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NPP Agenda 1 Out

Fri, 20 Jul 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

July 18, 2012

Coming events, they say always cast their shadows which is why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) family should be forewarned about certain pronouncements coming from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) quarters. They say if a fish jumps from the deep waters to announce the demise of the crocodile you better not argue with that announcer.

Do you remember Ghana’s most divisive politician, Kennedy Agyapong, NPPs Member of Parliament for Assin North? And do you remember his unpardonable comment which called for the extermination of Gas and Ewes by the Ashantis? If you do or if you don’t, please hold your breath and read about something that Agyapong said when he felt that the NPP folks have abandoned him to face the consequences of his inflammatory speech alone.

Not long after Agyapong has been powdered and carried shoulder high and paraded through the streets by the NPP folks, they realized that the unguarded, unpatriotic, divisive, inflammatory and uncalled for speech by Agyapong could cost them a lot of votes in the Greater Accra and Volta Regions. The party, therefore, quietly distanced itself from Agyapong who got ticked off by that act and came out strongly to state that the NPP as a party was not worth dying for.

Agyapong who was very angry unloaded his anger on Gabby Asare Ochere-Darko and Oboshie Sai-Coffie for issuing a statement disassociating the party from what he Agyapong said. But something else that Agyapong said caught the attention of some people. Ken Agyapong stated that he spoke the minds of the NPP folks when he declared war and called for the butchery of Gas and Ewes by the Ashantis. If Agyapong indeed spoke the minds of the NPP folks then what it means was that the NPP folks approves of the extermination of Gas and Ewes by the Ashantis. This is why the NPP folks did not see anything wrong with what Agyapong did but resorted to the destruction of property when he was arrested and also carried him shoulder high after his bail from jail.

Today, we have Agyapong who speaks the minds of the NPP leadership and entire membership threatening the Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu that if the NPP wins the December 7 elections it will jail her. Agyapong strongly warned that unless the NDC steals the elections, Mrs. Iddrisu will see jail time in an NPP administration.

But the NPP which realized that one of its main diabolical items has been prematurely released by Agyapong hurriedly came out to disassociate themselves from that treat. But if you belong to the NDC family, you better go to the bank with that statement by Agyapong since it is NPPs item number one on their agenda if they should win the elections.

With the law courts on their side, the NPP have drawn a list of NDC family members they will use the courts to terrorize and make their lives very unbearable if they form the next administration. This is no joke as the NPP is filled with men and women who have nothing good to offer Ghana but to shove people aside in order to rape the country.

It is common knowledge that the NPP, falsely believe that they have been ordained to rule Ghana and do whatever they want with the country’s coffers. That is why you see them speaking with all the authority they command and shamelessly defend even the thievery they were involved in whilst in government.

The salvo released by Agyapong clearly warns the NDC family to put their act together and form a stronger cause towards the 2012 elections since if they go to the elections divided and should the unexpected happens, there will clearly be weeping and gnashing of teeth since the NPP folks are very vicious and will carry every threat to the letter. To be forewarned is to be forearmed; therefore, the NDC family should have every cause to be thankful to God for paving the way for Agyapong to inform the NDC and Ghanaians about their Agenda 1 if they march to occupy the Osu Castle.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret