NDC hires Ecowas thugs to wreak havoc on our ports & seas

Fri, 30 Mar 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I have warned, severally, about the terroristic tendencies of NDC members, most especially the top hierarchy. The frustration that they are feeling emanates from the fact that each time they reared their ugly heads, the scythe of the security services came harvesting them.

It hasn’t been too long since they allegedly employed the services of armed robbers to cause mayhem and pandemonium amongst the good people of this country, and foreigners alike. They created a security situation that did not exist, staging acts of terrorism to make it seem as if the country was insecure.

The astuteness of the IGP, National Security Capos, the Military, and others nipped their shenanigans in the bud. They went scratching their heads back again at the planning table. Then they hatched a rather audacious plot to continue what they started. They came up with a road map to create insecurity in our peaceful and beloved country, Ghana; the only motherland that we're sure to welcome us into her bosom, which the NDC are not grateful for.

They should try enslavement in the countries whose embassies are usually replete with long serpentine queues of the same NDC fools.

So, the plot, allegedly, began with the treasonable rantings of Koko Anyidoho, but his erratic confusion exposed the horrific plot of the criminals in the NDC to destabilise the nation.

Then the educated idiots like Omane Boamah, Okudzeto Ablakwa, et al defended the foolishness, forgetting that they made disparaging comments when I, Fadi Dabbousi, and others were innocently terrorised by their apparatus for mere harmless opinions expressed under the cover of free speech, which they claim Koko’s treasonable effusions to be same, and lame.

Let me remind the government that Koko Anyidoho must be prosecuted for treason, and if found guilty sent to the firing squad. No one must be given the chance to consider such terrorism against Ghana.

The second tranche of their plot to terrify the nation, according to snippets of information gathered, was to bring piracy to our door step. How can such audacity be committed against peaceful people working assiduously to #MakeGhanaGreatAgain? It has never happened anywhere! It has never been perpetrated by even the most hardened pirates as the Somali bandits. That should sound a warning bell for all to heed.

Ghanaians, let me tell you now. In the long history of Ghana, by word of mouth or penned, from time immemorial, even under the consolidated grip of the colonisers, no such heinousness has been exacted on the good people of this country as that suffered upon us by the unrepentant devils of the NDC.

You know very well, that NDC’s parent, the PNDC, and its grandparent, the AFRC, were fueled by the blood of innocent Ghanaians. I have spoken to the atrocities so many times, that I need not remind us all.

However, I want to admonish the gallant men and women of the security forces not to take the safety and stability of our country for granted. I commend the Navy for the quick intervention in the piracy attack on our ports and seas. I am certain that they are professional enough to ward off such proxy NDC terrorism.

In the same breath, let me advise the Americans not to issue visas to the top hierarchy and activists of the NDC who have slandered “the land of the free” that they seek to visit and get residence status or citizenship.

The pact that exists between Ghana and the USA with regards to military cooperation has been in place for decades, and it was even strengthened by the NDC, specifically with the pen of the fleshy woman, Hannah Tetteh. Well, at least, from information gathered, the NDC attempted to create a State of emergency during the transition period shortly after elections 2016.

That way they thought they would suspend the constitution to remain in power, and nullify the imminent Akufo-Addo ascent to power. The Americans saved the day by notifying the security forces and admonishing John Mahama to call it off. The insurgents had, allegedly, almost arrived at the 37 area when their plan was called off. That is what was supposed to have happened.

It is refreshing to note that, as at now, personnel of the security forces will not compromise the safety and serenity of our nation no matter which political party their hearts may sway towards. The NDC top hierarchy must be arrested and questioned over the recent piracy phenomenon, which is unprecedented in the history of our country.

That notwithstanding, let all of us be citizens and not spectators!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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