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NDC's love of rigging elections is very worrisome

NDC Flag Cadres The NDC flag

Wed, 10 May 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

The NDC as a political party was born out of military revolution. Therefore, they always have the adrenaline traits of violence in their blood stream, works and attitudes and think it is their inalienable right to do so.

Again, their leaders think they are born to be heads but not tails, to lead but not be led hence are continually resorting to acts that will help them attain their aims and objectives.

NDC are allegedly on record to be election riggers considering some information that emerge from their own camp.

Assuming without admitting that Rawlings Nana Agyemang Konadu was lying when she said the NDC have never genuinely won any elections in Ghana.

What do you make of that since she was part of the core architects of the founding of the NDC, being the wife of the main founder of the party, the late President Flt Lt. J. J. Rawlings?

Is it not said when an alligator emerges from underwater to inform you of the death of mother crocodile you don't dispute him since he lives with her in the water?

Why do NDC often say during elections when they are in power, "we have already won the election but it is just for formality sake that we are going to the polls"?

Why do they say that and in most cases the results turn out as they say?

Why was then president John Dramani Mahama doing Usain Bolt on his campaign platforms and tours, saying he had won the 2016 election already only to have the shock of his life when the actual results came out differently after the election?

Why are the NDC always resorting to evil means to win general elections as in Samuel Ofosu Ampofo coaching some NDC members to resort to criminal tactics as were captured on a secretly recorded audio to win election 2020?

The narration of their deplorable attitudes toward winning elections can go on and on until l run out of energy and interest so l will end here but not without saying one thing.

Why has team Duffour, the most intelligent and credible among the three NDC contestants for their 2024 flag bearer-cum-presidential-candidate position filed an interlocutory injunction with the court seeking to delay the NDC presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for Saturday, 13 May 2023?

Is the sought for injunction not all about stopping NDC from trying to rig their scheduled internal elections?

Rigging elections to the NDC is like breathing. They can't do away with it similarly as living human beings cannot do away with breathing.

'Oyiwa', thus, there you go. NDC are once again exposed for their love of irregularities and inaccuracies to winning elections. Shame on them.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo