NPP: Is Sammy Crabbe running himself aground?

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Wed, 25 Nov 2015 Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Mr. Sammy Crabbe Second Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is the only leading member of the party who is openly championing the course of the suspended chairman of the NPP.

If the current utterances of Mr. Crabbe are not stopped it is likely that he would lose his credibility and position. His public utterances show that he is against the disciplinary action taken against Mr. Afoko by the NPP.

Some aggrieved leading members of the party are calling for the suspension of Mr. Crabbe for constantly leading a crusade against the Authority of the NPP. Although Mr. Afoko has been suspended by the leadership of NPP, he has shown publicly that he still recognizes Mr. Afoko as chairman.

This means that he does not recognize the elevation of Mr. Freddy Blay from the position of first Vice Chairman to the position of acting chairman of the NPP. He does not take note of the position by the courts on the action taken by the NPP to suspend Mr. Afoko.

The posture by Crabbe is not acceptable not only by NPP but by almost all groups that adhere towards promoting discipline, obedience and loyalty.

Information gathered from the headquarters of the NPP is that he has not been seen at the headquarters of the party for quite a long time and does not attend meetings convened by the acting chairman of the party. If his behavior as mentioned above is true it smacks of lack of regard for the authority of the NPP leadership. He must turn a new leaf if he can before it is too late.

Again his latest behavior (places him in the category of those who from within), the party believes hate the NPP and are working so hard to sabotage it. As published in GHANAWEB “Spokesperson for suspended chairman of the NPP, Paul Afoko has exposed ‘lies’ circulated by Sammy Crabbe, that the chairman's house was broken into by armed men.

Nana Yaw Osei said in a media interview that the claim of Mr. Sammy Crabbe that his boss was attacked and his home ransacked by unknown persons while in church is untrue adding that nothing of that sort happened to his boss.

According to Mr. Crabbe, the incident has been reported to the police while Mr. Afoko was at church adding that even though no casualty was recorded, the attackers destroyed several items in the home of the embattled Mr. Afoko.

even when he knew he was lying , Mr. Crabbe is quoted to have said that the NPP must be cautious of what appears like the systematic breakdown of law and order within their ranks. For telling such lies to discredit innocent people Mr. Crabbe himself appears lawless.

But it is sad that the claims of Mr. Crabbe have been refuted by the spokesperson for the suspended chairman, Paul Afoko exposing Mr. Crabbe as a liar. This is serious and many people in and outside the NPP would be wondering why such a person should be maintained in the top ranks of the NPP.

This development comes on the back of the attack on the headquarters of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition at dawn after which twelve people have so far been arrested in connection on Monday dawn with the crime, after which Mr. Afoko condemned the incident.

The question being asked is, what does Mr. Crabbe want to achieve by his entrenched position in the party and the lies he is peddling? He may be fighting genuinely for Mr. Afoko but he seems to be embarking on wrong moves that portray him as an extremist with an axe to grind with the current leadership of the party.

As he attacks the authority of the NPP it would lead to confusion in the party that would weaken it at a time that he is expected to work together with the party’s leadership as a team towards the elections in 2016.

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Columnist: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai