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NPP Based Their Lead In 2012 Elections On Opinion Polls

Sat, 11 May 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

May 7, 2013

In this world if you live by mischief, it may not take that long for you to be exposed. Many people have questioned time upon time the foundation upon which the leadership of the NPP claimed initial victory in the 2012 Presidential Election at the time when the Electoral Commission (EC) was yet to make any announcement to that effect.

The answer which has eluded everyone to date finally popped up at the Supreme Court in the on-going petition against the 2012 Election results, when Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, the evidence in chief told the court that the NP based their initial lead in the polls on their own Opinion Polls.

A shocked Mr Tsatsu Tsikata who could not believe what he was hearing could not help but swiftly advice Bawumia not to ridicule himself with such a pronouncement. As embarrassing as this statement may be, it clearly shows that the NPP had a game plan of declaring the presidential results ahead of the EC, to simply throw the country into confusion, chaos and panic.

Otherwise, one would question why Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, General Secretary of the NPP, would declare the NPP victorious on Saturday December 7, 2012 and ask all NPP supporters to clad themselves in white colours and go to church on Sunday, when the EC had said nothing to that effect.

This shocking revelation came from Bawumia who under intense cross-examination by Tsatsu Tsikata told the court that on December 7, 2012 the NPP was clearly in the lead in the polls only for the results to change the next day in favour of the NDC due largely to irregularities.

It was here that Tsatsu Tsikata pointedly asked Bawumia if NPP’s initial assertion of victory was based on the declared results at the polling stations that were faxed to the EC headquarters. Bawumia who found himself caged by this question then stated that it may be so but he could not be emphatic about it.

Pressed further by Mr Tsikata to tell the court on what basis the NPP declared the initial victory, to the amazement of those in court and millions of viewers and listeners, Bawumia stated that the NPP largely relied on their own internal opinion polls to illegally declare their initial victory.

If you are not shocked at this point, then you may be still groping in Bawumialand where new revelations have become the order of the day. Bawumia, who is trying hard not to lie under oath and as a result being evasive with his answers to simple questions, is gradually becoming an embarrassing star witness whose behaviour is chipping the NPP’s so-called solid evidence into pieces.

Truly Bawumia and Co has bitten more than they can chew. And Tsatsu Tsikata and the rest are giving them the real run for their lies.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret