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NDC “quadruples” Ghana's economy

Sun, 12 Dec 2010 Source: Fela O Fela

NDC “quadruples” Ghana's economy to almost 50 Billion Ghana cedis

So let's look at the facts (even) as according to the (republican) Bloomberg report on Ghana as posted on Ghanaweb on December 11, 2010 :

1. The West African nation’s gross domestic product this year is expected to be 44.8 billion cedis ($30.6 billion), 75 percent bigger than previously thought, the Statistical Service said on Nov. 5, 2010,

2. the financial and capital account for the nine months had a surplus of $1.9 billion, boosted by $1.3 billion in foreign direct investment and $550 million in portfolio investments.

3. Exports grew 40 percent year-on-year to $5.9 billion, while imports grew 34 percent to $8 billion.

With my hands lifted up and heart filled with praise, I that I can say is:

Hahahahaha.....then sing my soul,

my savior God, to thee...

How great Thou art!

How great Thou art!

Much as this Bloomberg article tries to focus on the negative, or the “perception” thereof, there lies an undeniable fact that the economy of Ghana is now in good footing for the first time in a long time, and WE ARE SURELY MOVING FORWARD IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.....that the president, John Evans Atta Mills (with his hands-on approach) is working so HARD, STEERING THE ECONOMY SO WELL that it is no wonder his "palms" are turning "black-and-blue".....(NPP, how do you like that?)

So, it begs the question: if in just two short years, the NDC government can double the economy (the eco'mini' that we inherited) from the NPP's much touted $16 Billion to a WHOPPING $30 Billion, with SUBSTANTIAL GROWTH in all sector,....so, so, so....WHO NEEDS THE “AJAGUDA” NPP EVER IN POWER AGAIN?????

How so funny that the NPP claimed that the had "quadrupled" the Ghanaian economy yet NPP couldn't pay workers' salary and their housing and road projects were all put on hold even in an election year, yet the great NDC comes to power and within TWO short years, we have paid more than 80 percent of the salaries that were in arrears, engaged in MASSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, KEEPING INFLATION (price of goods and services low), STABILIZED THE NATIONAL CURRENCY AT 1.42 to the US Dollar, MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT IN AGRICULTURE hence the 40 percent increase in EXPORT,.....and last, but not least, not to mention the attraction ala "magnetization" of GLOBAL INVESTOR CONFIDENCE from far and near, where some $10 billion (STX) is waiting to be invested in the housing sector alone,....not to mention another $16 billion also waiting to be "diversifiably" invested in growth sectors ranging from agriculture industrialization, health (hospitals), locomotive transportation (trains) --need I mention the $6 billion that is to be invested in train system that connects Acca thru Kumasi thru Tamale, all the way to Paga --to the roads and highways sector ( multi-lane super highway for the eastern corridor, with a bridge over the Volta Lake). In fact, the list goes on and on and on....

NPP, anka won p3 woe'a, kaaa nae wo p33 o, ka nae wo p333???

NPP, if you don't want this'a, what else do you want anaa, what else do you want???


NPP, THIS IS NOT "VOODOO ECONOMIX", THIS IS QUALITY BRAINS/WHIZ KIDS AT WORK FOR MOTHER GHANA --WITHOUT THE attendant KUKURUDU GREED, NEPOTISM, CRONYISM, KALABULE'ISM, BUGA-BUGA'ISM, AND NYAFU-NYAFU'ISM, and oh yeah, the virulently destructive TRIBALISM/ASHANTISM (that spoiled the good reputation of all the patriotic and well-meaning Akans) all of which have come to symbolize the NPP in the minds of the good people of Ghana....

NDC...Ayeeekooooo......we can only get better and DO better for Maame Ghana !!!

Praises be to God, and May Allah remain so merciful.....

Fela O Fela....once again

Columnist: Fela O Fela