NPP Must Stop Fuel Politics

Thu, 18 Dec 2008 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The chief executive of Ghana National Petroleum Authority (NPA) John Attafuah’s assertion on the reduction fuel prices by 17.17 % is totally political nonsense. I challenge the (NPA) chief executive to explain to Ghanaians the methods he and his NPP administration are using to purchase our nations crude oil from the world markets. It is their constitutional obligation to explain what system they are using to all Ghanaians if it comes from the future markets hedging or from the spot rate.

The majority of these so called politicians who have now become affluents through their positions in government in Ghana think they are smarter than everyone and more knowledgeable on how they go about the nation’s business. If the NPA Chief executive John Attafuah thinks people are that stupid and don’t know what is happening now in Wall Street on crude oil prices, he should wait. He will soon join millions of Ghanaians who are struggling on the unemployment line soon after the December 28th 2008 election.

On December 11th 2008 Thursday this aforementioned individual from (NPA) appeared on our Ghanaian national television saying “by reducing the fuel price from $3.50 to$3.1 was a Chrismas present to Ghanaians.” These power corrupt NPP members need to watch their language whenever they speak to their fellow Ghanaians in public. My question is; who is this knucklehead John Attafuah is referring to as "Ghanaians?" Is he not a Ghanaian himself? These kinds of phrases in his language he uses mean he does not care for those who are lesser than himself because he lives on taxpayers property for free without paying utility bills and uses free fuel also at the expense of the taxpayers. John Attafuah stated that “his institution has adopted a reduction strategy which treats their fellow Ghanaians as second class citizens while he and others are enjoying a free fuel at the expense of our Ghanaian middle class and the underclass, who continue to suffer under their capitalist and insensitive fuel policies. We all believe Ghana is a good place and worth fighting for. But for those who think they are better than others because of opportunities they have will never go scott free to treat them anyway they want How on earth has the Ghana National Petroleum Authority purchased their crude oil from the current spot market rate price at $40.12 per barrel, and continued to sell a higher fuel to our consumers at the price of $3.1? The NPP administration should realize they are abusing our brothers and sisters in Ghana for their self- aggrandizing interest which will never help them politically. If one compares the current spot rate of the world crude oil prices, the NPP administration should sell a gallon of fuel including their taxes at the rate of $2.1 .They should further reduce the fuel prices and stop playing politics on fuel price. Due to the current market situation even the speculators have predicted that the world crude oil price will fall even further, something the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) cannot do anything about. Even after their meeting on December 17th 2008 a high-level dialogue on prices, still they cannot reduce supply from current levels. The crude oil price will continue to decline due to the current economic dilemma. If this feeble minded John Attahfuah thinks we don’t know what is happening on crude oil markets, we will educate him. Currently in America the fuel price is at a four years low to $1.45 and $1.62 across the nation. I am calling for the opposition parties across the country to keep peer pressure on the NPP administration to reduce the fuel prices. I also urge the energy sub-committee in parliament to have hearings on what system this NPP are using in purchasing our nation's crude oil.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York) Source; Amankwah Nana Kofi

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi