NDC will struggle proper with this case

Sat, 27 Apr 2013 Source: Yawose, John

The Supreme Court has wisely simplified the gargantuan issues involved in the ongoing NPP triumvirate Presidential election challenge into the issue of whether there were violations of the stipulations in the last December election processes and if so whether the violations involved numbers which would have material effect on the declared winner. The EC declared John Mahama the winner over Akufo Ado with majority votes of about 320000. In effect, if the petitioners are able to prove that there were violations amounting to anything above only 320000 votes, then the qualification for annulment is established. The complicated legal arguments on the issue can be left to rest at this stage.

Now, do NDC and their sycophantic masses understand this subject matter i.e. as defined by the Supreme Court? Do they know where we are going at all? Or they are deliberately twisting the issues to confuse Ghanaians?.

The last 6 days, Tony Lithur, the President’s leading defence lawyer has been busy cross examining Dr Bawumia, trying to punch holes in not more than about the petitioners 600 pink sheets hoping to discredit the NPP evidence. Quarshie Idun, the EC leading counsel followed suit since last Thursday. Assuming they succeed with the 600, about 10000 more of the pink sheets will be left intact with proven violations. Supreme Court will never say because 600 sheets or so have been proved defective, then the remaining 10000 sheets will similarly be declared defective. This is what the mass NDC flatterers are refusing to see.

Last tuesday, when Tony Lithur backed by Quarshie –Idun and Tsatsu Tsikata called for an independent audit of the sheets presented by the petitioners, Philip Addison rightly agreed and aggressively called also for the auditing of the figures on the sheets, in addition, to make the audit comprehensive. I doff my hat to that brave and smart request of Philip Addison. However, the court dismissed the auditing application — of course to the delight of the respondents, who nearly fell headlong into their own dirty hole. To me, if the Supreme Court had granted the comprehensive auditing operation, the case would have been settled simply there and then. At the end of such an audit, the so-called defective sheets will have been sorted of the raw bunch. At the same time, the perfect sheets will also have been sorted out. Then, out of the sorted out perfect sheets, the numbers of each of the categories of violations in question – overvoting, voting without biometric violations etc can be sorted out. Subsequently, the latter numbers can be totalled to test whether they materially support the case of annulment of the results.

Clearly, the respondents’lawyers by their questions seem to have accepted that Violations could be a real bases for annulment so they want to bring the numbers down. They will not succeed.

Enter, the legal spokesman of the respondents, Ato Dadzie who has disturbed our ears over the days in the media threatening, barking and howling that Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia as chief witness will see fire and conflagration of some sort when the latter is cross examined by Tony Lithur, Quarshie Idun and Tsatsui Tsikata. Somebody should tell Ato Dadzie that his threats are empty which should be told to the marines. Dr. Mahumud Bawumia is never intimidated and no one else in NPP is. Only NDC moronic scalawags and sycophants are taken in by such jabberings and baseless spew-outs. Where is the so called fire/conflagration from the defence counsels to the witness all these 8 days? Both Tony Lithur and Quarshie Idun have shown signs of confusion and disorientation during the proceedings. On the contrary, Bawumia is standing firm. The fact is Bawumia is saying the truth. He is not a liar. He has nothing to hide.

The names of the lawyers Tony Lithur, Quarshie –Idun and Tsatsu Tsikata just seem to fascinate NDC sychopants such that they are thought of as gods who will never make mistakes. Tell NDC, these lawyers are empty and nothing when faced with the truth. They will struggle proper with this case. NDCare joking. Very soon they will gnash their teeth

john Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John