NPP Is A Criminal Enterprise, Not A Political Party

Sun, 19 Jan 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

- Final Part

The conspiracy of internal opposition, the C.I.A and a REACTIONARY ARMED FORCES AND POLICE HAD TRIUMPHED, which was aided by the CPP’s own SELF DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES. A few evenings before the coup d’état saw Accra in a near festive mood. Mr. Kojo Botsio organized a very big party in his house in Accra, a party at which everybody ‘’who mattered’’ including this writer was present. Mr. Kojo Botsio was an old political criminal who was aware of the impending coup. The military action began in Kumasi on the night of 23rd February, 1966 where Col. E.K. Kotoka commanded the troops and they reached Accra by 3am and they received LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS from major Akwasi Afrifa, Kotoka’s brigade major and by 5:30am, Radio Ghana had been captured and Col. Zanlerigu and his men offered a fierce resistance but they were over powered and arrested while General Bawah was shot dead. Col. Kotoka read a speech on Radio Ghana proclaiming that ‘’The Myth Surrounding Kwame Nkrumah had been broken’’ Yes,. The great CPP had collapsed over night and yesterday’s Party Leaders rather went into an orgy of celebration over the death of their own beloved party – The great CPP? Hmmm! The rest is history for now. The name of the military junta, the choice of that name National Liberation Council was a deliberate throw back to the dreaded National Liberation Movement founded in Kumasi on the platform for Federation on a narrow tribal front between 1951 – 1956 but was rejected by majority of Ghanaians. The Soviet Union was the first country to announce her recognition of the bloody coup that toppled Dr. Nkrumah and yet the Soviets were his best friends.

Western journalists descended heavily on Ghana like vultures just to write false stories, about Nkrumah’s so called ‘’secret ‘’ military camps’’ set up to subvert neighboring countries. These foreign journalists attended all the meetings of the National Liberation Council because it was the United States that ensured Nkrumah’s violent over throw.

One fine day, a David will emerge by the Power of God and crush the United States of America if she does not stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. North Vietnam showed them something some years ago – but they don’t seem to learn ANY LESSONS from that. The next state to humble them will be North Korea – mark my words.

Dr. Nkrumah’s overthrow in 1966 showed the filthy depth to which Imperialism and its hirelings in the NLM/NPP are always prepared to sink deep in order to destroy genuine nationalist and anti – imperialist fighters.

The 1966 coup d’état was carried out at the instigation of the Busia camp, but still, had they not banned the CPP from regrouping for 10 years – Busia was only popular within his United Party and not among all Ghanaians just like Nana Addo so the CPP would have beaten him in the 1969 general elections, so they had to ban the CPP and allow Busia to campaign and market himself alone under the cover of the Centre For Civic Education for 3 years which was pure cheating in democracy.

The erstwhile National Liberation Council government must be properly assessed for what it was. It was a government born out of a long standing POLITICAL FRUSTRATION on the part of the national opposition which emerged since the break up of the U.G.C.C in 1949 and the Radical Splinter Group led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah became the CPP.

The Criminal Enterprise describing itself as a political party called the NPP has been training bomb throwers, tax evaders, tribal bigots, confusionists, loud mouths, smugglers, wife snatchers, murderous head cutters, extremists, market burners – arsonists, drug barons, contract killers, professional liars, subversionists pen robbers in the Public and Civil Service as well as the Banks. They started training mortuary men led by Mr. Atta Akyea – MP for Abuakwa South who trained NPP mortuary men to carry DEAD BODIES to the Volta Region during the 2008 general elections to show as evidence of NPP members killed by NDC members in order to discredit that election results. Yes, this is the NPP for you. He is in Parliament making NOISE, let him deny it or re-act and I will send him to the cleaners forever.

This Criminal Enterprise also teach political intolerance and groom stomach journalists who use their Smelly Press to carry their great deception across which they did and it back fired in 2008 and again in the 2012 elections which ended at the Supreme Court on 29th August, 213.

Now, those who count the number of EXILES and DETAINESS under Rawlings MUST also count the victims of the cowardly and senseless bomb outrages by the Danquah / Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2013 and which compelled the CPP government led by Dr. Nkrumah to sent the Preventive Detention Bill to Parliament to be passed into law in 1958. It was passed to prevent the Nation from being mangled at birth since Mr. R.R. Amponsah attempted a coup that year – just one year after Ghana’s independence in 1957 – so what was Nkrumah’s fault then? The youth in Ghana form 80% of the voting population and this article is written to educate them to choose the right political party and vote for it during general elections in Ghana – they are free to accept it or reject it – it is their Choice not Mine for I have played my part as a Concerned Ghanaian.

Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement