NDC evil politics with English royals & Volta boat disaster!!

Charles Ashan Asantehene Otumfuo Oseu Tutu II with Prince Charles

Thu, 9 Jun 2016 Source: Agbenu, Charles

NDC are pathetic; always doing tribal politics to the point of desperation.

They rather play funny and turn round to accuse NPP that they are rather tribal. NDC have mouths. Listen to their apparatchiks, it's amazing. They do politics with everything to court sympathies for Voltarian votes in a wicked and hate-filled manner. I'm worried why Voltarians allow themselves to be eaten up by such lies and unhelpful sentiments.

When Prince Charles of England was on official visit to Ghana during Kufuor's Presidency, the former-himself-requested to visit Kumasi to see Asantehene, who received the famous British royal in a colourful durbar.

NDC vicious loudmouths, Fiifi Kwete, Okujeto, Kakra Essamua, Ametorkwame, Kwasi Pratt, and all their sycophantic propagandist materials fumed that Kufuor used his executive office to unnecessarily and capriciously promote Asantehene over other Ghana chiefs by arranging that visit.

No amount of explanation from the executive could convince these propagandists.

President Kufuor was condemned and grinded in NDC's 'apotoyowa'- borrowing 'human being Mahamas' words - as ethnocentric and in the process of cementing an 'imaginary' Asante hegemony in modern Ghana.

Now, history has a way of repeating itself and emphasizing great lessons.

Three weeks ago, under NDC's President 'human being' Mahama, another English Royal in the person of Prince Edward officially visited Ghana, and has also visited Kumasi to see the same Asantehene in Kumasi on his own request- under similar conditions as happened under Kufuor.

This time, none of the mischievous NDC characters is talking. They are mumu, faced with the reality that after all Asantehene is a big name, naturally steeped in glittering history such that whether under Rawlings, Mills, Kufuor or human being Mahama, that fact remains supreme and that all the NDC manouvres and ethnocentric falsities are aimed at generating tribal hatred and jealousy against Asantes, Asantehene and NPP for sentimental votes.

To hell with NDC lies and tribalism.

It's recalled that late Lybian leader, Gaddafi made a historic 4-day land travel through the Sahara desert, Mali, Niger, Burkina, Ghana to attend AU summit in Togo. He never stopped anywhere. His only stop throughout the long journey was in Kumasi to visit Asantehene. This happened during President Rawlings time.

In other words, the historic myth around Asantehene is not NPP or Kufuor creation. That reality is there and NDC should stop creating unnecessary ethnocentric suspicions and imaginations to fan hatred and get them votes.

The politics of Volta capsized boat tragedies is another case in point whereby NDC have used to whip ethnocentric sentiments against NPP.

Many people perished when such tragedy occurred during Kufuor's time. NDC did politics with it. It was horrible. NDC goons including Joe Gidisu, a Voltarian MP, lashed at President Kufuor, openly in parliament, for pursuing an ethnic –cleaning agenda by letting Voltarians perish on the lake without any help and thus whipped bigotish sentiments against NPP.

Check the hansard. These remarks are documented.I say history has a way of repeating itself. The same disasters have happened many times under Mills and 'human being' Mahama administrations. Within the last 2 weeks, many have died out of similar tragic circumstances on the Volta Lake and not strangely the mumu games have been played by NDC.

So what is NDC administration stand, now that they are faced with these same natural or man-made occurrences? They should act honourably.

Let them stand up, gather courage and sing Kufor 'come for your stone' in humility. Let NDC, for once, learn to stop courting undeserved sympathies for Voltarian and other minority tribes votes, with unfavorable, but natural conditions which they falsely attribute to NPP.

Some of us will resist their desperate tribal methodologies this time round. We are all one in Ghana. We will condemn tyranny of the majority just as we will against tyranny of the minority.

Before I end, I will congratulate NPP for acting maturely for not making politics out of these situations I have cited, as NDC later get haunted by their own evil deeds. UP NPP. DOWN NDC.

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles