NDC world bank has run out of cash

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

In response to the demonstration embarked upon by the people of Volta region to voice their disappointment with the Mills-Mahama administration, Atta-Mills said “any objective observer will notice the massive developments being undertaken in the region”.

By inference, Atta-Mills is simply saying: these people lack objectivity when it comes to making assessment, and that, their decision to vote for NDC in 2008 was equally dictated by lack of objectivity, in the face of much better alternative offered by the NPP.

Indeed, God is almighty and all-knowing and for that matter, He could foresee that man, being human, was definitely going to need basic necessities as food, water, air and so on, in order to survive, hence, the provision of all things in the beautiful Garden of Aden. Matters with entertainment after man had had something to fill his stomach, has not been captured in the Holy Bible. And I guess the reason is that Embaer planes that have multi-billion hi-tech entertainment facilities to thrill human-beings on their way to the war front were not in existence at the time.

The Bible talks about unchanging love of God and how His mercies actually endures forever.Therefore,whenever God does something or creates a people and realizes that they are going to be lonely, he always makes sure a source of entertainment is quickly put in place to make them happy.

Now, God, in his infinite wisdom, was very much aware that the kind of leadership Atta-Mills was going to give the people of Ghana was going to be full of misery. He therefore decided to prepare us, very adequately, for a monumental disaster by giving us enough shock-absorbers to be able to laugh over calamities. In our case, instead of God providing us with a garden of Aden where we could have everything for free, he decided to give us something different because he knows that we are far advanced in the area of technology.

So, instead of fruits and other edibles in a well-prepared garden, we have been endowed with the capacity to withstand every single shock that is thrown up by Atta-Mills.

During the Kufuor administration, some section of our Ghanaian society were always complaining about hardship,inspite of the fact that many social interventions had been put in place and the ordinary Ghanaian was directly benefiting. People, who were complaing, were at the same time, enjoying properly functioning health insurance while their children enjoyed free bus ride to and from school.

The aged in our society who had no source of income were being assisted with LEAP. Cooking-gas was being taken to the very doorsteps of consumers. Affordable housing and major road construction projects were being undertaken across the nation with internally generated funds. All these were being done when road tolls were one-thousand times lover than they are now.

Inspite of these, candidate Atta-Mills and his followers, through ‘sweet talk’, vain promises, dirty lies, insults, intimidations and glare electoral thievery, managed to wrestle power from the NPP in 2008.

Now, when that happened, those who bought into their lies and voted for them were eagerly waiting for the milk and honey promised. As for some of us, we knew from the very onset, just like their founder Rawlings did, that the Mills-Mahama administration suffered a debilitating compound fracture of both legs and became confined to a wheel-chair when they hit the ground, eventhough they promised to “hit the ground running”.

Consequently, heavenly promises made to the people of Ghana in 2008 have all ended up on rocks. And for that matter, God, in his infinite wisdom, has imbued some of us with the ability to withstand every major disappointment and even laugh over our socio-economic woes.

However, some of our compatriots,particulary those that swallowed hook-line-and-sinker, whatever was told them by candidate Atta-Mills, and have not yet tapped into this shock-absorber God has provided for every Ghanaian to be able to cope with current hellish economic situation, are having a really tough time. As matter of fact, those who have not yet realize that God probably wanted the people of Ghana to see the difference between real performance and empty ‘chop chop’ diatribes, are simply in a state of total despair and are constantly biting their fingers in pure nostalgia for Kufuor’s 8-year leadership.

When the concept of foot-soldierism was at a crescendo, the argument of the current government was that, they had not been in power long enough to even plant and harvests a crop like corn or cassava. Some elements within the administration, including the president himself, came out and justified those silly acts of the foot-soldiers and described it as “agitations for jobs”. The more brain-dead individuals as Anita d’Sosoo, Hannah Bissiw and so on said that act of lawlessness by NDC supporters was a behavior they had learned from the followers of the erstwhile Kufuor government.

