NIB gets new Board and an ace team to run it

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the rumours and documents presumptuously indicting executives of the NIB and its Board chair over complacency and wrongdoings. Everybody saw them. People were angry about the callousness mischievously portrayed! That was so wrong! I soon found out that they were baseless, unforgivable, and quite passionately unpatriotic.

In this country of ours, it seems that anything that is worth praise is chastised and everything worth chastisement is praised. That is the chalice of bitter hatred, I shudder to add. May I then invite all those mean folks to drink of it, and toast their failure!

I have explained on numerous occasions that one must not be gullible, especially in the manner of exchanging documents that have not an iota of credibility. People have been on the trail of the Managing Director, Dr John Asamoah, for alleged corruption. I must say that, the human instinct in me almost kicked in, but for my timely investigation into the issues. I soon found out that the case was rather quite inapposite of the status quo.

With the tenacity to ensure the survival of the bank, its continuity, and the welfare of its customers, the young Managing Director, refused to kowtow to the seeming sham judgments of the high and appeals courts.

He challenged the decisions of the Judges to grant a bunch of fraudsters $120 million US Dollars of the nation’s money by issuing a judgment debt of this horrifyingly colossal quantum.

Eventually, Asamoah’s efforts paid off. The judgments were overturned by the Supreme Court of Ghana. Customers, investors, and the whole nation were saved the jeopardy of an unimaginable magnitude that would have suffered people untold catastrophe and breakdowns. I am honestly glad that I did not make prejudicial pronouncements, because after this episode, a hero was born; Dr John Kweku Asamoah.

With regards to Togbe Afede’s reinstatement as the board chair of NIB, I undoubtedly, have strong belief in the decisions of His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. So if the President deems it appropriate to reappoint him there, what is the problem with that? Besides, those that are doing politics and do understand the way appointments work will agree that it is politically expedient to have Togbe in the good books. Also, do not forget that he is the President of the National House of Chiefs, so his appointment represents the chiefs of Ghana in the entirety of the chieftaincy outfit.

We go on to console ourselves that, at least, NIB is now one of the strongest financial institutions in the country, a feat unparalleled thus far, having consolidated its position by entrenching accountability and nationalism.

The circumvention of a crippling national debt was the bold title to such a feat. Coupled with all that, the appointment of Alfred George Thompson as the Deputy Managing Director of the National Investment Bank speaks a lot about the wisdom in the President’s appointments. He is a man of great qualifications and a master in his field.

His input would certainly double the dose of positive potency that is needed to run an institution of this size. Make no mistake about the fact that NPP is here to stay. It is here to make Ghana Great and Strong again! Where the least evidence presents itself in any manner against any appointee, not only would that person be shown the door to hell, but to the dungeons where he would taste the pain that their actions might have visited upon innocent victims.

So I say to my friends, comrades, compatriots, frats, and the general public, let us be circumspect with regards to appointments and our criticism of same. When it comes to jobs, we all know that they are coming. The government’s initiatives are many and quite laudable.

They are the pragmatic panaceas to the job creation mantra that NPP, as a party, has always hyped, as well as catalysts for national growth and prosperity. On another note, I would advise my peeps to take advantage of President Akufo-Addo’s policies and the conducive environment that is being created to be their own bosses. Start your own business. Go to the respective agencies for guidance, you’ll never be sorry.

GOD bless Ghana and make our country Great and Strong….again!

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi