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NPP: Don't Comment On Anything Concerning Mahama

Tue, 26 Feb 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

February 25, 2013

If you don’t recognize somebody as legit, what then do you care about what that person does. If you claim a whole duly elected and duly sworn-in President stole the elections, why worry about what that President says on the centre stage. If you repeatedly boycott anything concerning a President you hate to recognize, why would you waste your damn breath and time and comment on the State of the Nation address he gave? Or better still, if you think President Mahama is going to be thrown from office in three month’s time by the Supreme Court, why advise him on any national issue?

The NPP is indeed eating its cake before our very eyes, yet they want to throw dust into our eyes and have it back. This is a party with a bunch of questionable characters, yet they have coined some adjectives to describe the 2012 Elections which the International Community and some observers hailed as the best so far since Ghana returned to multi-party democracy in 1992.

The NPP Parliamentarians staged a walk out at the point the Speaker of Parliament invited President Mahama to address the nation, yet after the speech we have some of these same NPP Parliamentarians digesting it. This is the last thing anybody would have expected from them.

If I don’t recognize you, I don’t think I will care about anything you do. I don’t even think I will ever comment on anything you do or say because in my mind you don’t exist. The moment I comment on anything you do or say, then it means I do recognize you as legit.

That is why I am having difficulty in understanding why Sarah Adwoa Safo, the lady who perhaps do not know why she is in parliament, will call on President Mahama’s government which she does not recognise, to make good use out of the waste products on dumping sites. This is a lady who does not recognize President Mahama as legit, therefore she walked away before President Mahama delivered the State of the Nation address. But later in an interview on Okay FM, Adwoa Safo urged President Mahama to take pragmatic measures to manage the country’s waste.

I was thinking that since Adwoa Safo does not care a hoot about President Mahama she would hold on to her unwanted advice until Akufo-Addo is sworn into his dreamy office as President of the NPP.

Another thing that comes to mind is how the NPP hacks jumped on President Mahama’s address and dismissed it as hollow. If you don’t accept the man as the President of the land, why would you comment on the speech he gave? I was thinking the NPP will simply ignore what President Mahama said and go on with their perpetual boycotts.

Just look at what Kwabena Agyepong said about the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. This guy does not recognize President Mahama, but when he appointed somebody as the Attorney General, he has the guts to call on Mahama to fire the lady. What impudence!

If you are able to comment on what President Mahama says or does, then it simply means that you do recognize him as President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. The NPP folks pretend they don’t care a hoot about President Mahama, but they follow everything he does or says, otherwise they will never be commenting on anything he says or does.

Another issue that ticks me off has got to do with the appointment of members of the Council of State. The NPP folks in parliament do not recognize President Mahama, therefore, their members who serve on the Appointments Committee have so far boycotted the vetting of all ministers appointed by President Mahama. Yet, Papa Owusu Ankomah, MP for Sekondi, got the guts to question why President Mahama did not inform the Appointments Committee of Parliament the persons he appointed to the Council of State? Nobody knows the mind-set of the NPP folks as they keep goofing every single day thinking nobody is taking note of what they are doing.

The NPP people pretend that they are sitting on the fence and waiting for Akufo-Addo to be crowned, yet they find time to comment on issues concerning Mahama and his government. This injudicious attitude of theirs has made the NPP folks a laughing stock in many quarters. “We don’t recognize you, yet we will comment on anything you say or do.” This has been the mantra of the NPP.

It’s about time the NPP folks draw the line in the sand. It’s about time they leave Mahama alone since to them he does not exist. Just leave Mahama alone and wait till Akufo-Addo’s kingdom come. It’s as simple as that!

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret