NDC propaganda machine killed President Mills

Mon, 6 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

To start with, what is the word Propaganda? Definition of propaganda is information, ideas, or rumours deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. Is it any wonder therefore that the NDC having Propaganda Secretary and Deputy Propaganda Secretary are doing a lot of harm to Ghana? Did Baba Jamal not ask NDC to tell Ghanaians if the President bought them a goat, they should say he has bought them a cow? If it is a bicycle, they should say it is a 4X4 Car.

Many tongues are wagging. People are speculating about what killed the late President Mills and who caused it. For unusual reasons, the NDC have erected iron wrought attempts to conceal exactly what killed President Mills on the early afternoon of Tuesday, 24th July 2012. For all that, we know from a sibling of President Mills, he was suffering from throat cancer diagnosed in South Africa about six years ago. Was the terminal cancer that triggered his sudden death on that fateful afternoon? Only the NDC Castle boys who hovered around him like hungry vultures with voracious appetite can tell.

However, on the question of who killed President Mills, the answer is not far fetched. The NDC as government, persons and party killed him. The old man was not well yet the NDC were pushing him to the limits of his health. They would compel him to put up bold public appearances and face even though such attempts were sapping his little energy. The party with their irresponsible propaganda secretaries, obnoxious serial callers and mediocre Deputy Ministers, were all over the place insulting Ghanaians and especially, the opposition NPP members. The President did not like that yet he could not bring himself up to sack one of them to serve a bitter lesson to those avid of power through engagement in politics of insults. He rather promoted them while running to Ministers of God to pray against politics of insults.

Those that the NDC insulted retaliated in which case President Mills always took the brunt of the reversed insults. The stress emanating from the insults worsened his ill health. As his skin was not cut to insulate him against political insults, he suffered terribly.

When he was seriously sick and needed some rest or time off presidential duties, the rogues at the Castle and within the NDC compelled him to act as though he was healthy. When he travelled to the US for medical consultation with his doctors, they forced him to lie about it. They told Ghanaians he had gone for routine medical check-up. If they had told the truth, Ghanaians would have sympathised with him and allowed him to stay much longer in the US.

As it has always been their agenda to fool Ghanaians by propaganda, they encouraged the President to cut short his consultation with his US medical Doctors. This attempt was to prove to Ghanaians he had actually gone for medical check-up but nothing else.

The President jogged at the Kotoka airport on his arrival from the US. It was all a calculated attempt to show Ghanaians he was well but actually, he was dying. The NDC upon all their absurdities or cock-up still want Ghanaians to believe it was someone else other than they that killed President Mills.

The power consciousness of the NDC knows no boundaries. They are doing whatever possible within their capability to stay in power and to retain power on 7th December 2012. They will live to regret the lies they are spewing all over Ghana. Impending circumstances will oblige them to throw up the money they are embezzling in the name of Judgment debt payments. They will account for their stewardship when the time comes which is not far off. ?? Do you agree with me that the NDC's stinking actions, inactions, and ineptitudes killed President Mills?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson