NPP: NDC’s Election Fraud In Volta Region Expose

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

I come not to bury but to praise those who want peace and fair elections in Ghana. This is not a popular argument coming so soon to the 2012 general elections to some people in Ghana politics. Disputes over elections have been at the root of much ethnic violence and disturbances in Africa, but Ghanaians do not want any part of that. Although the NPP has complained about voting rigging in the Volta Region but they have not yet been able to stop the NDC devoirs ways and means to rig the elections in that Region.

However, before I explain how it can be done? I urge all political parties, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as well as Ghanaians committed to promoting peace and deepening our democracy to work with us in securing these ends. Ghanaians should stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of one political party affiliation to defend and promote to the aims of democracy not only in Ghana but for the entire African continent. I strongly condemn all the counter-productive from some NPP members who are now preaching political violence in the name of power. This is not the principle that our founding fathers stood for. During this past summer, I spent over two months in Ghana for my covert operations on the up coming 2012 general elections. I conducted serious investigations on many issues. One was about the election fraud in the Volta Region. I was shocked to uncovered the allegations how some people were able to rig the elections in Volta region, while the electoral Commission (EC) has failed to keep an eagle’s eye on these dilemmas and failed to rectify them before the elections are been held.

In essence the main idea of my covert operation was trying to find out the truth about how the Elect oral Commission (EC) can act unconcerned and allow some criminal people to rig elections in the Volta region. All the time most of my friends and brothers at the Volta region alert me to how essay it is for one to rig elections in the region. This is because some of the EC staff corroborate with them. The NPP members have often complained about it to the Electoral Commission but the EC always demand evidence to prove to support their claims.

It is cynically wrong for the EC to disregard the alleged vote rigging in the Volta region. At the same time the voltarians also complain in the Ashanti region for the same problems, they too, are ignored. The vote rigging in the Volta Region is 100% true, based on my finding of facts. This is one of the means they have employed often uses to increase their voting numbers over the years.

Now the question is how do they do it? This is how they have done it over the years; before the Election Day approaches they often organized and implement some structures in place for the Election Day. They do this through some electoral commission staff members around the Region. If anybody says in the Volta Region people go in multiple times to vote this is a lie. Before, they entered the voting booth to cast their votes the Electoral commission staff member and the NDC poll workers at the post will make sure that they have given them multiple balloting papers, at times twenty pieces or ten pieces at once together for them. As a result of this when they entered where they cast their vote, they will then thumb print and cast them for the NDC in hurry before they leave the area. Before one person may leave the area she or he has cast over ten balloting papers already.

This is how some people rig the elections in Volta Region. I asked them why nobody is able to stop this; their answer was that some of the EC staff are aware of it but to whom should they report

The irony is that they say they are reviewing this secret information to me because they have been reading my articles and also are angry at the way Attah Mills and his cronies have treated their NDC party founder John Jerry Rawlings and his wife. They promise me that they will never vote for NDC again, come the 2012 general election, and they want the NPP to start recruiting people from the Volta region people who are truly NPP members, to monitor the elections for them. Most of this information was revealed to me by some NDC members who are willing to send a message to Attah Mills and his cronies. I hope the NPP will yield to this advice and act now, before it becomes too late. Stay tuned for the next article.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi