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NDC shouldn't be allowed to continually cow Ghanaians

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Wed, 4 Mar 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Why do general election years and days in Ghana in particular, and continental Africa in general, always become so scary? One will see and hear all sorts of scary prophecies coming from our numerous God-ordained and probably self-ordained prophets, pastors and evangelists. Both the Christian and Muslim leaders will be praying hard and issuing words of caution and admonition to the public to avoid violence but to ensure that peace and tranquillity reign supreme in the election year and day.

Why is it only in Ghana and Africa that election becomes a scary monster but not in the civilised Whiteman’s countries? Does this not go to explain our minuscule level of intelligence and understanding of democratic elections as compared to their huge understanding of the intricacies of general elections?

In the United Kingdom for example, like her other civilised sister Western countries, general election years and days go by as if unnoticed. People go by their normal daily activities, no huge public rallies and campaigns as are done in Africa that result in animosities, violence and murders. On the Election Day, people go to work but find time convenient to them as individuals to go and cast their vote for their preferred candidate and party. Why is it so rather different in Ghana and almost every African country, if we were not behaving far worse than the animals in the jungle, sorry to say.

Even in the wild, the animals have respect for themselves within their group and do not harm their group fellows or kind unlike it is always done among Ghanaians at election years.

We have the NDC constantly been issuing death and violence threats to the nation if things were not done their way. They plan to kill, kidnap, and insult as well as burn public places all with intent to achieving their objective of winning general elections.

Why should we sit down to be constantly cowed by the NDC, a people and political party that believe in violence as the way forward for achieving their objectives all of the time?

Why can't we stand up to them for once to put them to their rightful place, where they will feel and see that audacity is not unique to them alone, but belongs to all.

Is it not said, "If you chase the coward you risk having to realise and contend with his boldness?” For how long are we going to sit down on our backside as a nation of bunch of cowards to be permanently bullied by the NDC, the macho men and women without comparison in the country?

If we muster courage to stand up to them, with the law dealing mercilessly with any political activist from any party, the bushman-like bravado going on in our body politics to threaten the peace and safety of the people and country will cease forthrightly.

The only thing a rogue understands to change their life for the better is to crack the whip of the law on their back without pity. As a herd of cows is whip into line, so should it be with lawless political activists.

Don't be scared to deal drastically with anyone that threatens the peace of the country and the lives of the people because of politics. Spare the rod and you spoil the child.

The country does not belong to only the NDC so they should not be continually permitted to put fear into the people for us to retreat in the face of their threats to pave way for them to do whatever they want and to achieve their preposterously criminal, selfish, greedy, and uncivilized objectives.

NDC, here I come to remove your venomous fangs from your mouth to render you harmless but more human. There will be more fire coming from me to change the backward, inward-looking, and the deceptively machismo attitudes of the NDC for good.

Enough is enough with their bestiality!

I dedicate this publication to all sensible Ghanaians worldwide and my fans, especially Mr Francis Ahiafor.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo