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NDC must stop tribal politics in Ashaiman

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NDC must stop tribal politics in Ashaiman

The Northern Community group of Ashaiman would like to caution members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashaiman constituency to desist from inciting Northerners in Ashaiman against the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

It would be recalled that during the “Yabr? Demo” against the NDC’s incompetence plunging the whole nation in what can be described as ‘‘dumso’’ held in Kumasi on the 25th February, 2015, some placards popped up with tribal and offensive inscriptions against the people from the Northern region.

The NPP has come out to condemn such act, pointing to the NDC for engaging in such wicked act through the use of Photoshop, a computer programming that has become the tool for the NDC polemicists to dissuade the attention of the hardships Ghanaians are going through. They have been consistent with this practice just after each massive demonstration against the Mahama-led administration regarding the level of ineptitude to govern the nation.

It is however sad to note that the NDC propaganda train has reached the Ashaiman Constituency, inciting the Northerners who constitute majority in the voting population to develop hatred for the NPP. It is obvious that the people of Ashaiman especially the Northerners are disappointed in the NDC and thus are going to vote against hardship and incompetence come 2016.

For this reason, the NDC is doing all that it can to bring tribal politics into the Ashaiman constituency so that they could maintain at least the votes they steal almost every general election. Therefore, the only antidote to their incompetence is to incite the people of Ashaiman.

We the members of the Northern Community Group of Ashaiman would want to assure all Northerners within the constituency that there were no such placards during the demonstration. However, one needs not to be told that the NPP party is a tribal balanced party with its current Chairman and Running mate leading the affairs of the party, as well as many other positions that is being occupied by Northerners.

We do not believe in tribal politics, and we know that the NPP is not a tribal party that is why we are members. Therefore we call on all Northerners in Ashaiman and its environs to ignore the propaganda train that seeks to divide us as people, but rather focus on the wellbeing of each Ghanaian in spite of their, race, creed, colour or language.

Thank You!


Hon. Thomas Adongo (Convener)

Northern Community Group of Ashaiman.


Columnist: Adongo, Thomas