NDC national youth palaver.. Akranti3 analysis

Thu, 4 Dec 2014 Source: Koku Anyidoho

Today, Yours In Akranti3logy, the village expert, the lover of palm wine and bushmeat has landed again writing to you from the Peoples Parliament with an objective of saying it as it is or should we say describing the size of a spade not as a biiiiig spoon but as it is.

On the 6th of December 2014, 6 Young men of equal competence i.e Ludwig Akpene Hlodze (the Incumbent National Youth Organizer), Prince Kassim (Borga flavour), Sidi Abubakari (Radicalist), Lawyer Rahman Mutiu, Gen MaGa (President of TOPY) and Paa Kwesi will be contesting or hoping to lead the Youth Front of the Akatamanso fraternity so in my capacity as a plain talker and saying without mincing words, will critically make known the opinion of majority of delegates and to guide all other aspirants who intend to give gifts to calm their enthusiasm and hold on to their COINS.

The factors of consideration to be used in this analysis includes..


There are about 275 constituencies.

The Upper West, Upper East and Northern regions would have their votes shared between Lawyer Mutiu and Sidii with the Volta Region will be cool-chopped for Ludwig. Eastern region will largely be a Ludwig pancake with Western Region being a swing between Ludwig and Sidi. as it stands now, with the TEIN advantage in the Greater Accra, Ludwig who happens to be the Incumbent has got strong bonding with them whiles the Brong Ahafo and Ashanti region which happens to be the swing regions will be the decider. Paa Kwesi, with the mere fact that his home region is Central, will remain relevant on his home soil after all, the adi wo fie oye concept will fire him up. the real question now is why Gen MaGa and Prince Kassim have decided to enter into this race when they have no constituency is for them to answer.

The challenge of Lawyer Mutiu in his home constituency, the Upper West is that the candidate he supported for the regional youth organizer-ship, Prince lost so that may affect his fortunes because his co-contestants particularly Sidi who would want to solidify his hold of the Northern zone will use the Prince-loosing as a message against Mutiu.

CANDIDATES CHARISMA. The way a man talks in politics carries weight and particularly when it is the NDC. Charisma is not only in how you talk but in accessibility to candidates.

Prince Kassim's posture is that of a pure COAT-COAT MAN. he's got those very western ideas which to the ordinary man holds no weight after all the NDC is not too krach-krachi nsem. That koraa scares delegates.

On Lawyer Mutiu, his posture is that of the normal Lawyer.. very articulate which will be his plus. He being seen as a structure man rising from branch through to constituency region, one would have thought that in following the footsteps of those before him would have gone in as a deputy at the National level to be better prepared for the substantive but well, he know what he saw.

Gen MaGa, with his banking of hope to the face book thing will end laughing at the wrong side of his mouth. National elections are larger and more intense than the face book thing.

Sidi's radical posture which is seen as ARROGANCE will bring him down particularly because the NDC, having been able to clean itself from the Violent tag CANNOT return to the DARK DAYS OF VIOLENCE. the NSS Saga is alo smelling all over him since one of his campaign messages has been that his appointment to the NSS Board was in preparation to lead the NDC Youth.

Ludwig is seen as being too diplomatic to lead the youth with his critics questioning his in-ability to be in the front line of media activities. well s an incumbent he has his strengths which all the other aspirants are admitting to. His provision of MOTOR-BIKES for all 275 Constituency Youth Organizer has boosted his chances and for Regional Youth Organizers getting Pick-Ups has raised him high above all contestants. Under Ludwigs watch, the NDC have increased her parliamentary seats, and won 2012 Elections. what more to ask??

Paa Kwesi, having lost to Ludwig in the previous election will be seeking to redeem his image.

NDC-TEIN Any of the candidates who takes hold of TEIN has won the elections already. no 2ways, the Incumbent Ludwig has MAJORITY.

He who wants to lead the NDC must have good track record. Obviously it will be very emotional on the congress grounds on the 6th December 2014 at the Youth Centre, Kumasi and as it stands now, Ludwig Hlodze who is 6th on the ballot will take the day with huge margin between the 2nd runner up.

RESOURCES. This be where the real matta go dey. MONEY. Sidii get money to share and delegates go chop from am paaa after all he promised to give out H&P Original Latops to help Youth Organizers overthrow Propaganda Secretaries in their constituencies.. Mutiu needs the Bank Of Ghana to help him out. Paa Kwesi may have harvested his cocoa money so will dole out chocolates to delegates. Price Kassim and Gen MaGa will be hoping to bank on sympathy but as the saying goes, poor man no friend. Prince Kassim is the shock.. man he's got good ideas but the Accra politicking wont help him. Ludwig has got senior men backing him after all, a man will be careful unless he wears a white Shirt and drives a White car.

To all Aspirants, know your level. DONT trust delegates. The game is over before starting.

Truth Stands.

Edem Koku Edem Deputy Youth Organizer Asunafo North Brong Ahafo 0207046079

Columnist: Koku Anyidoho