The question is: if followers that voted for the ‘new’ NDC by buying into Atta-Mills’ “better Ghana” lies, within a twinkle of an eye, could turn into machete, guns and other deadly weapon-wielding monsters and rampage our neighborhoods seizing toilets, then it is evidently clear that the message Atta-Mills sold to the good people of Ghana in 2008, had certainly not been bought by his very own party people.

Now, when Nana Konadu mounted a campaign to become the flag-bearer of the NDC for the 2012 general elections, Atta-Mills was forced out of his permanent refuge behind the walls of the old slave castle. During his visit to the Eastern Region, some chiefs allegedly sang his praises, and instantly, those chiefs were hailed as true Ghanaians who have the correct eye-sights to properly see and appreciate the wonders of Atta-Mills.

Apologists of the administration were shouting all over the place that since chiefs from Nana Addo’s home region were literally falling over one-another to endorse Atta-Mills, it clearly points to the fact that the NPP had already been rejected by Nana Addo’s very own constituents. When some chiefs in the Brong Ahafo region bestowed on Atta-Mills, the title of ‘asomdwee hene’, the apologists of NDC, again, shouted from the roof-tops with foolish excitement.

In the light of this NDC warped logic, the good people of this nation were being told that any pronouncement on the performance on Atta-Mills’ performance by a chief in any part of our dear nation must be taken as the gospel truth.

The people of Ghana were therefore waiting patiently for the verdict of the chiefs and people of the Volta Region, which is unquestionably, the electoral world bank of the NDC, to complete the string of royal endorsements by our chiefs. And frankly speaking, the verdict of chiefs from this particular region was not really on the minds of Ghanaians since no one expected anything from the norm.

But lo and behold, the verdict finally came, not only from the chiefs, but also the very grass-root followers of the party. And to the surprise of every Ghanaian, including Atta-Mills himself, the level of abject despondency sweeping across the length and breadth of no other place but the Volta Region is something that has not been seen in our nation’s history.

But true to the character of the NDC, Togbega Gabusu (VI) who articulated the monumental deception inflicted on his people by the Mills-Mahama administration was described by Stan Dogbe as “engaging in NPP politics”. NDC party followers who embarked on a demonstration to register their disappointment with the performance of the Mills-Mahama administration, in the light of juicy promises made to them and therefore put their very lives on the line during the 2008 general elections, have been described by Atta-Mills, as lacking objectivity in assessing all the monumental ‘transformation’ in their very backyard, the Volta Region.

Murder-weapon-wielding youth of the Volta Region were actually indoctrinated by the NDC party hierarchy to physically prevent full-blooded citizens of this nation, who the NDC described as aliens, from setting foot in the region by mounting road-blocks on all major arterial roads. These are the very same party followers who went on demonstration to publicly register their disappointment with Atta-Mills. And what did they get: crushed skulls and broken bones by the police and plain insults by a violent rapist.

Effectively, any citizen who dares voice out his/her economic woes under the current administration ends up being branded an NPP supporter and must therefore be beaten to pulp by the police under the guise of the “public order Act” as happened to those teachers and fishermen.

Many parts of the country have already passed their verdict on the Mills-Mahama administration. People’s minds have already been made-up as to the rejection of Atta-Mills at the polls in 2012.But what has actually come as a great shock and the final straw to crash the fragile spine of Atta-Mills’ tott

ering governance into pieces, is the current uprising in the Volta Region.

Indeed, the Volta Region has been touted as the ‘world bank’ of the NDC.Therefore, the merciless beatings and wicked insults being inflicted on their very own party supporters and eminent chiefs of the region for complaining over lack of development projects, after being promised milk and honey in 2008, is tantamount to an arsonist setting fire to his own multi-billion dollar property.

This is certainly going to obliterate, totally, the age-old ‘world-bank’ account of the NDC that has been illegally accumulated over 19-years of P(NDC) misrule. Indeed, we of the non-akatamanso fraternity will simply sit at the touch-lines and keenly observe with extreme excitement!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku