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NDC beating dangerous tribal drums!

Since John Mahama became the presidential leader of the N.D.C, tribalism has reached its zenith in the country. Make no mistake: the N.D.C only wins election when they play the tribal card!!

The N.D.C is totally clueless when it comes to political governance. They are completely bereft of ideas and simply interested in amassing wealth when they find themselves in power. The N.D.C is the WORST Political party in our nation’s history and absolutely a disaster when they are in government!

J.J Rawlings took over a flourishing economy under Dr. Hilla Limann and took the country to HIPC when he handed over power to the N.P.P in 2000. Presidential Kuffour handed over a middle income country with a robust economy to President Mills and within 8 years Ghana is back to HIPC under Mahama! All sectors of the economy is in total disarray with Ghanaians groaning with hardship.

The N.D.C political leaders have no clue to the issues confronting our country yet some misguided Ghanaians continue to root for the party. The question that people always ask is: How is the N.D.C able to win elections despite their appalling record in government? The answer is tribalism!!!I will explain why!

The N.D.C has played an effective tribal card against the N.P.P since 1992 when Prof Albert Adu Boahen contested the election for the N.P.P. They started by accusing Prof Adu Boahen of being a tribalist with a mandate of skewing his history books in favor of Ashantis and Akans.

The N.D.C deliberately coined the phrase: y3 gye y3n maen meaning we are taking over our country and foisted it on the N.P.P with propaganda that the N.P.P intends to implement a separatist agenda when they get elected. This misinformation worked effectively in the Zongo areas where fears of Busia’s Aliens Compliant Act were still fresh in their minds.

The N.D.C managed to convince the Zongos that when the N.P.P is elected they will drive them out of Ghana. This misconception has persisted to this day with the N.D.C continually drumming home this point whenever elections are due.

In the run-up to the 2008 election the N.D.C played an extremely dangerous tribal agenda in the North. They divided Dagombas into Abudu-Andani and perpetuated discrimination against Abudus in Dagbon. The configuration that the N.D.C caused in the North is still simmering to this day. They now have the votes of the Andanis but at the cost of dividing two brothers who are the Abudus.

Election is approaching and the N.D.C has started beating tribal drums again. Some of the explicit tribal slurs that has been blurted out by the N.D.C are:

1. John Mahama- Northerners should vote for me because I am a Northerner

2. John Mahama- Ashantis are ungrateful. No matter what you do for them they will still insult you.

3. Dzifa Attivor- N.P.P is anti-Ewes. If you vote for them they will jail only Ewes.

4. Eric Opoku- There are no true Muslims in N.P.P.

5. Asiedu Nketiah- N.P.P is preventing Northerners from transferring their votes to the South.

These are a few of the tribal/ Ethnic and Religious slurs blurted out by N.D.C leaders intended to divide our country. Ghana must reject this divisive party called the N.D.C. The N.D.C is extremely dangerous and is on the path of creating civil war in Ghana if they are allowed to flourish. Reject N.D.C Now!!!

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Columnist: Allotey, Henry Nii Kpakpo