NPP Have Never Conceded Election Defeat

Tue, 12 Mar 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Dangquah/Busia Tradition Represented By The NPP

Today Have Never Conceded Election Defeat Since 1951-2012

The National Liberation Movement (NLM) with “Mate-meho” as its local name was launched in 1954 in Kumasi and the immediate cause of its birth was the Cocoa Duty and Development Funds Bill which was introduced in the Legislative Assembly in order to Fix the price of Cocoa at 72 shillings for 4 years. This was contrary to what the CPP had promised the country. The cry of “Yeate yeho” to wit: we have broken away was raised. Three weeks after the launching of the NLM, the Great Oath of Asante was sworn an 19th September, 1954 by the Senior Linguist of the Asantehene, Baffour Akoto who was the Chairman of the murderous tribal grouping.

The swearing of that important oath signified the seriousness of the sectarian perspective of the movement which was found only for the daughters and sons of the “Asante nation” as they termed it The Senior Linguist later turned round to change the direction of the NLM by again swearing the Great Oath of Asante pledging £20,000 drawn from the Asantehene Palace Fund to support it to fight the dictatorship of Dr. Nkrumah and his CPP in his bid to lead Ghana into independence in 1957. The Asantehene at that time was Nana Agyeman Prempeh II who gave his full support to the NLM and stated that the “Asante State” had assumed full responsibility for the National Liberation Movement. Its appeal was decidedly limited to Asante and its call to arms were based on the past glories of that “state”. The Asante Youth Association (AYA) which was once a vanguard wing of the CPP declared for Asante “nationalism” and Dr. Busia led the crusade on the orders of the illiterate Linguist of the Asantehene to fight Dr. Nkrumah’s dictatorship. At that point, a number of leading Asante political leaders who had been on the front bench of the CPP defected. These were Mr. R.R. Amponsah, Victor Owusu and Joe Appiah all bolted the CPP in order to join the sectarian revandist NLM. The NLM was later renamed the United Party (UP) when Dr. Nkrumah sent the A voidance of Discrimination Bill to Parliament and it was passed into Law banning all political parties formed on tribal and religious lines. Members of the United Party (UP) which the NPP represent today 2013 said that all those who supported the CPP belong to no family or clan just as those who boycotted parliament and insulted the president of Ghana today, also belong to no family or clan. Again, the NLM thugs stated that those who are strangers, not properly trained to appreciate the VALUE OF THE TRUE AND NOBLE AKAN. It was therefore no surprise that the United Party with Dr. Busia as its Presidential Candidate lost the elections which were conducted by the British in 1951, 1954 and 1956 and there was an Ethnic Cleansing in Kumasi and Kyebi led by Dr. K.A. Busia in Kumasi and Dr. J.B. Danquah in Kyebi.

Dr. Busia refused to accept defeat in all the three general elections and warned thus. If the British Government granted Independence to the Gold Coast government without a general agreement on the constitution, Ashanti would separate herself from the rest of the country. Ghana was granted independence on March 6th 1957. Have the Asantes been able to separate themselves from the rest of the country? No, why you must ask Nana Akuffo Addo. In 1969, the CPP was banned under NLC Decree 345 and Dr. Busia contested the election against his own shadow and won the 1969 general elections. But in 1979 Mr. Victor Owusu and his Popular Front Party (PFP) lost the elections to Dr.Hilla Limann of the Peoples National Party (PNP). Victor Owusu refused to CONCEDE defeat, In 1992, Jerry Rawlings defeated Professor Adu Boahen of the NPP-he refused to concede defeat, and came out with a criminal publication full of lies called the “Stolen Verdict”. In 1996, Mr. J.A. Kufour was beaten again by Rawlings during the general elections-he also refused to concede defeat and stated that it was a bought verdict. In 2000, Kufour won the elections and it was good. In 2004. Kufour won again and it was good.

But in 2008, when the late Prez. Mills beat Nana Akuffo Addo he refused to concede defeat.

In 2012, Nana Akuffo Addo was beaten again and he refused to concede defeat and rushed to the Supreme Court in order to cool down the tempers of his frustrated and violent party supporters

This article is written to educate the youth about the history of the blood soaked Asante/Akyem NPP that was formed out of Tribalism and Bloodshed in this country and it is a fact that the Danquah/Busia Tradition which the NPP represent today have never conceded any election defeat since 1951-2012 and when ever they lost the elections, they always resort to destroying national assets, e.g. it has been reported that some petrol bombs have been removed by the Military at some power insulations in Accra after the 2012 election.

During the 2012 elections campaign, Nana Akuffo Addo called on ALL AKANS to eschew the perception among other tribes in the country that Akans are cowards and would ran away from any little threat. Our predecessors who started the party that has now made us the largest party were not hiding under beds between 1951-1956.

The statement by Nana Akuffo Addo, the tribal war Lord on war path is very true and the following is what the predecesors of the United Party (UP) which the NPP represent today 2013 did and he had wanted NPP Supporters to repeat the same violent killings and bombing of NDC members and other political party supporters. The late J.B. Danquah of cursed memory made an infamous statement that Anybody who does not support the United Party must pay with his HEAD. Extreme violence was the immediate after math of the launching of the National Liberation Movement in September 1954. The NLM is what the violent prone NPP represent today.

One Mr. E.Y. Baffoe, the propaganda Secretary of the NLM was allegedly stabbed to death by Mr. Twumasi Ankrah, a Youth Leader of the great CPP. The NLM which the NPP represent today formed an Armed Group called the Action Groupers, whilst the CPP also created its counter force called the Action Troopers, These two groupings staged and organized violent provocations and confrontations which rendered the city of Kumasi unsafe. CPP Leaders fled to the South in the wake of an ETHNIC CLEASING in Kumasi and Kyebi in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, houses of political opponents were set on fire, and its occupants were bombed to death in the NLM’s political fight with the supporters of the CPP led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. He was the first Prime Minster of Ghana but for 4 good years, for security reasons. There was even a carefully nurtured rumour that Dr. Nkrumah had demanded the Golden Stool. Oaths were sworn and Voluble threats issued in challenge to Nkrumah and the South. There was a bye-election for Atwima Mwabiagya which returned Mr. B.F. Kusi for the NLM who in his maiden speech thanked the “Asante nation” and dedicated himself to “the Federation and the institution of “TRUE DEMOCRACY” elections under a federal constitution” to prevent the abuse of power and the growth of dictatorship”. Frankly speaking, the NLM was fighting for Federation on a Narrow Tribal Front which failed woefully. These detribalized hooligans and hired cut throats are the only people who followed and have been following the blood soaked UP tradition which the NPP represent today 2013. The NLM based its appeal on a history of DIVISIONS and separateness. It set its face to back a constitution in which it will be possible for a small “coterie to dominate the country”


Imposing Dr. J.B. Danquah as a “Patriotic Saint” by Ex-Prez. J.A. Kufour in February 2005 public pronouncement was very dishonest on his part as Dr. J.B. Danqauh was twice rejected by his own Akyem Abuakwa electorate in the 1951 and 1956 general elections. J.B. Danquah was a dreaded murderer who killed his political opponents with glee. It will be recalled that when Governer Gordon Guggisberg once visited Kyebi in Feb., 1922 one Mr. Donkor of Fankyereko told the Governor that THE BONES ON THE AKIM STATE DRUMS WERE THOSE OF REBELLIOUS SUB-CHIEFS. This is the reason why I describe NPP members as cannibals who eat human flesh.

Therefore, J.B. Danquah can never ever become a Patriotic Saint in Ghana, for describing him as such is a persecution of the ghosts of the 300 Young Pioneer children as well as Krobo Edusei’s Sister who were all murdered in cold blood by organized thugs of J.B. Danquah who together with Dr. K.A. Busia warned the British Government in August 1955 of grisly after effects if the country attained independence under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP government but the British called their bluff and granted independence to Ghana on 6th March, 1957. This was what Dr. J.B Danquah and Dr. K.A. Busia did – Now Read on:

1) November 10th 1955 – Dr. Nkrumah’s house was bombed by NLM thugs while he was resting inside (2) August 3rd 1956- The NLM, which the NPP represent today sent a resolution to the Secretary for the colonies demanding separate independence for ASANTE and NORTHERN TERRITORIES.

(3) August 1st 1962 – Dr. Nkrumah was bombed at Kulungugu when he was returning from the then Upper Volta – now Burkina Faso. (4) July 7th 1961, two bombs exploded in Accra, one wrecking Nkrumah’s statue. (5) Sept. 1961- There was a coup plot against the CPP government by Brigadier-General Joseph E.Michael who died in an air crash and the coup plot collapsed.

(6) September 9th 1962 – Another bomb exploded near the flagstaff house where the Ghana Young Pioneers were entertaining the audience. One person was killed and may others got injured. (7) Sept. 20th 1962. Two bombs exploded in Accra – killing several people. (8) September 18th 1962 – two bombs exploded in Accra killing and injuring so may people, another bomb blast occurred at Lucas House in Accra where 9 innocent children died on the spot.

(9) September 20th 1962. There was another bomb explosion in Accra killing innocent men, women and children – in the NLM/NPP style just because they lost power (10) January 11th 1963 – Another bomb exploded at a CPP rally in Accra Sport Stadium where 20 CPP supporters were killed and 400 people injured including Young Pioneer Cadres. (11) On Jan. 1st 1964- Seth Ametewe tried to assassinate Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by shooting at him for 5 times, but missed and rather shot dead one Salifu Dagarti – Nkrumah’s personal security officer (12) In 1956, Mr. R.R. Amponsah and major Ahwaitey attempted to overthrow the CPP government. This is what Nana Akuffo Addo want NPP members to for him to become President of Ghana.

Now, in the light of these senseless, barbaric, and beastly bomb attacks by members of the NLM/NPP against the late Dr. Nkrumah, the Young Pioneers and Many School children how could the CPP govt. protect and develop the newly independent State of Ghana? That was the main reason why the Preventive Detention Act (P.D.A) was passed into law by the CPP (13) The dreaded NLM which the NPP represent today 2013 cut open the stomachs of pregnant women in their political fight with the late Dr. Nkrumah and his CPP government (14) The NLM/NPP buried their political opponents in the CPP and innocent people alive between 1951-1956 in Kumasi and Kyebi – the tribal strongholds of the violent prone NPP. GOD IS NOT MOCKED BECAUSE HE IS NOT A FOOL. (15) Madam Elizabeth Asantewa who was then a 13 year old school girl had her leg amputated as a result of NLM/NPP bomb thrown in her school when she was an parade March with other school children in 1964. The NPP must go and compensate her with a full house and take care of her medical bills. Those of you who are in Accra can cross check from the woman at Dansoman – opposite Osofo Dadzie flats. As you read this, her left leg is lost and the right foot is wasting away. (16) Ex-President Kufour had and still have no respect for Northerners and Muslims – In a meeting with the US Ambassador to Ghana in May 2005, the then President Kufour described “Zongo” people as people without brains of their own, He went on “The poor Zongos” are filled with Young people who are not educated. They only follow what they are told by the Imams. See Wikileaks – May 10th 2005, The NPP has always used TRIBALISM, to advance their political ambitions but in 2008 and 2012. Ghanaians rejected them because they have seen the “NYASS” of the NPP as a truly violent TRIBAL PARTY where only Natives of Asante and Kyebi are qualified to be the flagbearer of the Party AND NOT A GA, EWE OR A NORTHERNER whom they love to hate. Yes, this is the TRUE COLOURS OF THE NPP for you. The Battle is the Lords – yes I agree- but the NPP only know God when they are in opposition. These dangerous species must be Civil. I shall return when the need arise. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii”. Aluta Continua.









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement