NDCs Dubious Finances is Exposed

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Chronicle article published on Monday, 22 June 2009, JJ, NDC In $3.5M Slush Fund Affair. This is a true story from the chronicle reporter where many Nigerians are angry with their Governor. Ghanaians will now realize the major reasons why the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings fired his special aide Victor Smith before the December 7th 2008 general election in Ghana. All is due to this Nigeria River State Governor’s monies, which were sent from Nigeria to finance their campaign activities.

Victor Smith, who was an aide to Jerry John Rawlings, was fired when these monies first arrived from Nigeria into the hands of Rawlings coffers. The aforementioned individual started to use this money for his personal things that were not related to the campaign activities. As a result of this Victor Smith secretly informed the NDC presidential candidates John Evans Attah Mills on these monies that have come from Nigeria towards his presidential campaign. Rawlings is using it for his personal interest because Rawlings did not like Attah Mills Vice presidential candidate picks. Meanwhile, Victor Smith has already informed Mills on the issue but Rawlings is not aware that Mills knows the situation. When Mills heard the information he confronted some NDC executives who made Konadu Agymen Rawlings realize that they are in need to inform her husband that Victor Smith has informed Attah Mills on the illegal funds from the Rivers State, South-South Nigeria towards the 2008 campaign. Rawlings knows only Victor Smith is aware of these monies but other than him nobody else. With this suspicious Rawlings did not have any sympathy for Victor Smith (he fired him instantly,) he told Victor Smith to go to than a candidate Attah Mills to employ him. Knowingly, Mills will never win the election and Victor Smith will become unemployed and suffer. Now Rawlings aides Kofi Adams have the nerve to deny these allegations that this is NPP propaganda.

My fellow countrymen, this is a defining moment for the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings and John Evans Attah Mills to prove to all Ghanaians that they are men of convictions and integrity to tell the truth. The nation wanted to know their involvement in these million dollars transactions that was transferred from Nigeria Rivers State South to finance their 2008 campaign activities. I dare Jerry John Rawlings to prove his innocence to Ghanaians that he is a man of conviction and integrity to tell the world that he is against corruption. The NDC should not pulverize this information because it is true that immediately Victor Smith monetary information surfaces he will be fired. I personally have this information in May 2008. Those NDC members who support Rawlings firing Victor Smith are now embarrassed themselves with fawning Rawlings who lied to Ghanaians about his reasons for firing Victor Smith. Now Rawlings aide Kofi Adams is making a fool of himself in the eyes of the NPP members who were aware of these monies coming from Nigeria before the 2008 elections. Even some senior NPP members are fully aware that these funds from Nigeria are significant factors for the NDC administration to assume control of the presidency in Ghana today.

However, Rawlings and his NDC executives are aware that it is illegal for them to solicit funds from outside the country to finance their party activities. This policy is against our nation’s constitution for a party seeking financial assistance from individuals like Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, a governor from a different country. The question many Ghanaians wanted to know is what this Governor was supposed get in return for his contribution towards their 2008 elections? The ethics committee in parliament needs to have immediate hearings on these issues on the stolen monies from the Nigeria citizens who are in need for this money to help their development projects. Based on the information I received from some NDC board members in New York City they are saying that Attah Mills is facing the same situation with one of their colleagues. Who also raise some contribution funds from Nigerian businessman to help Attah Mills but Mills is currently refusing to acknowledge his efforts. These individuals are very angry for Mills treating their colleagues as an outcaste. Rawlings and Attah Mills must face the reality and tell truth.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi