NPP Are Cowards IV

Wed, 16 Feb 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The opposition party stood firm to protect its citizens whenever the incumbent party inflated economic hardship on the people without acknowledging the significant dilemma of the suffering of its population. Then the opposition tends to be fare better against incumbent even the successor candidates that the incumbent party during general elections.

Nonetheless it is also important to emphasis that democracy will continue to thrive in Ghana only if the NPP political actors fail to develop a set of informal rules and standards that will uphold, legitimize and strengthen the immigration rules that are destroying our political system by deporting immigrants from Ghana. They will not stand a chance of winning the 2012 general elections because illegal immigrants largely undermine Ghana politics and democratic development.

One of the weaknesses of the NPP opposition is the failure to take a stand on this issue, as did one of their heroes Dr. A. K. Busia. Dr Busia was a visionary leader who acknowledged in 1972 that deporting foreigners out of our country was and continues to be of paramount importance for indigenous people. If the NPP cannot do the same as Busia did in Ghana will be a suicidal for the nation. The current situation is dire. Immigrants have invaded our country bringing with them crimes and the opposition NPP has not taken draconian measures to force the government to change Ghana’ s immigrations laws to close the loopholes. Ghana will soon face a political and a social conflict as the indigenous Ivoiriens face now. In Africa, Ghana is the only country where immigrants just enter the country and become citizens overnight without any profiling on their background.

While the current incumbent party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were in 2010 busy at the time the NPP were also busy electing their presidential candidates for the 2012 general elections, were busy putting modalities on the floor registering illegal immigrants as citizens, whom they believe will vote for them in the 2012 general elections. Recently, the nation census department released the number of the nation’s current population which stands at something over 24 million people. The opposition NPP should challenge the results of the people who were registered as citizens in 2010 immediately. Many of these immigrants claimed to come from the northern part of the country but that is a lie. These are some of the same people who are always behind the NDC party insulting and intimidating the indigenous people including NPP members.

We all know that the NDC party is violent, but what makes the party how it is, is the illegal immigrants that has taken control of decision-making in the country and that affects the indigenous citizens. I will just name a few illegal immigrants who are not Ghanaian citizens but are now members of the ruling NDC. The NPP failed to profile their citizenship and political appointments. The current Minister for transport “Collins Dauda” comes from Burkina Faso; he is not a Ghanaian. The Deputy Chief of Staff is “Alex Segbefia”; his mother’s from Trinidad and Tobago; his father is also a Togolese but he holds a British passport and also not a Ghanaian. The deputy Minister of Finance Fiifi Kwettey also comes from Anehor Togo, is a Togolese not a Ghanaian. The deputy Minister of information Baba Jumal, a criminal who is actually a Nigerian; is not a Ghanaian, but originally comes from Nigeria. Finally the NDC founder’s personal secretary Kofi Adams, who is a Togolese, comes from Sokodia in Togo and is not a Ghanaian. I can go on and on. The question is why the NPP allowing all these foreigners who are just political sycophants and carpetbaggers to invade our nation’s politics. The story’s to be continued.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi