Opinions Wed, 20 Feb 2013

NDC is evil,fuel hikes untenable!

It’s completely unthinkable what this government has done. Never in the

history of our modern Ghana has any government so openly insulted the

intelligence of the people who entrusted themselves to her care and

protection, based on her own words, assurances and promises. It is

disgusting, unpardonable and not allowable. The people of Ghana cannot

afford and must not afford this harsh response to the kind considerations

we have given the NDC. The government must be told in the harshest manner

permissible that ‘enough is enough- y’abr3’! The government proves each day

that it is out of touch with the reality. Isolated from the ordinary

Ghanaian and insulated by the flowery lies and empty praises of their

Jezebelic press, as well as sycophants, and those other politically correct

groups, the government gets sicker and sicker each passing day with her

delirious beliefs that she is doing well in serving the people when she is

not! It is no accident that under the last five years the number of

suicides have risen to unprecedented levels with many people taking their

lives due to the frustrations of these immoral bunch of self-seeking

gluttonous unqualified ‘social democrats’, and the signs promise no

reduction in the near future. On the eve of Sunday, a day many people

consider as holy and so respect, at dawn, when many Ghanaians were about to

go to their beds, the only place they find some peace and comfort, this

government acting through the NPA announced hikes in the price of fuel. The

hikes were to range from 15% to 20%.The most annoying part to that ungodly

nightmare the government sent the people of Ghana was contained in the

press release which in part read ‘It can be seen that the government has

maintained some subsidies’.

As he drafted that statement, I believe, Alex Mould, brother to Betty

Mould-Idrissu, the woman whose reign as Attorney-General saw the State loss

almost every single one of the high profile cases she pursued and somewhat

implicated in the Woyome and CP scandals, thought to himself amid a wide

grin, what fools Ghanaians are to believe his gross slur and cheap

propaganda that the government is doing Ghanaians a favour with the hikes

and actually bearing some cost. What is the worse that could have happened?

The government made shy by its own guilt has set her propaganda dogs

free.Of course government propaganda has been set into full gear on this

issue! They have already taken to the air in flight like eagles. Social

media is populated and polluted with their ugly noises and nonsense. They

have gone to absurd lengths to justify the increase but even they admit

that the increases are harsh. Even they admit that the government should

have exercised some sensitivity. Even they know that what any other

government with a minimal degree of sensitivity could have done, if the

conditions really necessitated it, would have been a gradual increment

instead of one large jump up of prices. Even they admit that the worse

affected would be the 30% of Ghana’s population that earn less than $1.25 a

day as well as the 20% that barely make it. They are careful not to admit

though that the hikes wouldn't affect the Ministers and their deputies, as

well as the large number of ineffective like-minded appointees of the

administration because they have privileges that entitles them to free fuel

in particular and free utilities, whenever and at whatever time they so

wish. The vulgarians seem, with their sudden wealth to have forgotten their

past and the people of Ghana who wallow in growing poverty, unemployment

and bear the consequences of a collapsing health care system, an expensive

education system, a highly stratified civil service system (where

ascription not achievement pushes people up) and a police system which

deserves no adjective-whether good or bad. I have heard some argument that

wants to suggest that Ghanaians aren't paying realistic prices for fuel and

for this reason; they have to take some responsibility, hence the increase.

I reject such logic. Such reasoning is low on logic, lesser on intelligence

and absent of any knowledge about government duty. It appears those who

make such arguments, don’t know or rather pretend not to know that this

government in particular is one of the most wasteful governments of all

time. It seems such persons don’t know that had the appointees and staff of

the government done as little as adhere to the financial administration

act, inter alia, the money that could have been saved alone would have been

enough not just to finance the subsidies but make fuel free if we so chose.

Besides Woyome, how many ‘mistake’ payments has the government made and how

far could that amount have taken us in subsidizing the cost of fuel? What

about the $1.2 Million we lose each day due to flaring of gas at the

Jubilee Fields. A situation caused by the petty squabbles in the Ndc as to

who ought to have been given the contract to construct the gas storage

facility. I hear some pathetic beneficiaries of the government suggesting

that it’s about time we de-politicize the discussion on fuel and fuel price

increments. I fail to say the politics in holding a government to task,

when that same government while in opposition promised a plan, a magic plan

that was going to reduce the cost of fuel drastically but failed to do so.

That is no politics. If it were, the daily basis we hold God to His

promises would have made us very political indeed. When a government gets

elected on promises, it is not politics to require of the government that

they live up to their promises. It is unheard of in any jurisdiction that

the government be made to escape its responsibilities because by pushing

that they do perform their responsibilities the opposition would benefit

politically. It is complete nonsense considering the backdrop to say we

shouldn't politicize it .It is politics, both the issue itself and the

solutions. I offer no solutions to the situation other than what I captured

above. The gross wastage in government and the absence of government

priority is what is causing these rather unfortunate and unforgivable hikes

in the price of fuel. We cannot and must not allow the governments own

blunders, greed and folly push us into a pit of high cost and poverty.

Columnist: Hagan, Ebenezer