NDC should stop its Foolishness on ROPAL

ROPAB Demo 14.02.06

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

It is unconstitutional for the opposition party to state in public that they will not allow the electoral commission to implement the people’s amendment bill.

This statement was made by the impudent former Deputy Minister of Defense the so called Dr. Tony Aidoo who assertion lacks even an iota commonsense. This imbecile went on to say “The NDC can assure the electoral commission that the party will not accept the result of the elections in 2008 if Ropal is implemented”.

I promise the NDC Including that ballone Dr. Tony Adoo that Ghanaians outside the country will never be disenfranchised because of the NDC’s stupidity.

Tony Adoo who has become the beggar for the NDC party could not even pay his bills from his Boys quarter’s House that he lives in with his family. Such a useless person should not be taken seriously when he talks. Jerry John Rawlings the multibillionaire who has now employed him and paid him. He is doing what his boss wanted him to do; he is an NDC political underclass, who has become a beggar. We Ghanaians have every confidence in the rule of law that once the laws were amended into our constitution in 1992, and have been passed into law by our legislators we have the green light to vote for better or worse. The NDC members should realize that we Ghanaians abroad are not paranoid; we will not allow ourselves to be harassed by their violent party. On behalf of all Ghanaians I will organize a legal team and also finance the law suits against the E.C. Those who think the NDC Party have constitutional obligation to deny the citizens of Ghana their right to vote should wait and see including the underclass Tony Aidoo. The NDC should acknowledge that laws that have been implemented by the country are important not to play politics on with something that will eliminate people’s constitutional right.

I also have a strong message for the entire NDC party members that their history of violence, corruption and their founder murderous past history is still in the minds of Ghanaians .As a result of this they should rather deal with issues that the media will see them as peace makers that will save their best interest. If John Evens Atta Mills lost the elections again nobody including the party founder should blame him. Mills have the audacity to support the events of June 4th uprising against innocent people, for calling on Ghanaians to learn from it. My question is what does he want people to learn from it? How to murder people? Ghanaians are not people to play dirty politics with; the nation is a Christian country. Harassment and intimidation will never stop them to vote out NDC. In addition, Tony Adoo’s speeches were negative and harsh in language use against Ghanaians abroad. We are not going to put up with this nonsense from the NDC party, period. This NDC party member has stood against a bill that was orchestrated by them during their time in office are now calling it waste. Why and where all this nonsense is coming from? For them to criticize the current administration policy implement Ropal is total nonsense. These NDC members think due to their 20 years of corruption in power that has made most of their underclass now affluent, believes the nation belongs to them. They should wait and see what is coming against the implementation of the Ropal, if the current administration fails to implements it.
From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi