NPP: NDC’s Election Fraud In Volta Region Expose II

Fri, 2 Dec 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Everybody can contribute to our Ghanaian society in some way; the fact is you decide if you want to be a doer or spectator. It’s up to you. If we call ourselves the citizen of our mother- Ghana, then we need to have passion and to continue improving our young democracy.

The electoral commission (EC) can not be allowed or engage in fraudulent election practices to help one section at the expense of another in the Volta region. As a result in this I urge the electoral committee in parliament to immediately conduct their own investigate in this election dilemma in order to end this criminal behavior from the EC staff around the entire Volta region. Their conduct has exacerbated the voting numbers in favor of the NDC. This is based on the findings of my own covert operations pertaining to the election fraud in the Volta region in which I discovered that the electoral commission staff collaborated with NDC poll workers to assist people in voting multiple times by given them many balloting papers and entered where they cast their votes and thump printing and casting them for the NDC. Voter fraud is a political insult and a criminal offence against the opposition parties across the country. Ghana should have a biometric register and other serious measures must be taken that will enhance the integrity of our electional process, from registration through voting to counting.

However, if a country like India with a much larger illiterate population can have an electronic voting system that work, then Ghanaians can also do the same for the 2012 general election. In essence I take polls of people in my interviewing during my covert operations in Volta region from Akan, Biakoye, Ho West and Ketu South. It is imperative for the NPP to notice that is cynically wrong for some NPP members to continue to think that they can win elections in the Volta Region. According to some NPP die hard supporters in those areas they said with all the insults Attah Mills’s Kitchen cabinet members have used insult the NDC founder, some NPP members who now consider that the NDC members will vote for the NPP, but this is a lie. The Majority of those Voltarians that dislike the NPP will never vote for the NPP irrespective of their political uncertainties within the NDC that involve their hero Jerry John Rawlings. They don’t like the NPP period. They said the only thing the NPP can do is to mount strong security around the entire Volta Region on the Election Day to monitor those who are casting their vote and be vigilant on the fraudsters

However, the NPP should also watch the other side of the border, meaning Togo. If there is anything they can do to close the borders with Ghana two weeks in advance of the elections that will decrease the fraud. In my covert operations I was informed on how many Togolese people who are not Ghanaians citizens are crossed the border come and voted for the NDC over the years. After obtaining this information I went to the Brong Ahafo Region near the Ghana boarder with Ivory cost in Sampa to investigate if the Ivoirians also cross our borders during the election time to come and vote. Their answer was for what reason? They have no interest in doing that. However those Togolese who are committing these crimes believes that it’s their right to show nepotism towards their brothers and sisters in the Volta Region because of the fact that they speak the same language. These criminals who always come across the border and vote do not realize that nepotism has many dangerous negative effects within the political institutions in Africa. Ghanaians needs to implement draconian measures to prevent these people from entering Ghana during election time. We must remember the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi