NPP: NDC Members Are “Thieves”

Fri, 13 Jan 2012 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

There is an air of absurdity to the agenda of what I do not mistakenly call this do- nothing John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills and his Vice John Mahama. They believe that bribing selective local chiefs is the way forward to their victory for the 2012 general election in Ghana. I urge the entire NPP members across the country to alert the public about their true intention, which is stealing the Nation’s money for themselves.

This do-nothing NDC administration has lied and let everyone know that the Republic of Ghana faces massive governmental budget deficits when they first came to office. As a result of all the infrastructure profiteering that was started by the previous NPP administration due to an abundant of funds, this do-nothing NDC administration and his allies have no trouble lying to Ghanaians through their deputy ministers who control Ghanaian yellow journalist across the nation. Their blatantly contradictory objectives require these NDC criminals to engage in willful self-deception and public dishonesty.

During my covert operation I discovered credible sources who revealed how these NDC thieves and their administration are secretly putting some selective local chiefs on their payroll on a monthly basis. It is no surprise that when this do-nothing NDC administration was faced with the economic meltdown, Attah Mills tried yet another political gimmick. But all failed, so they continued blaming the previous NPP administration for his lack of economy vision and his failure to redirect the nation’s economic and create jobs.

Since this do –nothing NDC took office the national unemployment rate has spiked to 36.7 percent. How on earth does this useless do-nothing NDC administration that has no innovative vision or means to create jobs for the unemployed has the audacity to use the nation’s limited resources not only in bribing some selective local chiefs, but going to the extent of buying them new 4x4 TATA car’s and vacations abroad on government expenditures.? While this useless government complains to Ghanaians that there is no money to continue the infrastructures projects they have deliberately stopped it for political reasons but not the lack of adequate funds they claims to create employment for the youth across the country.

John Mahama the NDC vice president is the most crooked vice president the nation has ever had; all his dubious connections have been redirected from his office to his brother a so-called “businessman.” The majority of the politicians in the nation believe that he is linked to many dubious scandals since his NDC came to office. During my covert operations in Ghana last year summer his dubious business practices surfaced in the public domain that he was the sole financial beneficiary for STX an affordable housing project with this so-called Koren construction firm. Some NDC gurus “deep- throats” informed me that his office and the local government Minister’s office, Ofosu Ampofo is selling contracts to the highest bidders in Ghana. Before they award a contract to contractors, they demand their cut of ten thousand GH cedis cash upfront. This money must paid before the contract will be awarded to enable the contractor to receive his or her mobilization fees. As a result of these methods they have adopted those contracts that were awarded in NPP regime, those contractors are not been paid. They said “no money”. Then the once these thieves are making millions, there is money for the aforementioned projects from their positions including some chief executives (DCs) who are also selling projects for twelve thousand cedis across the nation. Most of the projects were offered to NDC members as their rewards for bring their party back into power, but these people have no business skills in construction so they also get the contracts and sell them for twelve thousand cedis .

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi