NDC childish emotions towards SC petition

Wed, 24 Jul 2013 Source: Yawose, John

My uncle in the village has intercepted the respondents Tony Lithur/Tsatsu Turkey Tsikata draft addresses to be logded with the Supreme Court on 30th July 2012 and he summarised them for my study.

Now read on: Because John Dramani Mahamah is from the Northern Region and he won the December 2012 elections, Akufo Ado and his irresponsible group are jealous and doing everything to prevent a Northerner to be President so they are in court and that the SC should throw out the case.

The irregularities and issues raised by the petitioners also happened in the "strong hold" of the NPP in Ashanti Region so the petitioners ought to have submitted all related issues in Ashanti Region as well as the issues in the NDC strongholds. The votes in the petitioners’ strongholds are not more Ghanaian than votes in the respondents’ strongholds. The petitioners acted in bad faith and this frivolous and vexatious petition should be thrown out. Also the petitioners cannot be declared winners of the Presidential elections because they won in only 1.5 Regions whilst the respondents won in 8.5 Regions, which cannot work practically since all the Regions are equal. At the same time, the respondents, the NDC, have majority seats in Parliament and it will not be in the interest of Ghana to have a NPP minority forming the government of the day. Otherwise governance will ground to a halt and there will be serious confusion. So this frivolous petition should not be sustained.

My lords, only nine (9) Justices of the SC, on the face of pink sheets from only 8000 polling stations, cannot arrogate themselves the right to overturn the verdict of 26000 polling stations for 25 million people declared in December 2012 by the Electoral Commission, the constitutional body with the mandate to do such declarations. Ghanaians do not want a candidate Akufo Ado who claims ownership to the Presidency by "all means necessary" because his father was one time a President making him feel that it is his right by divine decree and by Gods will to be our president once again. Putting all together we submit for the courts consideration that the petitioners' effort, presented in a jumbled heap of pink sheets is unmeritorious and without proper foundations and should be dismissed outright.

These NDC and respondents childish vituperations, emotions, sentiments and deep feelings have reverberated in the media and the airwaves since the start of the proceedings. They will collapse in the face of the petitioners legal arguments like a pack of cards, at the SC ruling in middle of August. Ghana will be rid from the clutches of the stinking Create, Loot and Share brigades.

And Ghana will be sweet

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John