NDC’s Rejection of Lucky Mensah Serves Him Right!

Fri, 28 Aug 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As I was seriously scouring the archives of Ghanaweb for information on about two lawyers who have recently caught my attention for exhibiting outstanding professional standards devoid of the usual corruptibility, the near hallmark of Ghanaian judges, I came across a publication on Alex Mensah alias Lucky Mensah. Lucky Mensah is by all measure an undisputed Ghanaian musician renowned for his "hit" political songs.

According to the publication titled, "I am disappointed in NDC - Lucky Mensah", as appeared on Ghanaweb under her Entertainment column of Monday, 24 August 2015, he was bemoaning his rejection by NDC. He claims to have made political songs for them. The songs helped them win, especially, election 2012, he said.

If indeed his songs made for, and in favour of, the NDC, had advanced their chances of winning elections, albeit rigging, then I say, his rejection by NDC serves him right. He is an opportunist. He has the intent of making quick buck same as our current crop of corrupt politicians is doing. He has not the collective interests of Ghanaians at heart, but solely his selfish interests and agenda to pursue.

How on earth could he morally justify his support for NDC during 2012 election, knowing very well their deplorable track record; how badly they were performing, amid obvious display of incompetence, practice of selective justice and being awash in corruption that were impacting badly on Ghana and Ghanaians?

Lucky Mensah by his attitude could only be said to be walking with his stomach. Like many of his ilk, he is not a true Ghanaian nationalist but completely a selfish individual who allows his selfish interests to cloud his love for mother Ghana.

His relationship with NDC is unstable, an On and Off romance, I can say. He sings in support of their cause and then sings to castigate them depending on how he best thinks to be able to squeeze a few wads of Cedi/dollar notes from them.

What an unpredictable individual, a seemingly political prostitute. Anyone who supports NDC in their current state of being a body of "dead goat", so callous to the collective interests of Ghanaians, but corrupt to the core, does not deserve my sympathy but condemnation.

To read more about Lucky Mensah's relationship with, and rejection by, NDC, upon all his songs to advance their cause, please refer to the web link below.


Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson