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NDC=violence+propaganda+tribalism+nepotism-patriotism ....

Wed, 13 Nov 2013 Source: Kwarteng, Amaning

= corruption, 2nd class upper division

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a party formed by the Scottish, Ghanaians and other nationals. In short, it is a party that derives its strength from the aliens surrounding the four corners of Ghana when its election time. The indigenes are predominantly Ewes, Northerners, Gas etc. The others are Nigerians, Nigereens and Malians. These aliens have been brainwashed to secure all Ghanaian identity cards to perpetually vote for them as long as NDC existed as a corporate entity. Failure to vote for them meant they wanted the NPP to come to power to get them deported. So, all along, in order that they might not be deported, they ensured they continued to vote for this violent party to power for them to exercise their arrogance and quench their blood-thirstiness. Most of them truly believed this fallacy and falsehood and have ever since voted for them en masse. The author dares them (NDC) to pick an Akan candidate as their flag-bearer as they have always blackmailed their arch-rivals, the NPP as a tribal party that draws its strength from Ashanti. Whereas the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a truly Ghanaian party with its members and roots drawn from all over the length and breadth of this country, the NDC has always fallen short of this national requirement. Instead of always purging themselves of this stigma and canker; and allowing the NPP to have their peace, have always turned round to peddle falsehood and lies about NPP to the effect that the shallow minds in Ghana too who have nothing at stake or lose anything, buy this idea of wicked propaganda and treachery. It is high time the NPP capitalized on this deceit to drum home to all and sundry that starting from their leader and founder, Mr. Jerry Rawlings, almost everybody who matters in the NDC either has one leg in Ghana and the umbilical cord from somewhere. No full-blooded Ghanaian can be singled out from within or without the NDC leadership. The NDC thrives more on corruption than anything else. Revamping the economy to bring back smiles on the faces of all is nothing of interest to them and cannot be found in their dictionary. Some of the corruption avenues include the sale of public asset like the Merchant Bank being discussed by Cabinet. Others include judgment debts from African Automobile, Isofoton, Waterville, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the Embraer aircraft purchase, STX Korea Housing Deal/Sovereign Guarantee and their teeth in the Mabey & Johnson hot pie. The last but not the least recently was the “Broni Waawu” uniform imported with the tax-payers money for the Fire Service personnel. No party can beat them to the second position.


As for the Akans, everybody knows they are true Ghanaians; but for the rest, only God knows! When the British first arrived in the Gold Coast and started with their series of wars, who did they fight? Did they start fighting the Northerners or the Ewes or Nzemas? Were they not fighting the Akans who, predominantly were Asantes? If not but for the periodic resistance and stiff military opposition from the Asantes, will the British not have found themselves here in Ghana in their millions till today like their kith and kin in South Africa? Nobody should make that mistake! If the Asantes were interested in almost everything like the bread and butter, the hot drinks and cheap merchandise that were heaped on some of our compatriots to have a leeway and freehold in Ghana (then Gold Coast), would the British not have taken completely, everything that belonged to us including our beautiful women who lived along the coastal belt? Did the British fight any other people other than the Asantes? Did any other venture to fight the British the same way that the Asantes fought ceaselessly to lose hundreds of thousands of gallant warriors to deserve the “Kum apem a, apem beba” accolade – if you kill a thousand men, a thousand more warriors will surface to face any number of the advancing British skilful soldiers no matter the rate of casualties and the very sophisticated weapons they wielded at the time? Did the others not lend their military support to fight the might of the Asantes for the bread and butter, foreign drinks and wax prints that they had never seen before and cherished as idols? Did some of them not divulge the military tactics of the Asantes to the British for pittance? They should give us a break to forestall the normal co-existence as before!


Meanwhile, the following list is a composition of the membership of the so-called Akan NPP hierarchy – Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, Chairman, who has a British mother and a Ghanaian father (Ga); Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, the running mate to the NPP flag-bearer in the controversial 2012 election petition hearing whose 8-month marathon trial and verdict has revealed that the Ghanaian judiciary, coincidentally, has so much cobweb and many corrupted skeletons in their cupboard than any individual organization in the country. Mr. Perry Okudzeto, an Ewe, is also the incumbent Communications Director of the NPP. Also worth mentioning are C.K. Tedam, the late Aliu Mahama, former Vice President, the 2nd National Vice Chairman and Allhaji Moctar Bamba, National Organizer, Esther Ofori, Treasurer (Ewe). Until lately, Abayifa Karbo, was the National Youth Organizer; so also is Moustapha Hamid, the spokesperson for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo. The NPP traces its origin, roots and strength from the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition with kingpins like the late Jatoe Kaleo, B.K. Adama, Roland Alhassan, Tolon Na and S.G. Antor. The author dares any NDC propagandist or communication expert to come to bare his/her chest out and challenge, refute, dispute or prove that the few within-named NPP stalwarts are not Akans. If they are not Akans, then it means that, whatever they have gone round the globe with a bowl in hand like a beggar for alms to peddle the misinformation about the fact that the NPP was an all-round Akan party, were all the time, indeed, falsehood that did not have any atom of truth but to gain cheap political popularity in and outside the country. It is however a known fact and an axiom that there are some people in Ghana that whenever the going became too tough to handle or to borrow arrogant Nunoo Mensah’s childish theory; “ if the kitchen is too hot” and could not contain the heat themselves; instead of sneaking out of same, decided to arrange for dual citizenship. In many cases, they were not Ghanaians but rather, nationals from our eastern neighbourhood. In other cases, whenever the situation became very rosy, then they were genuine Ghanaians and even competed with the indigenes to obtain all the Ghanaian identity cards to claim Ghanaian citizenship so as to enjoy the otherwise fringe benefits of Ghanaians. Do we not know such people in this country? Enough is enough. It is alleged that the Fiifi Kweteys and the Soroghos are half-bred Togolese and full-blooded Burkinabes respectively as MPs in the Ghanaian Parliament. If Baba Jamal were an indigenous Ghanaian, will he have had the guts to declare the Holy Jihad sometime ago at Akwatia to see Ghana burn? Did he not try to do everything within his power by fair or foul means to become an MP at all cost and by all means; but which he lost? If the NDC was truly a socialist Ghanaian party, will they unleash so much burden on Ghanaians to compound their woes? Mr. President, your acquiescence to the PURC proposal to stall the periodic upward adjustment of utility tariffs for three years for purposes of electoral victory has cost you so much that it is too late to bail them out. Whether you cause it to be reduced or not, does not hold water now.


Ghanaians and the world are the living witnesses of the dastard incidents that characterized the events of the 6 polling station elections that took place at Akwatia that Paul Tawia Quaye’s policemen became self-imposed or self-inflicted Egyptian mummies in and around Akwatia. If the NDC were truly a socialist party, will they not have given enough breathing space to Ghanaians instead of harsh, unrealistic and insensitive governance unleashed on the Ghanaian populace – astronomical fuel prices, sky-rocketing utility tariffs etc? How about the Ade Cokers as the regional chair of the NDC whereas there are many indigenous Ghanaians who will not be given the chance? And the Harry Sawyerrs who are either Nigerians or Sierra Leoneans as members of the Council of State; the last but the not least, the ‘big’ man himself whose paternal parentage roots from Scotland. How many Ghanaians who have not naturalized can find themselves in other countries as MPs to enjoy the freebies of those countries? Is it not only in Ghana that this novelty can be found, tolerated and allowed to go on unpunished? If Ghanaians, hospitable as we are, allow aliens to come and co-exist with us, does it mean that they should take our leniency to be our weakness and bully us in our own backyard? It is very strange that they (NDC) rather call the Akan party that does not have the other tribal composition in our midst. The NDC stronghold from the western borders draws its strength from la Cote d’Ivoire. To the northeastern/western borders, they draw their strength from both Burkina and Togo. So in a nutshell, there is virtually, nobody who claims to be an NDC who does not have his/her roots from these surrounding neighbouring states. In summary, instead of the NDC accepting the fact that they are an aliens party, rather turn round to accuse their bitterest political enemy as an Akan party and by inference, an ‘Asante’ party so that the rest of Ghana will vent their spleen on them to lose many privileges that may come their way. Take a critical look at the background of the personalities in the NDC: almost anybody or decent person who clearly aligns himself with this party does so with the intent of amassing wealth or property and quit politics. Those who, for the purposes of continuity or otherwise, do so because they are either bastards or infidels who have nothing to lose if Ghana should burn because, it will be preposterous to see an NDC government concerned with infrastructural development. Theirs is to create avenues to loot and share the coffers from the national kitty.


Alban Summaila Kingsford Bagbin rightly stated, the Mahama government is only bent on creating, looting and sharing without much ado. To arrange to see him at the seat of government has become an uphill task. Former President Rawlings is in comatose condition because he is no more recognized as someone worth mentioning; while Tony Aidoo, the talkative and foul-mouthed former Evaluation and Monitoring Strategist of the Mills Administration, still cries wolf where there was no sign of wolf from anywhere. He has no office with a schedule (officer without portfolio) and this has seriously affected him to somersault to break limbs. He has lost his dancing shoes. That is why he should not have arrogated power unto himself during the Mills era. But he never heeded advice. Mr. Rawlings, as one would expect, has not stopped at nothing but been shouting hoarse from the rooftops in the Volta Region at a Hogbetsotso festival - all to drum home to Mahama that he should purge his government of corruption involving the greedy bastards and evil dwarfs and the shark-like vampires from within otherwise, if not but for the dislike of military revolution Ghanaians vehemently abhorred, his government could have been the eventual victim of such an unholy incident. Nana Konadu too has suddenly recoiled into her shell to avoid or escape recognition. The least talked about A.S.K. Bagbin the much breath we would save ourselves because since Martin A.B.K. Amidu started some couple of years ago and many people thought he was day-dreaming, now is his decision time to add his voice to the many voiceless to prove that enough is really enough. According to Alban Bagbin, he finds it more difficult to reach Prez. Mahama at the Jubilee House, than to drill a borehole in a rocky mountain with the human fingers or fetch water with a sieve. He is astonished and puzzled as to whether one has to now pay bribe as a “wiseman” before he was allowed entry to the Jubilee House to seek audience with the president. The GYEDA Report, we understand, is cooling off in some unidentified steel cabinet at the Jubilee House without notice; because, he is alleged to be deeply embroiled in the corruption. The judgment debts refund from Isofoton, CP, Amarjaro, African Automobile, Alfred Agbesi Woyome and others have not been pursued. They have become stillborn and nightmare. One wonders why Barton Odro, a principal architect and beneficiary of the Woyomegate scandal, has been appointed as the 1st Deputy Speaker of Parliament and “who dare you” Betty Mould allowed to go scot free. Is it because the presidency has wined and dined with the unjustified beneficiaries or swam and sunk with them? Does the government recognize the vulnerable situation of the tens of thousands of “kayayee” mainly from the North moaning and yawning for decent living conditions? Trust my word, just as Alhaji Bature Iddrisu of the El Hajj newspaper fame prophesied recently, if the Mahama Administration does not take cognizance of the serious events ongoing in the party as well as prudent system of governance, the NDC might be overtaken by some unexpected catastrophe. The leadership has lost focus to sit down unconcerned like the days of Prez. Limann. They behave as if hypnotized by some voodoo. The series of events are reminiscent of the last days of former president Limann when the Chiavelli loan became the Xmas toast for the PNP leadership to toy with until the “Obroni” jumped onto the scene. If I were JDM, I would rather decide to abdicate to save face and dignity by setting record and get out of the kitchen because it is too hot to remain there as was recently pronounced by his security capo who, like a hungry toothless bulldog, who realizes that food is ready, intentionally barked for recognition. If he decides to remain to have the guts to tell his adversaries to remain calm till 2016, because that was just next door for him to cause the unprecedented mess and leave peacefully, it will be too late for him to end up like the former Romanian president whose life after his tenure, ended very disastrously.


Is the Ghanaian version of Victoria Hammah’s conversation and advice to colleague Rachael Appoh of the Gender and Social Protection ministry likened to Watergate, Atugugate or Victoriagate scandal? Just as the dust was gradually settling after the nauseating achievement of the five judges for their infamous judgment on August 29, 2013, another bombshell has been detonated. This time round, it was by a juvenile minister in the Mahama-led government. Being dissatisfied with the trend of events raging on, Vicky was quick at engaging in a conversation which, to her surprise, has been captured on tape. Not until she came out to deny or confirm the authenticity of the voice, Ghanaians will take it that it is her voice. The junior minister of Communications, Ms Victoria Hammah, who has become a heroine, was admonishing a colleague deputy minister whose strained relations with her sector minister were a matter of concern. The news is that she has been fired; but whether she gets fired instantly or not, “THE CAT IS ALREADY OUT OF THE BAG”. The truth at the tip of the iceberg is broken; the whole truth, nothing but the truth, will certainly come out in no time. How come that the U.S. with a population of nearly 400 million has just 40 secretaries (ministers) whereas Ghana’s 24 million people have a government of 96 ministers and deputies? Are we serious and sane as a people; or it is a matter of job for the boys and girls? The long and short of this wonderful and mysterious tape is that; prior to that day of judgment, it was alleged that the sector minister of Gender and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, was specifically singled out and mentioned on the tape as one powerful woman with her apron strings tied to the Rawlingses and Mahamas, who approached some of the judges to influence the judgment. Was it hatred or jealousy that out of the 24 million Ghanaians, she became the only victim? There is no rumour in Ghana without an atom of truth. If she dare deny/refute her approach to soften the grounds, the interested heathens in Ghana should further consult the Antoa shrine with copy of the tape for redress. Does she know it was judgment of the century and more so to consolidate her position? After critically listening to the Vickyleaks source from an Accra FM radio station, if this is true, as many critics observe, the author will plead and urge the leadership of the Supreme Court, Her Ladyship, Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, to come clean and apologize to the whole Nation for the mishap to calm nerves.


Now that the cat is out of the bag, there is the possibility that Madam would not heed the advice of the petitioners. But, nevertheless, failure to do so will mean she was also in agreement with this illegality since it was the intention of the so-called quintuplet judges to ensure they did everything within their ambit and power to endorse/legalize an illegality without recourse to reasoning, credibility and common sense. What is Madam’s stake on that? As a matter of fact, will she therefore support the eminent Petitioners to decide to let this case – Writ No.J.1/6/ 2013 transcend the borders of Ghana to say, International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands, for an impartial investigation to the bottom of it with the latest tape recorded voice as principal exhibit? The aftermath of electoral feuds in Africa has always been a drain on the western world and the UN; so Madam should not let the sleeping dogs lie without any positive action. You should not decline as you hold a unique position. Your tenure will go down in the annals of Ghana’s history as the first and luckiest African female to occupy that chair; but, if you gloss over it, will become the worst ever CJ whose tenure witnessed the unprecedented corrupted judgment to cause the skeletal remains of your predecessors, the Arku Korsahs, the Charles Quists and the F.K. Apaloos to shake in their graves. If you must act, you should act decisively and very fast too, otherwise, failure to set a special enquiry into this damnable and ignominious case will compel this case to travel beyond Ghana’s borders to tarnish your image. No sane person in Ghana can dispute the fact that the political atmosphere, notwithstanding, is like a volcanic eruption about to devastate its thousands like the Indonesian tsunami or the Hurricane Katrina of the U.S.A. Please do your utmost to avoid any unpleasantness. The judiciary of Maldives and a couple of others have been bold to do similar reversals of power to the rightful winners of polls. TRY TO SAVE YOUR REPUTATION, DIGNITY AND WOMANHOOD. TRY TO MAINTAIN YOUR STATUS QUO. THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE TO EFFECT THAT NECESSARY CHANGE. FAILURE TO ACT NOW OR NEVER, WILL IMPLICATE YOU, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. Interestingly, it is alleged that while Mr. Justice William Atuguba was uncharacteristically shouting hoarse from the rooftops of the Accra SC to chastise politicians generally, including the poor village boy from Binduri, before the judgment, he himself had earlier acquired for his American visa and obtained an air travel ticket to leave the shores of Ghana that same night for fear that Ghana might burn like Kenya to leave Madam Georgina and the rest of Ghanaians in limbo. Why the double-standard, Willie? Kenya’s previous post-election disputes left in its wake some 600,000 dead and countless number maimed. Kudos to Justices Anin-Yeboah, Ansah, Dotse and Owusu (Ms). Ghana and the entire world are proud of you. We doff our hat for your moral turpitude and uprightness, truth, honesty and service to humanity. You will forever be remembered till the end of time with your names printed in GOLD and in italics.



Fellow Ghanaians and compatriots, the author wants to sound a word of caution that Mr. John Mahama’s inability to handle the state of affairs of Ghana and administer Ghana was not his making because the five (5) SC judges who, without the fear of the Lord and morality, ignored truth, and the issues for trial. They deceitfully mustered courage to win the marathon case of the century to impose him on us as president of Ghana. First and foremost, their 7-minutes verdict carved out from, and incorporated in the 533-page document, lacked REASONING, CREDIBILITY and COMMON SENSE. And by their illogical and “bogus” action and without mincing words, their inordinate ambition will forever stigmatize their names and immortalize same in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the Ghanaian quintuplet judges whose bias and unmeritorious verdict on that black Thursday, August 29, 2013, became the centre of controversy and beyond comprehension. It is a serious indictment on the judiciary and will forever cast a big slur on their integrity by international community. The white apparel robed by the presidency was an ample testimony of the awaited corrupted verdict – thanks to Nana Oye Lithur’s alleged influence. The judges have totally and sadly ruined their hard earned reputation/career accumulated over the years. Not many SC judges will command respect henceforth as one bad nut spoils thirty. Their dignity and integrity have been eroded. Their social standings have been dented while their professional image and intellectual pedigree have been dragged to the gutters in exchange for pittance. If care is not taken, any in-coming government after John’s exit will push for a national referendum to amend the constitution to arraign him and his appointees to face the tune and the full rigours of the law based on the unprecedented corruption charges. WHY SHOULD GHANA PLACE 3RDPOSITION IN CORRUPTION UNDER HIS TUTELAGE? IT IS VERY SHAMEFUL/DISGRACEFULTO OUR JUDICIARY WHOSE INTERNATIONAL PROWESS WAS HITHERTO HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM, BUT HAS NOW BEEN RELEGATED TO THE BACKGROUND ON ALLEGED INFLUENCE TO MAR THEIR RESPECTABILITY. THE CONTRIBUTORY FACTOR TO SCORE HIGHER PERCENTAGE TO BEAT SISTER STATE NIGERIA WAS BECAUSE OF THE CORRUPTED VERDICT BY THE S.C. QUINTUPLETS. It is hoped that not many Ghanaians remember the plight of former president Nikolae CEAUSESCU of Romania. His presidency between 1961 and 1989 was akin to what obtains here in Ghana. Unlike former President Pinochet of Peru, he was arraigned before the courts long after he had entirely forgotten himself about the atrocities committed against his own compatriots and humanity. The governance was so poor, but very wicked and abysmal that not quite long after his exit from office, his people decided to exterminate him and wipe out his household to forget about the family name. One wonders whether a similar situation could not easily happen in Zimbabwe or elsewhere for wrongful supervision of a country resulting from greed and carelessly dissipating the resources that could have benefitted all for a long time. The TUC leadership and workers’ front should not budge any special package offered by the government at Peduase Lodge or the Jubilee House. It is too late to acquiesce to the PURC’s ineptitude.


Please turn with the author to the Book of Hosea, Chapter 4:1-3 and liken same to the Ghana scenario: God’s Charge Against Israel from the NKJV -

“Hear the word of the Lord, You children of Israel, For the Lord brings a charge against the inhabitants of the land: “There is no truth or mercy Or knowledge of God in the land. 2 By swearing and lying (all judges swear an oath with the Bible before administering justice to signify that justice will be effected, but some Ghanaian judges decided to lie and pervert justice), Killing and stealing and committing adultery, They break all restraint, With bloodshed after bloodshed (the unprecedented carnage on our highways, the unthinkable armed robberies and the irresistible spate of voluntary suicides). 3 Therefore the land will mourn (both rich and poor in desperation due to incompetence and mismanagement of the economy and the unrealistic PURC tariffs); And everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will be taken away – (can Ghanaians ever revisit the bumper fish harvest of 1972 during the Acheampong era? . . . . . 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge – (one time premium re NHIS – how many Ghanaians can afford the Gh¢600.00)? Because you have rejected knowledge (unprecedented educational malaise because of NDC election manifesto – 800,000 JHS/SHS/Polytechnic pupils/students have become drop-outs from 2009 -2013 due to lack of vision, foresight, planning and management of this expected figure), I also will reject you from being priest (president of Ghana) for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God (thou shall not steal –“ the stolen verdict”), I also will forget your children (Ghanaians’ hopelessness and helplessness situation due to God’s rejection as a country richly endowed with unmatched natural and human resources”.


Columnist: Kwarteng, Amaning