NPP: JJ Is My Witness Akufo Addo Is A Traitor

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Some political opponents will describe my political discovers as some of the bleakest statements ever uttered about this 70-year-old man Akufo Addo and his hypocritical behavior of which some of the New Patriotic Party (NPP} members are not aware. This wolf in sheep’s clothing Akufo Addo has charged his political media machine with going around the media houses across the country to protect his aggrandizing political image. But inwardly some of the PRs who defend him do not know how dangerous this 70- year- old washed- up politician actually is. He is an NPP sellout.

My fellow UP traditional members it is very tragic and unfortunate for me to choose Jerry John Rawlings as my principal witness on this issues but Rawlings is the only one who knows the truth and facts of the truth. During the peak of the 2008 general election campaign while NPP members across the nation were trying to retain the party in power its presidential candidate Akufo Addo was also busy soliciting advice on a daily basis from one, of the opposition NDC gurus, Kojo Tsikata, who was the general financier of Attah Mills presidential campaign for 2008. This 70 –year- old Akufo Addo is a traitor, a disgrace and an embarrassment to Ghanaian politics and NPP organization. Those NPP delegates who wanted to vote for Akufo Addo again as the party presidential candidate should be careful for what they are praying for. NPP delegates should not waste their time on this 70- year- old traitor who has nothing to offer the NPP but his selfish personal interests which has become a cancer to this organization.

Why do I choose Jerry Rawlings as my principal witness? Nananum, Ladies and gentleman during the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings one night went to the house of KoJo Tsikata. To his surprise when he entered Tsikata’s living room, he saw Akufo Addo and Kojo Tsikata sitting together. Rawlings was shocked and disbelieve at what he was seeing with his own eyes Rawlings did not say a word but left the place. Rawlings then went and informed the entire group of NDC gurus about the event involving this traitor, Akufo Addo, and Kojo Tsikata. From that moment forward, the NDC campaign team began to have confidence that they would win the general election between them and Akufo Addo NPP. According to the NDC deep-throat when they got that information they were not surprised but joyful because they got all the necessary information they needed to modify their campaign strategy. The most ironic thing in this is that this Kojo Tsikata was the major financial contributor towards John Evans Attah Mills campaign for 2008 and Akufo Addo went on and sold out the NPP to Tsikata. Nobody Knew that Kojo Tsikata was multi-millionaire, was Attah Mills’s chief financier until KoJo Tsikata, Ato Ahwio, Kwame Ahwio formed their gagster organization against Jerry John Rawlings insisting that he did not contribute to Mills 2008 campaign financially. Whatever booty they have Rawlings is not part of it. This terrible behavior from Akufo Addo is a drama that the NPP delegates need to know for them not to allow this impudent imposter to be elected again as NPP flag bearer. As Kwame Pianim stated, any idiot can hold the flag and become a flag- bearer and that is the case of NPP 2008 general elections. The party did not choose the rightful candidate to lead the organization.

This is the leader who during the intense party’s reelection for 2008 campaign stuck his neck outside the party’s strategy box and took the stupid bold first step to seek his personal interest from an NDC crony. I personally don’t understand how any NPP member can be proud and support this hypocritical shameless screwball. This Akufo Addo is very pompous. That is why he doesn’t have respect for those he believes to be lesser than him within the NPP. As a result of his sudden foolish idea of getting advice from NDC Kojo Tsikata, in the middle of 2008 general elections the NPP was paralyzed hopelessly at the hands of Akufo Addo’s leadership. This Akufo Addo’s secrecy paves a way for Kojo Tsikata to use Akufo Addos brains to help the NDC to win the 2008 general election. While this 70-year-old Akufo Addo and his supporters turned around and blamed John Agyekum Kufuor for their 2008 loss. Through this cynical strategy Kojo Tsikata, who is smarter than this knucklehead was able to determine which direction Akufo Addo would move his campaign strategy. This Tsikata was able modify the NDC campaign strategy against NPP especially in Greater Accra region, where the party lost about ten parliamentarian seats to NDC. I urge all NPP national polling station executive members a cross the country not to ever elect Akufo Addo to lead the party. He is traitor. These 70- year- old Akufo Addo’s supporters within NPP have a lot to be ashamed of this naïve pinhead Akufo Addo’s sellout. Let us join hands to elect Alan John Kwawdo Kyerematen to lead the NPP for the 2012 general election.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi