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NPP To Come Back For What? How Dare They?

At the Mantse Agbona Super Gargantuan rally of the NDC last

Saturday, a Deputy Minister of Finace, Mr. Fifi Kwetey said the opposition NPP

which is desperate to come to power ‘at all cost’ has no track record to

convince Ghanaians to return it to power. In a fiery thought-provoking speech,

he compared and contrasted the achievements of the NDC against that of the

eight years of the NPP to buttress his point. Below is the analysis the Deputy

Finance Minister made. READ ON

NDC led by Prof Mills in 08 asked for a

comeback. The people of Ghana examined the record of the NDC in eight years and

said Yes Come Back.

Today, NPP also thinks it can ask for a

comeback. Now let's examine the track record of the two in recent past when

given eight years.




Pre schools



Primary schools.









Science Res. Centres.



Public Universities.






And yet the NPP has the gut to ask for a

comeback. Come back for what?

How dare they?

***Heath Infrastructure

NDC built regional hospitals in the Volta,

central and Brong Ahafo regions, refurbished the Effiah Nkwantah hospital and

did massive rehabilitation of 37 Military and Okomfo Anokye and was about to

start the Tamale Hospital

What did NPP do about regional hospitals? Zero.

Even the tamale one NDC was about to do they abandoned

And yet the NPP has the gut to ask for a

comeback. Come back for what?

How dare they?


NDC in eight years grew the economy of Ghana 12

times an incredible increase of 1169%. NPP in eight years achieved a paltry 300

% and yet they have been singing all over about quadrupling economy when the

real champions grew the economy 12 times and are not talking. The same

champions who had brought inflation from 124% in 1984 down to single digit in

May 99 before the crisis erupted in the second half of 99 and 2000.

And yet the NPP has the audacity to ask for a

comeback. Come back for what?

How dare they?


NDC constructed roads to the extent that the NPP

in opposition used to say we don't eat roads- (comments of ignoramuses). Accra

roads, Kumasi roads, Tamale roads, other regional capitals to name but a few.

NPPs eight year record on roads pales into insignificance

And yet the NPP has the effrontery to ask for a

comeback. Come back for what?

How dare they?


Under Energy, NDC in eight years achieved

incredible feats in rural electrification sending energy thro to all the

districts of Ghana. NDC constructed and expanded the Aboadze thermal plant,

initiated the West Africa Gas pipeline project etc. NPP eight year energy

performance was nothing to write home about.

And yet the NPP has the gut to ask for a

comeback. Come back for what?

How dare they?

Do they want to come back

-to bring another unprecedented budget deficit?

- to send the economy into intensive care unit


- to saddle the nation with arrears amounting to

nearly 40 trillion cedis, virtually the whole debt stock of Ghana from Nkrumah

to Rawlings?

-to cause another acceleration in inflation?

-to bring another collapse to Tema Oil Refinery?

-to bring Ghana Commercial Bank to its knees?

- to deceive contractors that they have money in

budget only for them to become bankrupt because of crippling debts?

-to put our banking sector in crisis through

high Non performing loans?

- to recklessly start major road contracts

without even bothering to secure a source of funding?

-to bring back a situation when price of kenkey

jumped 1400 % or 525% in three years?

-to put to flight portfolio investors as

happened in the first months of 2009 because of the elephant size Mess they

left behind?

-to go borrow another 750 million dollars and go

buy locomotives when there was no railway tracks ready and buy prepaid meters

when major roads and hospitals were in crisis? Or is it

-to come collapse again the local fishing

industry, rice and cotton sectors again?

What exactly do they want to come back for?

Or do they want to come back to stop the

Unprecedented Achievements of President Mills in three years, achievements NPP

in 8 years could not attain?

-unprecedented single digit inflation rate that

has prevented kenkey price going up by 525% as happened under NPP

-unprecedented low budget deficit

-unprecedented single spine salary

-unprecedented GDP growth

-unprecedented one million metric tons of cocoa

-unprecedented rise in foreign direct investment

-unprecedented single digit 91 T bill rate in

three years

-unprecedented Gross External Reserves

-unprecedented international confidence in

Ghana's economy

Or is it that the NPP wants power back to do

what Ghana and the world know they know how to do best?


All they Know

Is Cocaine Here, Cocaine there, Cocaine



All they know

Is Cocaine Here, Cocaine There, Cocaine


Columnist: Daily Post