NPP Feels Convenient Being In Opposition

Sat, 12 Apr 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

When I put things together after critical analyses, I can only conclude that NPP as a group of supposedly intellectuals and academics is best suited for “opposition”. In the fifty-seven year history of Ghana’s independence, the metamorphosed United Party (UP), now New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been in power for only ten and a half years. The party, then Progress Party (PP) was briefly in power under Prime Minister Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia from 1969 to 1972 when it was overthrown by then Lt. Colonel I.K. Acheampong’s Supreme Military Council.

These academics now in NPP had a chance to be in power for eight years under former President Kufuor from 2000 to end of 2007. One may ask why this difficulty of theirs to gaining and staying in power for long? The answer is not farfetched. It is right under your nose if not in your mouth.

Being all acclaimed intellectuals with chains of higher paper qualifications, none wants to be the tail but all heads. Each in their mind’s eye thinks they are equally as best as the other to be in the driver’s seat than being a passenger. However, it is said by the old wise men, “Two intelligent people cannot captain a ship simultaneously without piloting it aground”. Who is taking instructions from the other when each thinks in their mind that they are equally knowledgeable? This is exactly the problem with the NPP.

Look at the unnecessary wrangling going on among their contestants and supporters proceeding to Tamale congress to choose their party leaders on Saturday 12 April 2014? I just feel nauseous seeing and hearing how these supposedly intellectuals are backbiting and backstabbing themselves.

The NDC rogues, allegedly less intelligent than their political colleagues in NPP will not behave so disgustingly irresponsibly as the NPP are doing. One then asks, why?

Are the NDC not deft more than the NPP when it comes to the tactics of winning elections? Why can’t the NPP members see themselves as a family with one objective of winning power to save mother Ghana from deliberate socio-politico-economic ruining under the hands of the NDC than engaging in slanderous infighting among them?

If you are unable to resolve your internal squabbles, how can you resolve the gigantic socio-politico-economic crisis President Mahama and his band of “Alibaba and his forty thieves” have plunged Ghana into?

Why can’t the Ghanaian politicians or the political aspirants discuss their policies to influencing the electorates to vote for them but rather always choose to smear their opponents as the best way of canvassing for votes? If the person is not stealing as the NDC are contrarily doing, why should you accuse them of stealing? Is it just to overcome him or her? That is myopic tactics to use.

I want NPP to get serious than indulging in their current dog-eats-dog nonsense that will give the NDC vital ammunitions to shoot them down come any general elections. The only way to force the NDC scroungers out of power is for NPP to behave responsibly and know what their main objective of being in politics is.

I want NPP to prove me wrong that they do not feel convenient being in opposition by behaving sensibly; conducting the upcoming internal elections peacefully without further exhibited malice.

The “Lone Ranger” from Kumawu has spoken and hopefully, all problems are resolved immediately. Drink freely from my overflowing fountain of wisdom, all ye that are thirsty.

I wish every NPP aspirant going to Tamale well. You will hear me on Sources radio UK 96.3 FM or Online this afternoon so tune in to listen to me. Article written on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson