NPP: Is Obligated To Elect Ntim ___Chairman.

Thu, 25 Feb 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

At the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on Saturday, 27th February, 2010 the NPP will hold its National delegates Conference to elect new executives to steer the affairs of the party towards the 2012 general elections. It is an absolute obligation to every NPP delegate to elect Stephen Ntim as their National Chairman, because Ntim has what it takes to lead this organization to victory in the 2012 general elections. Look at his records as first Vice Chairman, a senior member of NPP Elders in Brong Ahafo Region and his numerous contributions towards this organization after he lost the Chairmanship position in 2004.

It will be a tantamount to failure on the part of the NPP national delegates not to be able to elect Stephen Ntim but continue their policies of electing criminals into office without their background checks. The previous National Chairman and the national organizer are a case in point; Peter Mac Manu, who was a crook and always engaging in dubious criminal activities, came to office as the national chairman. We all have seen the result of his leadership by using his position to solicit money and also take bribes from parliamentary candidates that brought division in some constituencies, which created many independent candidates within the NPP. These actions contributed to the party’s defeat in the 2008 general elections. Secondly the national organizer Lord Commey, who was just a boy walking around in Russia in Accra, a useless boy who also came to office and worked hand and hand with Peter Mac Manu to use their position are now affluent. As the Bible says in Timothy; we all need to depart from our iniquities. Because of Mac Manu and Lord Commey’s iniquities against their fellow NPP members, they could not retain the party in power. As a result of these aforementioned reasons the NPP delegates need to elect a person like Stephen Ntim, who comes from humble beginnings and has worked his way up to become an economically self-sufficient man who will not take bribes as Lord Commey and Mac Manu did to destroy the party.

In addition the majority of NPP members should realize that NPP chairmanship positions are not for mere high school graduates. We need to elect a candidate who has the skills of critical thinking abilities to implement structure and strategy to advance an election of electoral and coordinators and polling executives to work hard for the party. Jack Obetsebe Lamptey is a high school graduate who does not have any ability of critical thinking skills to lead this organization to achieve its agenda for the 2012 general election and beyond. Jack Obetsebe Lamptey was Akufo Addo’s 2008 campaign manager who could not help the party to retain power. What makes him think now that if he becomes a national chairman for NPP he will do differently? During the 2008 general elections instead for Jack Obetesbe Lamptey concentrating on the elections at hand, he was busy fighting to acquire a state property without due process of the law. These actions of Jack Obetesbe Lamptey prompted the Ga youth to demonstrate against him and NPP in the pick of the 2008 general elections, for his decision to go to the Lands departments to transfer state property into his name. These actions of Jack Obetesbe Lamptey caused the party to lose almost eight-parliamentarian seats in the greater Accra region alone and the general elections. However, NPP delegates must realize again and again that the party national Chairmanship positions and presidential position are not entitlement positions for Jack Obetesbe Lamptey and his 70 –year- old man Akufo Addo, who is well beyond his retirement age.

We must choose the right candidate, a candidate who has the wisdom, experience in management and knowledge to lead the party. It is incumbent upon us to elect Mr. Stephen Ntim as the NPP national Chairman.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi