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NDC should not associate themselves with this maritime victory

The maritime boundary dispute between Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire was settled on September 23, 2017 and fortunately, the verdict went in favour of Ghana.

While many Ghanaians are showering praises on the Ghana government, especially the President for giving us a very competent Attorney-General, Gloria Akuffo, whose efforts won us this victory, the NDC is trying to associate themselves with the good news. This has been their stock in trade and a press conference to that effect has been issued.

When good news comes, they quickly spread the propaganda that they were the originators. They did same with the National Health Insurance Scheme, fCUBE, and recently the free SHS policy which was introduced by the NPP government. However, let a problem emerge and listen to the garbage they would pour out. It is based on this premise that I have never understood the NDC and will never understand them.

Just a few days ago, these NDC fanatics who have lost their founder, Jerry Rawlings by confining him to a cage as a barking dog, were all over Ghana disturbing us about the Founders' Day. These bunch of jokers said only one person in the name of Nkrumah founded Ghana and that, under no circumstance did two or more people found Ghana.

We, the reasonable majority, argued that it was incorrect to refer to only Nkrumah as the founder of Ghana because there were other people who played meaningful roles even better than Kwame Nkrumah.

Asiedu Nketia swore that, Ghana could be cursed if Founders' Day is instituted on August 4, forgetting that, curses never came when Nkrumah's head was put on a new GHC2 note and a day set aside for him as a public holiday.

Today, Gloria Akuffo, on behalf of Ghana, has defeated La Cote D'Ivoire on the maritime boundary case and listen to what these same NDC folks are saying. They want us to share the glory with them because to them, one Marietta Brew, a former Attorney-General was part of the legal team.

My question is: since when did any of the NDC guys realise that it takes a team to achieve something good for Ghana? Would they eat humble pie and say it took Nkrumah, JB Danquah and other heroes to win independence for Ghana?

For those of us in the NPP, we cannot mix competence with incompetence. This is because Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong never won any case for the state as Attorney-General during the NDC's time.

How many corrupt officials did she prosecute, if I may ask? Did Woyome not walk free? Were Afriyie Ankrah, Abuga Pele, Opuni, etc not walking free during her time?

From the records, the last time the NDC won a case was when Atuguba was presiding over it so it beats my imagination as to how they still want to be part of this great feat.

Looking at the circumstances under which the Nyinahin Bauxite was given to Mahama's brother, Ibrahim, it would not have been a surprise to see the NDC collect bribe from Cote D'Ivoire to lose the case, if they had been in power.

They were wishing for Ghana to lose the case so that they could blame the hardworking president just as they did to him when the Black Stars drew with Congo at the World cup qualifier in Kumasi recently. But, God is not a Nigerian and enemies are not God.

Fellow Ghanaians, the NPP government under HE, Nana Addo has made history today. We are therefore not going to share this glory with anybody, especially the NDC. We discovered oil; we have protected it, and we are going to use the revenue to fund free SHS to secure the future of our kids.


Columnist: Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang
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