opportunity. When they were maiming people, the police for the fear of recrimination stood back, watching as if nothing was happening. There are many instances where the police had given the NDC hooligans leeway to inflict maximum injuries on their victims.

NDC make themselves proud when persecuting their political opponents out of simplistic sophism. Anyway, this is NDC for you. Their sole founder is a bigot. He vociferates, schemes, and insults when one does not share his views or allows him to dictate to them. This is the NDC's benchmark.

The NDC say they will never forget their past but will rather dwell in it until the disappearance of the foundations of the earth. Bravo! "He, who forgets his past, is bound to make mistakes" This is the malicious NDC for you.

The battle for elections 2012 begins now!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

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