NDC’s attempted bribery of Bugri Naabu

Bugri Naabu22 Former NPP Chairman, Bugri Naabu

Sat, 5 Dec 2020 Source: Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo, Esq.

In 2016, the then President Mahama of the NDC, now falsely and maliciously screaming that President Akufo Addo collected a bribe in the same year, attempted to bribe the NPP Chairman Bugri Naabu. It is true that offering gifts to citizens to coerce them to vote for any party is illegal and must be dissuaded by all means necessary, and also punished as a high crime wherever it is found.

However, this illegal action by President Mahama was unfortunately widespread and ongoing in the country during the era of the NDC, to the point where Ghanaians became immune to it. So nothing was done to President Mahama who never bothered to deny the bribery allegation The greatest tragedy in this particular scandal where the NDC hierarchy sought to bribe the NPP Chairman, Bugri Naabu, is the gargantuan nature of the fraud that this government was bent on perpetrating on the people of this country. Please consider the scale and breath of the bribery that was offered to Bugri Naabua: Two fully loaded trucks, Ghc. 500,000, juicy contract award, repayment of debt owed to him by the government........In exchange, he was to stridently denounce Nana Akufo-Addo as an anti-Northerner and tell other lies against the then presidential candidate.

The bribery attempt stunk to the highest heaven, but the conditions attached also showed the arrant criminality and inveterate wickedness of this NDC government and its total disrespect for our notable citizens.

The government conceived of the notion that our people could be easily bought and sold at will, and proceeded to milk them of the exact resources with which to buy and sell them at will. Not only that; the NDC government was mean-spirited enough to destroy the democratic dispensation altogether by a massive distribution of payola in order to rig the elections. Finally, the NDC government sold its soul to the devil for the emasculation of the country and was determined that our respectable citizens would also sell their selfhood to the devil for a piece of its crumbs.

These clear cases of criminality and high falutin chicanery were all treasonable offenses for which the NDC government needed to be impeached, for its actions revealed that bribery and corruption were its modus operandi. Please carefully compute all the massive amounts that have been wasted to the nation in this NDC criminal enterprise; and then add this wholesale bribery amounts which this NDC government dispensed to its cronies to rig the 2016 elections; and also think of the fact that what you knew then of its shenanigans was just an infinitesimal tip of the iceberg, and you will then understand where all your natural resources and oil money vanished to during the NDC era.

Thereafter, compare all that could have been built with these gargantuan amounts, and you will understand exactly why we were bankrupt as a nation. You will also understand why there were still schools under trees, open defecation, poor drainage systems, poor waste disposal systems and poor quality of our roads and electricity supply.

Your money and my money was squandered in unprecedented corruption, in unfair distribution to political cronies, in the upscale bribery of some citizens, in dubious and non-existing contract awards, in blatant payments of huge albeit fraudulent judgement debts, and on so-called slay kings to whom huge sums were paid and plush mansions gifted.......

Meanwhile, the NDC borrowed to inflate the debts of the nation, stacked up cash in international banks for its own future use, and utilized the least amounts in mediocre infrastructural development which it showcased to the people as the scant rewards of their collective sweat. The little crumbs that were left for the people by the previous NPP government were all gobbled up by the avaricious NDC government: The teacher/nurses allowance were canceled; the national health insurance scheme was collapsed; huge debts in education were left unpaid. Once again, if you consider that what we know of the ineptitude of the NDC government was just the infinitesimal tip of the iceberg, you could proceed in sound proportionate projection that the NDC government was capable of every conceivable sin: Of rape of the national treasury; of financial cannibalism of itself; of daylight bribery of its opponents; of the probable murder of those who stood in the way of its corruption, including President Atta Mills himself, and of every imaginable sinful scheme under the sun that would surely lead this country into the bottomless pit. Brothers and sisters, there couldn't have been a better person than Sheikh Hamid Mustapha to prosecute the case of the bribery offered by President Mahama to NPP Chairman Bugri Naabu.

I know this gentleman very well from the University of Cape Coast where we were both students. He speaks the truth wherever it may lead and will not mince words about wrong-doing whenever he is convinced of one. Those accusations that he is made about President Mahama.....they all held the template of verifiable truth, and this truth was recited for the purpose of justice. He did not just get up one day to imagine them. They came right from the deepest recesses of his heart concerning the machinations of the NDC government to rig the 2016 elections. And remember that President Mahama did not deny those allegations of bribery offered to Bugri Naabu.

His silence was as loud as that concerning the Airbus bribery of over five million dollars which he took. And the used Ford vehicle which he took. And so if there is any allegation of bribery at any time, who is that cap more likely to fit? Is it Akufo Addo who collected a meagre Ghc. 40,000 as campaign donation? Or John Mahama who has cut his milk teeth in gargantuan payola? And that is why despite all the cacophony of the NDC to shame the President, the outcome of these elections is clear. And the outcome is clear when you move from house to house and to every home to preach the good news of the NPP government. The outcome is clear if you keep your eyes on the ballot boxes and broadcast any cheating you see anywhere at any time.

The outcome is clear if in all true conscience, you refuse to be bribed, or if bribed, you expose the source of the bribery and refuse the conditions of any bribery even if it is masquerading as a gift. These elections will be won by the NPP and Ghanaians as a united people if we vote en masse for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP, thereby ensuring that the numbers can never lie, and that all manipulations shall be in vain.

We are now a people on a crossroad. On our left are the wasteful yesteryears of the NDC government where we could clearly see the evils of corruption: Bribery, lies, ineptitude and waste. On our right the glowing hope proffered by the NPP: A government to fulfill the dreams of all our people and to set us on the path of progress: To rebuild the dilapidated places of our hallowed nation, the sacred shrines of our values and of our future.

In front of us is a sun now shining in half mast, of the glory of God glowing half in black and half in bright. The brightness is showing clearly upon the mountains to our right. We cannot pretend to be blind. Let us go right, do right and vote right.

For indeed there are two roads in our crossroad come December 7, one to the left and one to the right; but it is a no-brainer where we are being beckoned to go. The direction is one to the right which makes all things right: Our education, health, employment, infrastructure and economy…..all will be made right and excellent by a disciplined and competent NPP government.

I therefore urge you all, my fellow Ghanaians, to vote for the NPP.

Columnist: Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo, Esq.