NDC strong and reducing

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I am especially elated at the fact that my laugh is certainly guaranteed by the never-ending farce that NDC sponsored events turn out to be. Baboonism is best described as the act of folly that draws unsavory description, insalubrious slur, and resonating nothingness aptly styled for a party of goons that can hardly be described as sensible. But why not when in an attempt to demonstrate over nothing, the evil machinations of this charlatan NDC party are exposed.

On Friday, 17/06/2017, when the most loved politician in Africa, His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, visited London before returning to Ghana from an eventful trip abroad, people were called by the NDC to congregate in a formation of mass demonstration. Some sensible ones refused to be associated with this day of shame. A few members in the UK, 8 STRONG, though, (????????????) converged at a location, shouting some gibberish that the local British Newspapers did not find worthy to publish. In a puerile attempt to cover up the disaster that this demo turned out to be, some white ladies were called in to join, holding placards for the degassed fools who had no message to repeat. Worst of all, they paid each woman 50 Pounds Sterling to join the tomfoolery, according to sources from the Queen’s land.

NDC, all of a sudden seems to have gotten a British identity. I am beginning to wonder if this party of thieves, mobsters, and war mongers, has given up its Ghanaian identity for the colonial master’s. I’d say good riddance, then! I am surprised the NDC is demanding of the NPP administration of President Akufo-Addo to fix within six months what John Mahama and his vagabonds destroyed in eight years. It is such a disgrace that they would even muster the courage to sputter a word when shame has riddled them from head to toe. After all, is it not a fact that the nation was held ransom by a few draconian politicians who sold almost the whole country to family and friends for pittance?

It is mind-boggling to note that Dr Opuni, the former CEO of Cocobod under the shamed administration of John Mahama, built a mansion worth over $100,000 USD (one hundred thousand US Dollars) to serve as a tomb for his mother. Yet, during his era, cocoa farmers were suffering, barely scathing by. Their children could not receive the basic right to education because of extreme poverty that had beleaguered them due to the unprincipled management of the sector.

Yesterday, there was news that one week prior to handing over the administration to the NPP, Ghana Bauxite Company was stripped naked by a stinking act of corruption and thievery in which 56% of its shares were sold to Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the failed former President. I remember being called to a meeting by one D. Amankwah at Fiesta Royal Hotel to water down my zeal to expose Ibrahim Mahama. He told me that chasing and nailing Ibrahim Mahama was in bad taste. He further claimed that Ibrahim was his trainee wanting to take credit for the former’s affluence narrating a cock and bull story about how he personally brought him down to Ghana from the UK. I mentioned that that was one disservice he did to the nation, bringing such a character to come and leech on the blood of the nation.

Today, I am vindicated by the numerous scandals that Ibrahim Mahama, John Mahama, and the NDC highway robbers were involved in. I am more encouraged by the fact that our work was never in vain. But let me sound this clarion warning: “All those involved in protecting the thieves of the NDC will end up burning their butts!”

So I am just wondering why such an embarrassing group of pathetic sociopaths would not keep quiet. It is normal that when honorable people fail, they bow out and lay low to escape shame. So how would you call people who embarrass themselves and burr loudly in addition, like the NDC members. A friend suggested that we call them IDIOTS! I think he is right!

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi