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NPP Should We Believe You?

This will be the big question that will be going through the minds of many Ghanaians. Should we believe you? should we take you serious? The answers to these questions are not far but close to our doors. Did I hear the member of parliament for okere constituency, Dan Botwe say Ghana faces a possible coup d’état following comments made by the former president JJ Rawling?Give us a break Mr MP.

We do remember very well when on Tuesday the 21st of October 2006 the then minister for information and national orientation organised a press conference saying that ex-president Rawlings was a serial coup maker and that he was going to stage a coup if things were not going well as at then,he described also the former president as a coup addict .To put it in his own words, the former minister (Mr Kwamena Bartel) said “Ex-President Rawlings is known in this country as a serial coup maker involved in three coups, one of which failed. In 1979 he handed over power to the late President Hilla Limann. Thereafter all his actions and statements indicated that he was planning a coup, but whenever he was asked he swore to high heavens that he never was involved in anything in that nature” and so conclusively Mr bartels said Rawlings was planning a coup, Ghana waited for this coup from the morning it was said till I sit hear this evening in my little corner typing this article, it never happened.

Now, here we are again,Mr Dan Botwe is playing the same card on Ghanaians. I have come to know the ex-president as someone who likes to say his mind like any ordinary Ghanaian would do when he finds things not going well. After all the sentiments expressed by the former president are the same as other party big whips who even made theirs public before. No one can deny the fact that the former president never staged coup, but hey!let give him some space to air his views on issues especially, when it comes to the party he founded and has worked so hard to help come into power. The contributions of the former president as evident in the campaigning era can not in any way be over emphasized. The principles based on which the party was founded must be adhered to and followed, the social democratic ideologies that the former president believes in, drives him to work for the party and so when the NDC is in power and HE thinks the government is slow, why should it mean he is planning to stage a coup.

Should we not be thinking at this point what we can do to put our economy on tract,creat jobs for the unemployed and make our health system and educational system work better, The G20 of nations just met in London to deliberate on current economic crisis facing the world, this crisis affects women, men and children in every country, and I am sure our country is not left out in this difficult times. We are currently having a huge balance of payment deficit caused my mismanagement and looting by the former government officials, our cedi is falling, inflation is high , the gross domestic product GDP is been affect by this global downturn, all the opposition is doing down is to make the ruling government unpopular, see anything good as bad, used their media mafias to hijack the private media houses airwaves that they own. All the ordinary Ghanaian wants is to live a normal live with his children, get food on the table, do normal things, and have a better live. Creating and putting fear, confusion, and anarchy in our people is not what they want at this time, statements meant to achieve popularity stunts should not be allowed especially such as the MPs.

The NPP must come to terms with the fact that making statements that seek to make an opponent unpopular has not helped them and so would not help them They should go back to the drawing board and come with good wining strategy, for now they have failed and will continue to fail. God safe us!

Source: Makama .F. Kamara


The Nederland

Columnist: Kamara, Makama F.