NDCs Rawlings Called Ghanaian- Armed Forces –Criminals

Wed, 7 Oct 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Jerry John Rawlings a man who has used the Ghanaian Armed Forces to become affluent has the audacity to disrespect the Ghanaian Army, which complies with the navy, by referring to them as “criminals”. This knucklehead Jerry John Rawlings made these statements in front of a national television audience at New York City’s channel 7 News station popularly known as the ABC news channel. However, it is rather unfortunate for an American television station to allow Ghana’s Adolf Hitler to make derogatory comments about the Ghanaian forces. Its wholly unethical and outrageous to allow the murderous Jerry John Rawlings to appear on their television; and use their station to condemn our nation’s hard working Armed forces and again use the station to advance his tribal political sentiments against the Ashanti’s.

My fellow countrymen on October 4, 2009 Jerry John Rawlings was interviewed by channel 7 news on the African American program called “LIKE IT IS” which airs on Sundays. During the interview the moderator asked Rawlings questions about drugs coming in to the country. Rawlings raised his head in disbelieve. He quickly attacked the Kufuor administration stating that they always receive information that cocaine is coming to our shores but that they have done nothing to stop it. Rawlings could not specify with his poor O level English where and how the Kufuor administration receives this information that they could not act upon it. Rawlings continued his negative assertions on the armed forces that due to their criminal participation Ghana has become the cocaine-trading center in Africa.

Nananum, Ladies and gentleman this sycophant “WEED Smoker” Jerry Rawlings has forgotten that it was his (P) NDC administration that were the first to be involved in the drug business in Ghana. A friend of Jerry Rawlings who was dealing with cocaine to help his NDC party to generate funds from their cocaine trading to finance his NDC party were in trouble in Switzerland. Jerry Rawlings of Ghana and Charles Taylor of Liberia were the only criminal leaders in Africa dealing with drugs. During this summer I was in Ghana when a Panamanian ship with a full load of cocaine landed at the Tema harbor. The estimated street value of the cocaine was over 300 million dollars. If Jerry John Rawlings claims his NDC he founded is honest and not cocaine dealers themselves, then why is that during their administration era cocaine is flowing freely still our ports of entry? Now this knucklehead Rawlings who talks without common sense is accusing the Ghana Armed forces of being criminals for allowing cocaine to come to Ghana during the Kufuor administration. Moreover, your murderous NDC party is in power still and cocaine is still coming to the country. What is Jerry Rawlings saying or doing about this now for Ghanaians? If Jerry John Rawlings accuses you of a crime, you can be sure that he has committed that crime himself.

This idiot Rawlings has marriage to an Ashanti woman but he always has the nerve to talk nonsense about the Ashanti’s all the time; this shows that Jerry Rawlings has no respect for his wife Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. There is no women who has finished university who will allow her husband particularly one (who is an O level graduate a “Wee smoker) to discredit her ethnic groups. The woman has never said any negative things against her husband’s ethnic people in the public domain. This shows how foolish Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was. She is the most disgraceful Ashanti woman who has ever lived. I have a message for this knucklehead Jerry Rawlings that the Ashanti’s will continue to have children, as God wants us to produce. Your ethnic groups have no history to be proud of, but we Ashanti’s do and will continue till thy kingdom come. No politician is bigger than Ashanti tribe or any other tribes in Ghana.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi