NDC, we lived in the State of Nature

Wed, 21 Feb 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary members presently have the audacity to cry foul for their financial wrongdoing against our State. These individuals who walked out of Parliament to protest against the interpretation of the language used in our constitution should be voted out of office in 2008 elections. Ghanaians are fed-up with their intimidation and inciting violence across the country regarding to their positions

Ladies and Gentlemen, in essence these members of the National Democratic Congress took actions against the interpretation of the language of our constitution which was an insult to our nation and those who put them in their current positions. These individuals should realize that we live in the state of nature, where we all should abide by the laws that has been entrenched in our constitution. These laws are there to govern the nation against unethical issues and criminal activities of its citizens.

The NDC Member of Parliament from Keta Dan Abodakpi, the former Deputy Minister of Trade and the former Deputy Finance Minister Victor Selormay, were criminals. If you look at the contents of the prosecutor’s case against them, these individuals produced fake letter heads on documents they acquired from United States for their transactions. The fact that these NDC parliamentarians’ do not see themselves as public servants, who think they are above the laws of our land, have sent a clear message that they think they are above reproach. Ladies and gentlemen, they are nothing; they are just servants from their various constituencies. The point is if a person lives a clean life he or she does not fear to go to “Heaven”. This implies that these MPs are criminals who are doing something wrong against the State. The minority leader of NDC A.S.K Bagbin is calling for the dismissal of section 179(a) (3) of the criminal code (act 30) that protect the common people’s interest on ethical issues against parliamentarians. This also signifies that these individuals are not representing the interest of those who put them in their current position, but are securing their own selfish interest. The statement from the Assin North, NPP MP Kennedy Agyapong who calls the conviction of the MP for Keta, Dan Abodakpi to be free is totally nonsense. This individual is also a legislator who should realize that he is not above the laws of the country. Agyapong should understand that if he used his position to commit any unethical deeds there are consequences. As a spokes person for the common people in Ghana, I will use my skills and my own resources to put him behind bars. These individuals should not represent any constituency in the country.

The NDC founder John Jerry Rawlings and his party Minority leader Bagbin think we live in the law of nature where people do commit crimes and get way with it Rawlings has to acknowledge that if a person commits financial losses to a state, they just don’t executed him without the due process of law. Such individuals have a right to defend themselves until proven guilty in the court of law. The nation now has the best attorney general, Joe Garthy, who was able to instruct his Judges to interpret the language of our constitution and prosecutes Dan Abodapi for his criminal misconduct and who think he was above the law. The criminal activities orchestrated by these two individuals, Dan Abodakpi and Victor Selormay, prove a point that the former Finance Minister Kwame Peprah was just a ceremonial figure in the finance ministry during NDC regime. Victor Selormay was the one calling all the shots and the finance minister was his sideline accomplice because of tribal conflict of interest from Jerry Rawling’s administration. The irony is that some members of NDC are saying they are not against the law, but how it was interpreted. They lie, and they are all against this law. I urge all Ghanaians to keep their eyes open if the members of NDC try to fight and change these laws. We all will take draconian measures against them.

From; Nana Kofi Amanwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi