NPP Seeking To Create Mayhem In Ghana

Thu, 31 Jan 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

January 30, 2013

If you are a staunch NDC member and you hear Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, the director of the non-performing or better still non-functioning Danquah Institute, say that he is not happy that the NDC government continues to subsidize petroleum products in the country and that those subsidies should be removed just when we have barely began the New year, you better gird your loins and look beyond that statement.

If you happen to be a Ghanaian and think Gabby is so patriotic, caring and looking for ways to reason with Ghanaians that the NDC government can better channel the monies used in subsidizing petroleum products in the country, you’ve got to read the lips of this cunning guy.

Ever since the NPP lost the 2012 elections, they have been looking for ways to pour their supporters and other disgruntled elements onto the streets to cause chaotic scenes. They simply cannot come to terms that they are going to be in the political wilderness for another four lean years.

Therefore, Gabby Otchere Darko was simply goading the NDC government on to increase the prices of petroleum products just when we have started 2013 and use that as a ruse and cause the NPP supporters to pour onto the streets in mass protest. The underlying factor is to make the country ungovernable.

I hope readers will remember that immediately we entered the New Year, rumour was spread around the country that the NDC government was going to increase the prices of petroleum products even though it’s the National Petroleum Authority which is mandated by law to adjust those prices. And I do equally hope that Ghanaians do remember the resultant artificial shortages of petroleum products that were created due to that wild rumour. It was only when nothing materialized that the situation returned to normal.

Imagine what would have happened in Ghana if at this time that the NPP is contesting the election results the prices of petroleum products are increased. The NPP folks were simply waiting in the shadows to pounce on this ‘golden’ but diabolical chance.

With this diabolical plan about petroleum price increases falling through, the NPPs attention has been turned to causing real mayhem in the country to generate local and international attention. In case you forgot, the NPP over the weekend launched the so-called, “Let My Vote Count” campaign at the Dome Kwabenya Park in Accra during which so many disparaging, criminal, provocative and treacherous statements were made by some of their so-called leading members.

There was one NPP speaker who even went as far as saying that it’s time for the NPP youth to start causing mayhem on the streets, burn cars and destroy the property of people just to garner local and international attention. And it’s sad or sickening to say that Professor Mike Ocquaye, Former 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament, who was also a speaker at that function applauded.

Don’t be surprised that the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) which has sold its soul to the NPP has also started beating the war drums vetted. We have not yet crossed one month since President Mahama was sworn into office. The nominated Minister of Health, Ms. Sherry Ayittey, has not yet been vetted and approved by parliament, but the GMA led by a staunch card bearing NPP member has threatened to go on strike. If you think this is sheer coincidence, then you better think again.

What I’m hearing is that after making those treasonable comments at the so-called rally, the NPP was hoping for the arrest of that buffoon in order for them to pour on the streets and cause turmoil. I learnt they cursed their stars when the security agencies did not fall for their diabolical plan.

The NPP is trying all means to push the NDC government to do something that will trigger their diabolical plan of turning a section of Ghana into another China Tiananmen Square or Egypt Tahrir Square. So far the NPP have failed woefully since slowly, gradually but surely many Ghanaians have read into their heads to know the route they intend to take the country to. It is gratifying to note that the NPP is being seen as a lawless party fully loaded with lawyers who care less about the laws of the country.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret